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Texas Predator Hunting

Texas is home to many different predators such as mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, grey fox, red fox, badgers, raccoons, and ringtail cats. In addition, there are many species of varmints such as; skunks, prairie dogs, porcupines, feral cats and jackrabbits. The State of Texas allows "Predator and Varmint Hunters" the ability to hunt from a vehicle or ATV. They may also hunt either day & night. They may even use night vision & silencers on their firearms! There is no closed season for predator hunting. Hunting licenses are inexpensive and available "over the counter" at the "Magnum Guide Service Lodge" since we are a licensed vendor for the State of Texas. Since the collapse of the fur market in the early 80's, predator numbers are now at record populations. Under Texas law, hunters may shoot as many predators and varmints as they choose per day, but they may only reduce one of each species of "fur-bearer" (racoon, fox, ringtail cat, badger) into possession per day, unless they have a Furbearer's License. However, there is no bag limit or possession limit for "non-furbearing animals" (mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes). Bobcats must be "sealed" with a locking "Cites Tag" before crossing State lines. Magnum Guide Service is a registered "Sealing Station Agent" for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. Cites tags are available for our hunter's bobcats! You shoot em, we will tag them!

Come Hunt With Us

At the ripe young age of 14, Jim began fur trapping, predator calling, and hunting raccoons with hounds for "Christmas Money." Jim has spent 37 years sport hunting predators and 27 years guiding Predator Hunters "fulltime" from around the world. The hunters he has personally guided now numbers in the thousands. His "calling" and "hunting skills" have enabled him and his hunting partners to place in the very top of several predator calling contests. His hunter's consistent high level of success is a direct result of a lifetime of experience spent hunting predators in Africa, Canada, Mexico, Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas and Wyoming. His secret and time proven calling techniques, combined with his uncanny ability to outwit these wily predators, has launched "Magnum Guide Service" to be one of "the" premier destinations for serious predator hunters. Our ranches total over 400,000 acres and continue to produce high quality "action" for our "Magnum Hunters". Additionally, our hunters may often times combine their predator hunt with; javelina, feral hogs, free range aoudad sheep, free range elk, whitetail deer, mule deer, exotic big game and turkeys. Let us customize a trip for you!

Hunting Methods

While we can hunt either day and/or night, the majority of our predator hunting is at night. This is because most predators are nocturnal and prefer hunting themselves at night. This helps to improve our hunter's overall predator hunting success, especially on bobcats since they respond better to calls at night. Our primary method of hunting is via 4WD trucks. We have (2) customized 4 door, 4WD trucks that are each equipped with 11 foot high custom shooting platforms. Each are equipped with two swivel seats and are completely padded for a comfortable 360 degree shooting rest. We also have (2) Jeeps and a 6x6 Polaris Ranger for hunting more remote areas. We utilize both computer, cassette tape, and mouth blown calls. Our guides work the "calls" while shining a dim red light searching for the reflective glow of incoming eyes. Once a predator is located, our guides will tap the hunter on the shoulder to let them know that a predator is on the way. When the predator stalks within gun range, our guides will "light em up" with a powerful spotlight providing the hunter a "visible" shot. Most shots are under 40 yards so shotguns are best while longer shots may require a small center fire caliber rifle such as a .222, .223 or .22-250. Daytime hunts are much like any other hunt whereby you hunt both early morning and late afternoons in full camouflage.

What Is Furnished

Food, lodging, guide and in most instances transfers from the nearest airport depending on which ranch or state we are hunting.

What Is Not Furnished

Personal hunting equipment, gratuities for the staff, adult "spirit" and wine beverages, personal hunting license, expediting of trophies, and transportation before and after the scheduled hunt.

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