Saturday, July 28, 2012
2012 Rio Grande Turkey Hatch
Good News! We had a good spring hatch this year! Praise the Lord for the timely rains earlier this year. We have seen a number of hens with an average of 6 poults each. Earlier this week I spoke with one of our ranch foremans near Sonora, TX and he reported seeing two hens with 20 poults. The abundance of grasshoppers this summer has really provided a tasty treat for the growing birds. We are expecting the spring of 2013 to be one for the big "trophy toms" in the 3-4 yr old range with 2014 for 2 year olds. We have ranches both in the North & South Zones so hunt dates are flexible March-May. Call now to reserve your spot!

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Saturday, July 14, 2012
Last winter's sheds!
If you are interested in hunting this monster whitetail buck then give us a call (325) 853-1555. Here is a photo taken yesterday (7/13/12) of our neighbor holding up his sheds from last winter. They score 196 2/8's as a typical 11 point! This buck could even be larger this coming season. His longest beam measured 27 4/8's, bases 5 4/8's, and his longest G-2 measures 12 7/8's!

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Monday, July 9, 2012
West Texas Safari
We recently had the pleasure of hosting an exotic safari that started in the Texas Hill Country and finished in the Chinati Mountains of West Texas. MGS veteran hunter, Craig Curry & hunting partner Brian Whitmore hunted Barasinga, Axis, Feral Hog, Watusi and Eland antelope. The hunt was an outstanding success with Craig harvesting the new #7 Barasinga Bull along with several thousand pounds of Eland & Watusi Steer. Brian was equally successful on several species of big game including a huge Eland Bull of his own. Some may wonder why hunt something so big? Well, it's not everyday you can go toe to toe with something so big it takes 3-4 shots from a .416 to knock it off it's feet and fill your family's freezer in the process. Craig was so successful that the overflow from his generous bounty will help serve many tasty meals to underprivledged children in San Angelo, TX during our communities "Feed The Children Program." Photos from the safari may be viewed at, click on Gallery and then click on Recent Photos!

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