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Starting off the New Year with a Bang! Jan. 2018
Date Created: 1/16/2018
Big Time TX Predator Hunt for Dr. Guymon!
Date Created: 1/14/2018
Father, son & nephew management hunt!
Date Created: 1/1/2018
Paul & Bonnie, AZ, filling their freezer! Dec. 20-21, 17
Date Created: 12/23/2017
Youth Hunter Education Class at the Magnum Lodge! 12/21/17
Date Created: 12/22/2017
Wes Clines Christmas Hunt!
Date Created: 12/20/2017
Menard Ranch Monster Buck! Congrats Percy!
Date Created: 12/18/2017
Christmas came early for Finnegan!
Date Created: 12/17/2017
West Texas Free Range Mule Deer, Aoudad, Elk & Whitetail!
Date Created: 12/12/2017
Father/Son Bonding Time at Magnum! Nov. 24-25, 2017
Date Created: 11/26/2017
Family & Friends at Magnum! Nov. 19-21, 2017
Date Created: 11/24/2017
Father/Son Predator/Javelina/Exotic Combo Hunt!
Date Created: 11/20/2017
Couple's Hunting Getaway! Nov. 15-16, 2017
Date Created: 11/18/2017
Brownwood Family Hunt! Nov. 10-12, 2017
Date Created: 11/13/2017
A Big Weekend with Hunters from MS, PA, KS & SC!
Date Created: 11/8/2017
Cole Sellers, FL with "Fishhook"! Oct. 28, 2017
Date Created: 10/29/2017
FL boys doing some meat hunting in TX!
Date Created: 10/29/2017
Meat Hunters are a blessing to our guide service!
Date Created: 10/23/2017
15 yr old Nathan with a handful of grey fox!
Date Created: 10/20/2017
October Meat Hunt!
Date Created: 10/10/2017
New Sanctuary Ranch - call ASAP to book your hunt!
Date Created: 9/23/2017
Father/Son Predator Hunt in South Texas! Aug. 22-24, 2017
Date Created: 8/30/2017
South Texas Predator Hunting! May 2017
Date Created: 6/13/2017
Mississippi Boys Come to West Texas!
Date Created: 4/27/2017

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