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Father/Son Predator Hunt in South Texas! Aug. 22-24, 2017
Date Created: 8/30/2017
South Texas Predator Hunting! May 2017
Date Created: 6/13/2017
Mississippi Boys Come to West Texas!
Date Created: 4/27/2017
Father/Daughter Turkey Hunting!
Date Created: 4/25/2017
Our Magnum Hunters Continue to be Blessed!
Date Created: 4/21/2017
Spring Turkey Season Gallery of Success!
Date Created: 4/12/2017
Turkey Season - 2017 Continues.....
Date Created: 4/8/2017
North Zone Opening Weekend at Magnum!
Date Created: 4/4/2017
2017 Spring Turkey Season is Well Underway!
Date Created: 4/2/2017
The Beat Goes On!
Date Created: 3/28/2017
Spring turkey season started with a bang!
Date Created: 3/24/2017
Opening day south zone harvest with Team Magnum! 3/18/17
Date Created: 3/19/2017
Great father/son bonding - hunting & fishing! Kris & Clayton, Sitka, AK
Date Created: 3/18/2017
West Texas Free Range Hunting! Jan. 2017
Date Created: 3/4/2017
Winchester, Browning, Leupold, NRA, OSG & GrandView Media Hunt!
Date Created: 2/28/2017
Father/Son Free Range Hunting in west Texas!
Date Created: 2/28/2017
Great father/daughter bonding time at Magnum!
Date Created: 1/21/2017
Congrats to Isa on his trio of wild hogs! Jan. 20, 2017
Date Created: 1/21/2017
New Yorkers come to Texas! Jan. 4-6, 2017
Date Created: 1/17/2017
Free Range Hunting! Dec. 17-18, 2016
Date Created: 12/19/2016
West Texas Hunting! Dec. 8-11, 2016
Date Created: 12/15/2016
Free Range Whitetail! Dec. 3-5, 2016
Date Created: 12/15/2016
West Texas Predator Hunting!
Date Created: 12/15/2016
Father & Son, Charles & Andrew, enjoying the great outdoors together!
Date Created: 11/26/2016

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