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Just wanted to drop a note to say what a fantastic time I had on my Free Range Whitetail hunt. The accommodations at the lodge were excellent. The meals that Melony prepared were top shelf and the hunting experience created a lifetime memory. My guide Jaime was fantastic. The rattling sequences were exciting and allowed me to harvest a great 10 point buck. What more can you ask for. Looking forward to my next adventure with Magnum!
- S. Watson, TX

It's been over a month and I meant to thank you sooner, but this trip was a lifetime of memories! Jamie and Ashton were the perfect guides for us and made the hunt very memorable. I just had some pictures printed off for my office, deer and hogs, and I smile when I think about it. If I can swing it, I want to bring my other grandson out there this season, maybe Matthew and Finn will come too. Your management deer are better than almost anything we will ever see here, and I have learned that I love to shoot hogs. So - thank you both again for a trip of a lifetime! And I will again offer to be a reference for anyone wanting to bring a young hunter as it was an unbelievable trip for Finn.
- Scott Brown, GA

Just wanted to say thanks again for making Luke's first hunt so great. He will remember it every time he looks at the buck on his wall! Couldn't have asked for a better overall experience or guide service. Ashton was great and we will be back! Just wanted to say Thank You!
- Ryan Taylor, TX

I have hunted with Jim and Melony 3 times in the last 15 years. Twice in TX for whitetail and once for WY mule deer, all successful. For my 2020 hunt in TX, I brought my daughter along for her first hunting trip. Jim and Melony are always wonderful, lodging and food can't be beat. This time I hunted with Jim first day and Scott for two days. Final day was cold and miserable, but Scott and Jim came up with the idea of my daughter taking a nice ram early afternoon, and I took a beautiful 21 point non-typical whitetail with 10 min left to hunt! For the hunt and hospitality I have to thank the following: Jim and Melony for a wonderful hunting/lodge experience. Amanda for cooking the first day, Jaime for helping my daughter sighting in her rifle, Brandon for support, and Scott for putting us on personal trophies. Thank you all for a very memorable experience with my daughter that we will never forget. I will be back soon!
- Steve, AZ

I'm not sure where to begin thank you but I'm going to try. When the three of us began planning this trip back in February or March, I was skeptical on the outcome as a whole. Boy was I proven completely wrong. Melony, you outdid yourself daily. The food your prepared for us was amazing. The Thanksgiving meal you prepared, made me feel like I was right at home. It was one of few times this crazy year, that I believed there are still genuinely good people around. Jim, we didn't get much time to talk but when we did I feel we made it count and I greatly appreciate that. You were busy it seemed but always friendly. You both have created a great business with a beautiful lodge, professional staff and abundance of opportunity to harvest animals. I will definitely be back and will recommend you to anybody looking for a great out of state hunting opportunity.
- Cody McMillan, WA

It was great to see y’all again last weekend. After over 15 years of hunting with Magnum Guide Service, it keeps getting better. This year may have been the best yet. The weather conditions, combined with the dedicated management practices on your ranches have resulted in opportunities to hunt an even higher quality of bucks. This is a year that I wouldn’t want to miss. Whether someone is looking for their best buck ever or just wanting to fill their freezer with venison from a doe/cull hunt, this season will offer many quality opportunities. As always, everyone went out of their way to make sure I had a great weekend. Keep up the great work and I hope that the rest of your season is a success. I look forward to seeing y’all again in the spring for turkeys!
- Griff Gleason, TN

This was my first time hunting in Texas, so I was not sure what to expect. The team at MGS exceeded anything I could have imagined. Right from the start, Melony and Jim greeted me with a smile, showed me around, had a friendly conversation and helped me get settled in. Within the first few minutes of being at the lodge, I felt like I was surrounded by family and friends. Jim is extremely knowledgeable and gave me a crash course on his hunting philosophy and game management, which was very interesting. I was introduced to the guides, Jaime and Charles, who are great guys, know how to hunt, keep you calm and help you get your deer. I had the honor of being the first hunter Charles guided at MGS and he was great. You would think he had been working at MGS for years based on his knowledge and how smoothly things ran. The lodge is beautiful with lots of cool taxidermy to appreciate. The rooms, bathrooms and public areas were all clean, comfortable and had great décor. It felt like staying at a resort. The cook, Amanda, is an incredibly sweet lady and an amazing chef. The pecan crusted chicken was fantastic and you will leave the table stuffed after every meal. From a hunting perspective, this place far exceeded expectations. I was just doing a one day meat hunt and was able to harvest a doe, a 6 point buck and an 8 point cull buck. That “cull” 8 point buck is a huge trophy for me and way bigger than what I was expecting on a meat hunt. Everything about MGS is amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing. It is amazing how they provide such great service and take care of your every need, but they make you feel like family and not a client. I cannot wait to go back next year! Thank you to the entire MGS team! You are all wonderful people and I appreciate everything you do!
- Justin Angeloff, AZ

Well, I have just finished another great safari in SW Texas with Magnum Guide Service operated by our dear friends Jim and Melony Roche. Last year, I harvested a 171+ trophy and this year I got a beautiful 155+ deer with split brows and G2s. These last two years are just two of many years I have been hunting with my adopted Eldorado, Texas family. I say "family" because over the past 25 plus years of almost annual visits with Jim and Melony and their extended, very professional, service family, I have brought some of my own family members and friends along to enjoy hunts, including a grandson and a son-in-law. A few years back, our grandson talked my wife into harvesting her own first deer - a beautiful Texas 8 pt. Jim's hunting expertise/knowledge is top class rated in my opinion. He knows what is needed to provide you the best opportunity to have a very successful hunt. Travel assistance, if needed, accommodations, meals, ranch hunt areas, blinds, etc. are all first class! Two of their guides, Scott and Jamie deliver a superb package for all of your hunting needs pre, during and after a hunt. I don't know for sure when I started hunting with Magnum, but I did find an old Texas license, associated with Magnum, dated 1996. I do know I plan to spend future years hunting with them as long as our Lord allows me the health to do so! Come join me and enjoy the experience.
- David Frederick, PA

I was very blessed to be able to take my son,Tucker, to hunt whitetails at Magnum Guide Service with Jim and Melony. I had been there before on 2 separate occasions turkey hunting with one of my other sons. Based on those positive experiences, I had no hesitation about trying out whitetails there. I’m always amazed at how much game they have on their ranches. Honestly, I have never experienced anything like it. We were able to harvest two very nice 8 pts, two big 10 pts, several does and cull bucks. Personally I’m very selective when choosing hunting trips each year. Initially, I chose Magnum Guide Service because I had a personal friend that said I could not go wrong with MGS. I couldn’t agree more with him. Also, I think when choosing an outfitter, look at how many repeat customers they have. In the 3 times I’ve hunted at Jim’s and for all of the new hunters I’ve met there, none of them have been first time guest. They all have been repeat customers. One guy I met this past trip had been hunting there for 25 straight years. Jim and Melony run a first class operation with an extremely high harvest rate on whatever you are hunting. The lodge is very nice, spacious and clean. Melony is a tremendous cook and you will not be disappointed in the food. Lastly, the guides go above and beyond to make sure you fill your tag. I have been more than pleased with MGS and look forward to hunting there many more times.
- William Morris, MS

Just a quick note of appreciation for the great time and hunt I had this past October. What a treat it was to watch the videos from the trail cameras and be able to see the quality of bucks that are available. Thanks to Jim's guiding experience and patience, I was able to harvest my first whitetail buck, a wide 13 pt and a heavy horned 17 pt. Our party of 4 left with 32 deer. Thanks again for the great accommodations and the outstanding meals. Don't change a thing -your guiding service is 100%. Melony, your cooking is fabulous!! Hope to see you all next year.
- Al Ferreira, CA

Just wanted to say thanks for the great experience we had on our recent whitetail hunt. The staff, food and accommodations were beyond reproach. Scott, Jaime and Brandon really worked hard to make our experience enjoyable and successful. I would recommend your service to all, and I'm certain we will be back. Thanks!!
- Ron Baldridge, OH

Thanks again for a great trip! I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed getting to know you and Jaime, and the overall Magnum experience. You run a first class organization for sure.
- Joe Raines, TX (bowhunter)

We just had a great meat hunt with Magnum Guide Service. Our guide, Jaime, was excellent and he did a perfect job for us. We harvested a lot of deer, both doe and cull bucks. We ate good food and had a very comfortable lodge. Thank you so much for the good hunt!
- Kyle Tiller, TX

Another great year here at Magnum! It was the super best hunt we’ve had. I harvested 8 does and cull bucks. Magnum is a very professional outfit, we have been coming here for years and will continue. Thank you guys again for a great hunt.
- Lee Todd, TX

Thank you so much for an unforgettable time. We could not have asked for a better two days! Thank you Melony for great food and hospitality! Jim thank you for helping me with my left handed shot! I’m beyond happy that I got that 8 point the last day. Thank you for allowing me to shoot him! Jamie was great as well, he really went above and beyond. We had a great trip and plan on coming back next year with one of our sons. Again thank you both for everything. We were very blessed to meet you two.
- Becki & Colby Houston, FL

Jim and his guides at Magnum are, without a doubt, some of the finest you will find in Texas. We have consistently hunted with Jim for the past five years and every hunt is a special time to bond with my sons. Jim and his team always go the extra mile to ensure each hunt is fun and successful. He and his team have a unique ability to connect with kids as they experience the wonderful world of hunting. If you want to witness your son or daughter experience that unforgettable “buck fever” sensation in a Christ-centered environment, I can think of no better place than Magnum Guide Service.
- Morgan Matson, TX

I have hunted with Magnum for a number of years and this hunt was the most enjoyable and successful hunt of the year. Jim and his staff are true professionals with intimate knowledge of the land they hunt and the game on their lands. The quality of the game I see consistently every year shows the benefits of Magnum's commitment to a year round quality management plan. In addition to a great hunt, I also look forward to Melony's great cooking and the comfortable, clean quarters. I am looking forward to 2018!
- Lee Todd, TX

For the past three years, my family and I traveled to Eldorado, Texas in hopes to kill a big deer. In these three years, Magnum Guide Service has never failed us! The deer we see in such little time being there continues to amaze me. Each year, I see a bigger deer than the year before which blows my mind. Not only do we hunt, but we also build strong relationships with Mr. Jim and Mrs. Melony, the hunting guides, and other families. Everyone is so genuine and welcoming and make you feel like family. They are Christians who love and give all the glory to Jesus like He deserves. Additionally, the food is incredible and all homemade! Magnum Guide Service provides an amazing opportunity to grow in faith along with killing a deer.
- Olivia DeSelle, LA

Thanks to Magnum Guide Service, three years ago, I killed my first 8 point buck when I was only 10 years old. Since then, I have killed two more 8 point bucks and a 9 point this year. Mr. Jim always seems to find the right stand for me. I really like hunting at Magnum. Not only are there lots of deer, but Mrs. Melony’s cooking is awesome. She makes sure we’re full for all of our hunts. There was never a worry about being hungry. Everything she cooks is so good, just like my mom cooks! I can’t wait to go next year!
- Emily DeSelle, LA

Sitting in a Double Bull Blind and the sun starting to get low, I saw a deer come walking down a slight hill toward in internal road. Jim was right on him and said to get ready. The big deer had ideas of his own; first stopping behind a Cedar tree for what seemed like an eternity, then starting to move forward and then getting big ideas to turn and walk back from where he started. However, he decided at the last minute to take a detour to his left --also my left. Oh my, I had to get my chair turned, shooting sticks reset, and Jim had to "stop" this deer. He stopped on a dime. The crosshairs were perfect and I pulled the trigger. CLICK!!! Then I got the bullet jammed and Jim got it fixed--all in about 3 seconds. The deer looked straight ahead and was about to move when Jim called again. I was ready--BOOM! He didn't run far with a perfect shot. Thank you Jim for all the hunter education along the way to help me keep calm. We walked to where I shot the deer and then began the short, easy tracking. He was almost lost in the tall grass. What a gorgeous, mature buck he was. Thanks again to Jim for being the perfect guide, Melony for her awesome cooking and to Scott Homer for all his work cleaning, skinning and getting all the deer ready to take home or to donate to the needy. I can hardly wait till 2018 to hunt again with MAGNUM GUIDE SERVICE!!!
- Sally Lowder, NM

Our most recent hunt is the one we usually refer to as our meat hunt. We prefer to eat only wild game, so this hunt, our last of the year, assures that our freezer is full. Given that these management hunts can sometimes mean the harvest of multiple deer, it is satisfying to know that the deer taken beyond our needs provides both an effective game management tool for the local land owners and also supplies much needed meat for the needy through donated food distribution charities that Magnum supports. You certainly must be doing something right because we just keep coming back year after year. When it comes to ethical operation, quality hunting sites, food, accommodations and top client service, Magnum tops the list!
- Bob Lowder, NM

What can I say… an absolutely incredible hunt. The entire experience with Magnum Guide Service was amazing. The quality of the ranches we hunted, the hospitality from everyone, the meals, and the lodge were all more than I could have ever asked for. Every aspect of the hunt and our stay was thought of, and the number of deer, turkey, hogs, and javalina my group saw was outstanding. Through Jim's incredible knowledge of each ranch and the game on it, I was able to see multiple trophies and take the buck of a lifetime! This is a hunt that should be a must-do for any whitetail hunter, truly a 5 star experience in every detail. Thank you again Jim and Melony!
- Cole Sellers, FL

After a couple of years of thinking about it, we finally decided to take an out-of-state trip. Fortunately, we chose Magnum Guide Service in Texas to be our outfitter. The 1400 mile trip was worth it and we plan to hopefully make it a yearly trip! We cannot express our gratitude enough for the outstanding service that was provided - from hunts to meals to the hospitality. Jim, Melony and Scott made the trip very enjoyable. On the way home we stopped at another outfitter and there was undoubtedly no comparison. MGS is a first class operation. Thank you again for the meat and memories!!
- Matt & Carmen, FL

I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of my group to sincerely thank you. Your lodge is incredibly beautiful. Your website does not do it justice. Mel's cooking was wonderful home cooked meals, excellent in both quality and quantity. And there was always something in the kitchen to eat, even at the odd times. The hunting was fantastic and your guides were top notch. They were extremely courteous and a lot of fun to be around. The way you brought us into your lodge was like family. We felt like we were at home and I sincerely thank you for that. As I have gotten older, two things have become more and more important in my life. Good family and good friends. These men that went on this hunt are extremely important to me and watching them enjoy themselves is a treat in itself and you and your staff were a huge part in that and again, I thank you all.
- Scott Rufer, NY

Just wanted to write and say "Thank you" for fulfilling the hunt of many lifetimes. Not only did I kill a world class extremely wide buck the first day of the hunt, I also was blessed with the opportunity to hunt another world class ranch and kill a second amazing buck of many lifetimes. To say I am a "lucky" hunter is definitely an understatement but once you realize how much preparation the ranch owners put in to making your hunt a successful one, it is more a result of their hard work than luck. I truly feel blessed to have made some great friends and look forward to future hunts. Of all the outfitters I have hunted with in the past, Magnum is by far the best. The dedication of my guides and ranch owners made it possible for me to have the best time I could have had. A few things I really liked was the preparation before I even got there and the amount of trophy bucks that you guys are producing is a testament to the dedication and passion you have for producing world class whitetails. I will definitely hunt with Magnum for years to come. Thank you again Magnum Guide Service for operating a truly honest and first class hunting experience.
- Dr. Percy Bolen, OK

All I can say is WOW! What a great experience my son and I had with everyone at Magnum Guide Service. It started from the first moment we arrived up until the drop off at the airport after our successful hunt. This was my 13 year old son’s first experience hunting so we signed up for a Doe/Cull hunt. The guides helped him gain the knowledge and confidence to take his first shots at a live animal and he had great success. He was able to shoot a Doe and also dropped a 200 lb hog. Having hunted for many years in MN and WI, I wasn’t sure what to expect from TX hunting but I was blown away with the number and quality of animals that we saw while on our hunts. There was non-stop action while in our blinds with Whitetail Deer, javelina, ferel hogs, fox and raccoons all made appearances while we were hunting. Not only was the hunting fantastic but the food and lodging were awesome. We are looking forward to booking more hunts with Magnum and can’t wait to get back to Texas for our next hunt.
- Brett & Gavin Gugino, MN

I truly cannot put into words how thankful I am for the experience I had at Magnum Guide Service. My daddy surprised me with this trip for a graduation gift and I had the time of my life. I got the amazing opportunity to kill a doe and a beautiful 8 point. My dad and I even shed tears of joy and of gratitude. We will never be able to repay Jim and Melony for all they have done for us. The food was incredible! (Thank you Mel!) The hunting was relaxing, exciting, and beautiful all at once! Our guide some of the time, Perry, was incredible. He was very inspirational to me, and made my view of hunting change to be way more than just hunting. He inspired me to give. Jim was my guide when I killed my first 8-point! And oh what a wonderful day it was! He made me wait patiently and talked me through it as calmly as he possibly could so that I didn't make a mistake. He was talking about how Mel loved red birds and was trying to calm me down. Finally, he calmly said, "shoot him!!" To make a long story short, the Lord absolutely blessed us beyond measure and He works through Jim and Melony in an enormous way. Thank you MGS! Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison. Genesis 27:3
- Colyn Hinson, TN

Just wanted thank both of you for the time Megan and I got to spend with the outfit. It's more than just going out shooting a deer. It's the quality of the folks you spend time with. Amanda, Bryar and you folks couldn't have been any nicer and the country and animals were superb. The good work you and your church folks are doing was icing on the cake, of the best kind. God bless, Merry Christmas and the best of a new year to all of you.
- H. Martin, AK

Thank you for making the Lenhart 2013 deer hunt one of the very best experiences of my lifetime. Having a brother, nephew, brother's grandson, two of my sons, and three of my nine year old grandsons all shoot fantastic deer was just something that I have dreamed of for years. It is truly one of my bucket list items accomplished! You and your team went out of the way to make sure my grandsons had the time of their life and let me tell you they are ready to return next year. The hunting, the food (omg), the accomodations, the ranches, and guides all exceded our expectations. Again, thank you, Melony and Jim for pulling off a spectacular event for the Lenhart family. See ya next year. John, Gene, Jamie, Luke, Jon, Ryan, Tyler, Alex & Brett
- J. Lenhart, FL

Magnum Guide Service sets the standard for professional outdoor hunting adventures. My father and I met Jim & Melony in Alaska 6 years ago while on a fishing trip. We have hunted on safari, javelina, mule deer and whitetail deer on multiple occasions over the years and have some amazing trophies and memories that we will keep with us the rest of our lives! I look forward to our next outing with a family that I am proud to call friends.
- M. Seidl, TX

Taylor and I really enjoyed our short visit and once again went away with great deer and most of all a happy and memorable time together which is what counts most. We were happy to hear about how you all process the deer and send it south. It is a quite an operation and most thoughtful thing to do for so many people. The food was unbelievable and Melony you were going to send me a recipe(hopefully). We hope the rest of your hunting season is safe and filled with great success. Once again thank you both so much for being so gracious. My father-in-law would have appreciated it as well. We were thankful he was with us in heart and spirit as he loved life to the fullest and was an avid hunter. Take Care and best to you both always.
- R. Zimmerman, CO

As I write this I'm sitting in a deer stand on opening morning on my ranch in Missouri. While hunting is great here - the hunting with Magnum is phenomenal. I've harvested a lot of trophy bucks and exotics with Jim and Melony but this wild buck tops the list. Scoring 224 4/8", all I can say is this is a buck of a lifetime! Thank you for a another great page in my hunting journal.
- C. Curry, MO

Thank you Jim and Melony for another great visit and deer hunt. I've lost count, but I do believe I've been hunting with you almost 20 years and all very good years! Opening day Nov. 2012 was no exception. It was a little warm and oh so green everywhere, so the deer were slow coming to the feeders, but fortunately for me, the bucks were chasing the doe and a very, very nice 12 pointer with double split browtines got within range for me on this opening day...another great hunt for me! The non-hunting activities that Cindy and I helped with, such as your Backyard Bible Club and the Eldorado Game Dinner just added to your great friendship and hospitality. As always, another wonderful and enjoyable hunting experience and visit. My wife and I cherish your friendship and your walk with our Lord. I highly recommend this hunt for anyone who loves hunting, being around beautiful country and people!
- David Frederick, PA

Just a quick note to thank you for a great hunt with my son. The deer sightings were unreal, and the quality of the deer he shot would have been hard to beat. I know it far exceeded what his hopes were, and I was sure happy and proud to see him harvest them as well. The trip came at an opportune time for him, as he has had quite a year. This was refreshing and a good change of scenery for him, and I appreciate your efforts in making this the trip what it was. Thanks again to Mel for her hospitality, as you guys made us feel right at home. Wishing you the very best this Christmas season!
- Jeff & Kyle McLean, Canada

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to hunt Southwest Texas whitetails. When I finally got the opportunity to experience this hunt, Magnum Guide Service and the Magnum guides made it an experience of a lifetime for me. Jim, you and your guides went above and beyond to make sure that it was a trip of a lifetime and the memories will last forever. The guides worked hard to make my hunt a success and succeeded with a nice whitetail buck and huge feral boar hog. Since I have returned, I have not stopped talking about the unbelievable food, whitetails, and great folks at Magnum Guide Service. The fellowship with Jim, guides Travis, Mike and Nino was awesome and the food was unbelievable. For anyone thinking about hunting Southwest Texas, I highly recommend Magnum Guide Service. Thanks so much to all The Magnum Team for my trip of a lifetime!
- Charles Richmond, SC

My whole experience with Magnum Guide Service was outstanding. Beginning with your flexiblity to be able to work my son and I in at the last minute, to the correspondence about trip prep to how everything would proceed was quite good. Our expectations were met in the field with a great hunt at the Brownwood ranch. This was my son's first deer hunt and I was able to sit in the blind with him and watch him take his first ever deer and it was a dandy 11 point buck. I could not have been happier to share that experience with him and the landowner. Brian was a world of information when it came to whitetail deer and what had to be done to maintain such a wonderful hunting property. It was a top notch experience that my son and I will never forget. Oh and I enjoyed shooting a fine buck as well and I look forward to coming back next year. Once again Thank you all for such a great trip!
- Ron & Taylor Zimmerman, CO

Our recent hunt with Magnum this November was a great experience. The hospitality was excellent and the cooking was the best I have ever had. The customers that we brought with us had a great time and will undoubtedly be talking about this trip for years. The hunting was top notch Texas Style, and in spite of the dry conditions we were put on some very big deer. The guides were first rate and very focussed on meeting each hunter's expectations. I look forward to booking another hunt soon. Thank you for the outstanding experience.
- Nate Decker, GA

Wanted to say thanks for an exceptional time. It seems like our hunting endeavors with Magnum get better every year, we truly had a great time. I was so happy Ross was able to harvest a beautiful trophy!!
- Burt Simon, LA

Thanks for the recent whitetail hunt. It is wonderful to know a great outfitter, guide, friend and Christian Brother that I know and trust. Sorry we missed each other on this hunt but I guess that's alright since you were climbing big mountains in West Texas chasing those great Aoudad Sheep or what I call "Aoudading." It says a lot about an outfitter who calls you up a couple of weeks before a scheduled hunt to tell you he thinks it would be best if you moved ranches since most of the dominant bucks on the ranch you had originally booked had already broken their antlers fighting. I drove to Brownwood, TX where I first met my guide Travis, and in minutes it was like you were talking to an old hunting buddy you hadn't seen in years. Shortly thereafter Brian (ranch owner) and his son Keith showed up and within minutes and I felt the same way about them. That afternoon Travis and I headed out to our blind overlooking a food plot. Several deer soon make their way out into the food plot. A little while later a hot doe came running out followed by an old mature "beast" of a deer! Immediately I knew I wanted this buck! I looked at Travis and he said there's your buck if you want him. I fired and BBD! Now the emotions set in like never before because I knew I had just killed the biggest buck of my life! The evening was capped off with a great supper from Lew Miller our camp chef. I must say if anyone is wanting to book with an honest outfitter for whitetail, mule deer, turkey or exotics, you will not beat Jim and Melony Roche of Magnum Guide Service. Through the years I have hunted with a number of other outfitters but I keep coming back to hunt with Jim. My buck was 6 1/2 yrs old and scores 199 3/8!
- Allen Cooper, AR

Thank you all so much for the grand time we had in Eldorado with you all. What fun watching does, young bucks and BIG bucks interact at the beginning of the rut. I took 2 management bucks, 1 doe and the buck of a lifetime. I was able to connect with a magnificent 165 class Whitetail Buck. One shot, down he went. I had buck fever as it took 20 minutes for him to turn broadside and other deer to move away from him. Wow! Okay, what is next for me? I can hardly wait to see what Magnum Guide Service can do to top that buck! Bob is still talking about the relaxing doe/management hunt he had and seeing that huge buck (not a "shooter" yet) that gave you all a show. Thanks Mel for the great meals, to Travis for all his hard work preparing our deer for transport home and to Jim for his guide work and fellowship. The deer are already in our freezer!
- Bob & Sally Lowder, NM

As a veteran hunter I am always seeking a challenging experience. Through your website and trophy photos I was well aware of the quality of the bucks on your Brownwood Ranch. I, however, have been skeptical of "high fence" deer hunting no matter where it was. What a marvelous education I received when I met with Brian, the ranch owner. His ranch is a labor of love! First, the only fencing is the outer perimeter so animals have no boundries, no pens, no forced corridors. Next, all of the whitetail bucks have been raised on the ranch for a minimum of 6 years and are completely wild. Dominate bucks fight for the right to breed. There is no artificial insemination or pen breeding. Because Brian has placed trail cameras by the protein feeders he is able to identify his bucks and monitor their development as they mature through the years. Seeing pictures, often taken at night, are no guarantee that a specific buck will be seen during daylight hours or even during the hunting season. It is very much a hunt like any free range environment. For anyone not familiar with Texas feeder hunting, timed corn feeders are not the same as the protein feeders on other parts of the ranch. Corn is deer candy and like a neighborhood bar where the big boys come to stake out their best seats, not for the food, but because that's where the "girls" are. Feeders are necessary to observe and evaluate the bucks while providing increased shot opportunities for ethical harvests. As I observed and learned of the stewardship practiced on this ranch, it was worth the trip alone. The final outcome of harvesting such an exceptional and majestic 189 inch buck was a crowning glory. Please accept my appreciation to both you and Brian. It was a privilege.
- Lew Miller, TX

I recently had a very good hunting experience with Magnum Guide Service. Everyone with the Magnum Team offered first rate service... good food and plenty of it, top guide and sincere hosts with a christian atmosphere. Everything was as told to me or advertised as such and I had a great time!
- James Huffman, ID

Thanks Jim and Melony for a great experience in West Texas at Magnum Guide Service. The hunting, food, and fellowship were excellent. Travis and Craig are by far the hardest working, most knowledgeable and just fun to be around guides that my group and I have had the pleasure to hunt with. Thanks again!
- Chris McGregor, AL

Thanks to Jim, Travis, Craig and Cindy for showing us a great time on our recent whitetail hunt. I enjoyed the fellowship and the hunting was great. Travis and Craig are outstanding guides and made the trip fun. Cindy did an outstanding job with the food and I will never forget the jalapeno poppers. It is always nice to bring a big buck home as well!
- Bruce Taylor, AL

I wanted to thank you and your outstanding staff for the trip packed full of action and excitement. I have traveled to numerous hunting lodges in many different locations all over the country, however this was my 1st trip to hunt whitetail in Texas and let me say that the accommodations, food, excitement, staff (Travis, Craig, and Cindy), were the total package and the memories are something I will never forget! I got the opportunity to harvest my two biggest bucks to date (with a special thanks to Travis for calling in several nice bucks including the nice 11 point I harvested on opening morning. That was a hunt that I will never forget!) As well as some does and cull bucks along with seeing numerous bucks and does each hunt! What a true blessing to be around good friends and the opportunity to meet several new ones at Magnum. Is it December yet? I am ready to come back!
- Jim McGregor, AL

What can I say about this year's whitetail hunt with Magnum?! Only that Bob was NOT to shoot a trophy buck as he already shot two monsters last year in Brownwood. This year it was my turn to bring home the big one. Bob was supposed to be hunting does and cull bucks. Jim however told Bob that a nice 6 X 5 frequented the area and if he showed up, feel free to take him for a trophy fee. When Bob's "Ole Betsy" sounded off at 7:10 AM, Jim said to me in my blind, "Bob isn't shooting does this early"! A nice "free range" 150 inch 11 point hit the dirt! What about me I thought? Bob had a wonderful doe/cull buck/trophy buck hunt. As for me, I believe this was my favorite trip of all to Texas. While I have hunted does/bucks/exotics before, never have I had the opportunity to see as many Whitetail bucks as I saw on this trip. They are wonderful to watch, even if you don't shoot one. But, taking a nice 10 point buck and a gorgeous 155 inch 12 point buck with a crowned G-2 on the same hunt is A WHOLE LOT BETTER! The Eldorado, TX area has been very kind to this lady huntress. Years ago I took my first whitetail ever on that ranch! It was also a pleasure getting to help "manage the surplus deer herd" so to speak while getting to donate the meat to families who really needed and appreciated it just gives one a nice warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Thank you Magnum Guide Service for a wonderful trip. Also, "way to go Scout"! What would we do without that wonderful dog?
- Sally Lowder, NM

Travis and Craig really went the extra mile to take care of us on our recent deer hunt. I have been to other guided places and most places just sit you anywhere and don't care what you see. Not only do you have great guides but they are fun to hang out with and that is just as important as the hunting. Thanks again to your team for all their hard work. I definitely plan on coming back to hunt with you guys in the future. Merry Christmas!
- Brad Easley, AL

Once again, MGS has outdone their self. What a great time we had last weekend. Everything was great from the hunting to the food. You all do a great job in every aspect. I can't wait for the opportunity to hunt with you all again. Please send me a copy of the pictures Jim took of my deer and let me know what you need from me as far as shipping back the head. Thanks again for everything and Merry Christmas!
- Ben Carmichael, MS

I just wanted to thank you again for the tremendous hunting experience that we had last week. I was a little apprehensive about hunting in Texas since I had only started hunting about 4 years ago after taking a 30 year break. But after arriving I felt very much at ease as soon as I began hunting with you and Donnie. I truly learned so much from you and I was overwhelmed at just how good things were. I couldn't have been more blessed than to take my 9 pt buck and get a chance to continue hunting and to take the does. I am looking forward to coming back next year!
- Troy Wagnon, AL

Thanks for a wonderful hunting experience, you and your staff’s hospitality was spectacular. I mailed my first portion for next years hunting fee along with the signed contract. Look forward to bringing some Cajun food (bodin, crackling, crawfish or shrimp etoufee), enjoying your company and another great hunting experience. Please tell Travis, Craig, Bliss and Cindy I said hello.
- Keith Renard, LA

Just wanted to send a note to thank you guys for everything. That was a great trip and we were fortunate to find the success that we enjoyed. I couldn't do it without you both. I wish you both the best. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays.
- B.B., TX

Thank you for the pictures Melony! Already posted one to facebook. Can't wait to hear all the details from the guys when they return-I know they had a ball. Garrett is at such a great age to share a special trip with his Dad. Something they will remember for the rest of their lives- thank you for providing them such great memories!!
- Lesley Kirby, SC

How to describe this past weekend can be done in so many positive ways. This was my absolute first hunting experience and for that, a multiple doe hunt could not have been a better or wiser choice for me. I was a little worried to start when I shot completely under and missed my first doe, and then the next one I might have had an opportunity but was being harassed by a few bucks and they never left her alone, so needless to say that was one of those frustrating situations. But, when I did get my chance on the following morning it was the most amazing sensation to see I hit the doe exactly where I intended, she ran a few feet and well we know how the story goes from there. That evening I was able to shoot a few more and feeling very proud of myself and very disappointed that our hunt had come to an end. I have to say that both Travis and Craig were/are amazing. Always very encouraging, enthusiastic, ready to go and know what needs to be done. They were both very knowledgable and extremely dependable. I hope we have the opportunity to work with them again next year. Thank you "Magnum Guide Service" for making my first hunting experience an experience I will truly never forget and will be telling the stories "proudly" for years to come!
- Tammy Vermilya, TX

Thanks for a great youth hunting weekend! As usual all the people with MGS did a great job! We really had a great time with our kids and they gained valuable knowledge that will last them a lifetime from your guides! Cindy did a wonderful job with the meals, as well as watching and catering to the kids! Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy such a special time in God's great creation with others!
- Kenny Sumrall, MS

Thank you for a great time. I especially enjoyed the time I got to spend hunting with you. You really have a way of making things happen! Thanks again.
- Bob Chain, MS

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Magnum Guide Service for the greatest weekend that my son and I could have. I have been planning something special for my son’s graduation from High School and I wanted us to spend some quality time together. I made arrangements with Jim and Melony for a trophy hunt. What we received was more than a hunt, it was the best time of our lives. We both were able to take a deer that exceeded our expectations. My son Jason took a 12 point,(150 class)and I took an 8 point,(140 class). Jason would not have had the opportunity to take such a deer without Magnum’s help. The memories that we shared on that weekend, will be with us forever. Thanks so much for the best time of our lives.
- Tom Bigham, TX

What a fun doe hunt. You know it is a good hunt when you get just as excited looking at a doe through your Leupold as looking at a buck. Bob and I came home with a nice load of meat for the freezer. We all had a great time telling Magnum hunting stories, which seem to get better each time we come to hunt. We want to thank Donnie and Travis (our two guides on this trip), hunter Chris and Dakota the Blue Lacey pup. We were quite a team tracking down a wounded doe the last night we were there. Dakota to the rescue! She found her first deer. Bob and Chris thought that was really an exciting and rewarding time. I never realized how pumped you can get trying to find the deer that almost got away. Thanks to Melony and Carolyn for their great cooking and putting up with all of us. The last morning Carolyn asked that Bob and I call her before we come down the next time: the excitement is just too much when we come down--- we have extreme cold, ice storms, wind and now an electrical storm that cut power to the entire area. Candles and flashlights saved the early morning---just more Magnum stories for the future. We can hardly wait for the next doe hunt! Oh, turkey comes next. That will be another story. Thanks again for another memorable hunt!
- Sally & Bob Lowder, NM

My son Jimmy and I really enjoyed our trip last deer season. I've had many successful hunts with you but none more enjoyable. My son had the time of his life and is proud of his buck. I really enjoyed the day that I hunted with you, Jim. I was especially happy with how you handled Jimmy on the shooting bench and how Riley did with him on the field. I hope to see you soon!
- Jim Maddox, PA

What an enjoyable whitetail hunt and I did not even shoot a deer! My 9 year old son was the hunter and I shot video. We saw alot of deer each hunt and have some good video. My son shot a real nice 8pt which was his first buck and 5 does. Jim and Melony run a great guide service and MGS is a good choice to bring a kid hunting with a great atmosphere. I thought I could gut a deer fast but I believe Jim has got me beat!
- Keith & Trevor Tortorich, LA

Words can barely describe how much fun we had on our deer hunt this year. The Encino Ranch is truly amazing! The rut was in full swing when we were there and to have the opportunity to observe almost constant deer activity was something special. It seemed like everywhere we looked there were bucks chasing does, and bigger bucks running off smaller bucks. My guide, Craig, and I were also privileged to see a couple of serious fights between mature bucks. What more could you ask for? The fact that I was able to take a great deer was just a bonus. Everyone in our group took quality bucks and saw plenty of others. All other aspects of the hunt are what I’ve become accustomed to at Magnum Guide Service. Good accommodations, great food and even better people are what keeps me coming back year after year. Your attention to detail and uncompromising commitment shows in the quality of the hunts that you offer. As I write this, turkey season is a couple of months away and I look forward to yet another great hunt with the whole crew at Magnum. Thanks again, for the many memories that you have helped provide.
- Griff Gleason, TN

What a great hunt! Slept like log, ate more than I should have and saw more bucks than I normally see in a whole season. On the last morning and the last deer to come out was a fine, high racked 5 1/2 year old West Texas buck. Got so excited that I had to take a moment (actually several) before settling down enough to take him. He will soon be on my wall and one of my best memories. My thanks to the two of you and your staff for the wonderful Texas hospitality and great hunt. I'll be back at the earliest opportunity to hunt with Magnum again.
- Dorian McIntyre, MS

I want to thank you for the hospitality you showed me, Jeff, Danny, and Doug. Everything was first class from the minute we drove through the gate. Your meals were delicious. The accommodations were very comfortable. In addition to the great hospitality, the hunting and guides were even better. They went beyond the call of duty to make sure we had a good chance to harvest trophy deer, exotics, does, and cull bucks. Thank you for a wonderful time!
- Mike Campbell, TN

You did it again! Jim told me the Encino was good, but it far exceeded my expectations. The food was great, your people exceptional, and the hunting was unbelievable! Everyone in our group got fantastic deer. Hunt after hunt, it is this consistency we have come to know and expect from Magnum that brings us back year after year. See you in the spring. Thanks again!
- Bob Chain, MS

Once again, thanks to you both and the Magnum team for a wonderful Whitetail hunt in Texas. Bob and I both had a great time, and, as always, great camaraderie with the hunters. It was great meeting new hunters and renewing old friendships. Thanks to Carolyn for her great cooking and her wonderful sense of humor. How she can put up with all of us is beyond me! A special thanks to Donnie for helping me get my Javelina after a three year stalk! No more after the fact trail-cam photos from you Jim. I was beginning to believe there were really no Javelina in Texas and that you were just sending me photos you got off the internet! I got a nice boar and the taxidermist was impressed! Bob and I are already excited about our next hunt with you in March for turkeys and planning our upcoming Whitetail hunt with you all early winter of 2009. Hunting with Magnum Guide Service is addicting! Take care and we will see you all soon.
- Sally Lowder, NM

The word WOW comes to mind when I recall my first whitetail doe/cull buck hunt with MGS. Jim, Melony, Mary Ann, Riley, Mark and the entire staff went out of their way to see that all of my hunting and equipment questions and needs were answered and/or attended to. I was very pleased to discover that MGS offered a very reasonably priced hunting package that suited my needs exactly. I was truly blessed to spend my winter hunt in the home of God-fearing people, where I was allowed to freely give thanks to my maker at all times. See you in 2009!
- Andy Mendez, TX

This year's whitetail hunt was more than I ever expected. Great ranch, guide and conversation. Lots of quality animals that posed very "fair chase" hunting. Hunting during the rut was a great bonus. First night harvesting a 170 Class buck then a coyote sure took the pressure off! This is what you wish could happen every time you went out hunting and this is not a "canned hunt!" My second day of hunting I saw 3 more fabulous bucks and harvested a 169. It was almost too much to take!! Thank you both for a wonderful hunting experience and great memories. All my friends and customers have been so envious of me, they want to come next year.
- Bill Seidl, TX

Thanks again for another terrific hunt at the Brownwood Ranch. This was our fifth hunting adventure with "Magnum" in four years, not to mention our awesome dangerous game and plains game safari through your "JM Adventures.net" to South Africa. Each trip was great and we were able to come out, relax, and truly enjoy our stay, not worrying about any of the details. The friendly and familiar companionship is cherished. As always the food was terrific and the hunting exciting and educational. To be able to see the quality and amount of game that we have over the last several years is amazing by anyone's standard. I know we just got home from the Brownwood hunt but I'm really looking forward to coming back in January for the Doe/Cull Buck hunt. Thanks again!
- Anthony Caturano, MA

I wanted to let you know what a great trip we had! 3 out of the 4 of us shot our biggest bucks ever. How much better can it get?! It was great to see you and Melony again, spend time and revisit past hunting trips we have had together over the many years. It’s good to have someone like you and Melony that I can trust to bring my most valuable customers, family, and closest friends to hunt with. The hospitality of your staff, knowledge of your staff, and hard work from your staff is beyond anything I have experienced on other hunts from anywhere. I just wanted to thank you once again for living up to and going beyond my expectations.
- Donnie Palmer, GA

When most people think about having their greatest wishes granted, their thoughts usually turn to such things as wishing wells, magic genies or Fairy Godmothers, but in a way, Magnum Guide Service is in the same business. That's just what you've done for us over the years...made many wishes come true, and our latest hunting adventure with you was no exception. Jim knew that BB had been wishing for a really nice trophy whitetail buck for a number of years and was working hard to bring that about. Well, this year it happened...BIG TIME!! Not only once but twice!!!! Two outstanding trophies in as many days totaling over 340 inches of antler. Such numbers aren't the most important measure of a successful hunt, but that counts as wish granting extraordinaire! We worked hard and both hunts presented their own unique challenges, making the outcomes all the more rewarding. Many indelible memories have been made and the resulting mounts will hold places of honor in our home. As has always been the case, the quality of the properties, accommodations, food, staff and service provided were without equal. If there is a more reliable and ethical outfitter around than Magnum, we've never heard of them. We are happy to consider you both good friends and are looking forward to our next hunting adventure with you.
- Bob & Sally, NM

The girls and I had such a fun weekend. I don’t think it could have gone any better. Many thanks for making it happen in such a perfect away. I dropped off the heads at the taxidermy this morning. The taxidermist thought Margaret’s deer was really unique. Thanks again for everything.
- Fulton Murray, TX

Thanks again for another great hunt! The whitetail doe & cull buck hunt that Tery and I participated in was more than we had hoped for. It was a great opportunity to help manage the herd and get a lot of quality trigger time for both of us. In 3 days of hunting we harvested 29 does while being very deliberate in our culling to help out the ranch's wildlife management program along with our freezers. In these economically challenged times, Tery and I are always looking for a way to get the most out of our expenditures. This hunt was without a doubt one of the best bargains we have enjoyed in a long time. Great ranch, wonderful people and a ton of game, we could not have asked for more.
- Neal Terry, NM

Thank you all very much for everything. The hunting was awesome and all the meals were too. Thank you and your really nice staff.
- Ryan Lupton, TX

What an incredible event! All the guys just raved about the food, fellowship, ranches, guides, the quality and number of deer and other wildlife that is so abundant. Everyone had a memorable and enjoyable time and I'm sure will visit you again soon. It will be easy to assemble another group if the opportunity arises in the future. On a very personal note, I have to tell how much your testimony means to me. Iron sharpens iron according to Proverbs and you are on your way to an exciting spiritual renewal that you could not have imagined a few years ago. Thank God for the mercy he rains on us dummies of which I am the worst. I grew to love yall these last few days and I hope our paths cross many times in the future here on this earth and have much joy together when we all get Home!
- Danny Gray and the straight shootin Gray Clan

I wanted to thank you all for a wonderful and memorable hunt. Anthony and I had soooooooo much fun and we can't wait to come back. I truly love Texas and I must say it is my favorite place to hunt. Thanks for guiding me and giving me a great opportunity to shoot such a beautiful Buck and a gorgeous Zebra. I must say I was very tempted at that exotic ranch to shoot everything! Anthony created a Huntress for sure. I also wanted to thank Melony for her delicious cooking and making us feel so at home. We shall see you all soon and I hope to be back in December.
- Ciara Shay, MA

Jim & Melony, Beverly and I had a great time with the two of you! It was our best hunt ever and we want to thank you both for making it possible. Beverly is very proud of her 11 point buck and her 8 point buck as well as her 21 1/2" blackbuck antelope. She looks at her pictures daily on your website. I am just as proud of my two bucks too! It was very nice of yall to make us feel so at home in your "Main Lodge." We really appreciate all you did! Please book 4 more spots for us right away!
- Bo & Beverly Yarborough, FL

Jim & Melony, I wanted to let you both know how much we enjoyed our recent hunting trip. Your hunting guides are invaluable to your organization. They are passionate about what they do and they really seemed to care a great deal about making our hunting experience in Texas the best that it could be. Everyone in our group was sad to see the trip come to an end. Louis is such an awesome individual. It is rare to meet such a great human being. Russ seemed to be super loyal and a real company man. He has great respect for you both and I think help like him is very hard to find these days. J.P. is truly one of a kind. Everyone needs a little J.P. in their life. If I book another hunting trip out west, I will choose Magnum because of J.P. They all went above and beyond to make our experience great. We really enjoyed the company of Doc and Harold as well. I think we just got lucky and got to spend time with all the right people. I hope 2008 is a great year for Magnum!
- Jason Will, AL

I just wanted to thank you and Jim for a great experience. As alawys, MGS did an outstanding job. We are always impressed with the hunting, food, lodging and most of all the people associated with Magnum. I look forward to the next hunt with you all. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.
- Ben Carmichael, MS

Jim & Mel, I just wanted to thank Magnum Guide Service for a wonderful time. We saw more deer than you could have ever imagined and the accommodations were suberp! The cooks and guides were the best. All the people I met made it one of the best times I have ever experienced. If nothing happens, I will be back next year. Thanks a Million!
- Johnny Shipley, AL

Thanks again for another great MGS hunt! It was nice to see you all once again and I am looking forward to coming back in the fall. The times spent in the field were very special and be assured that the "lessons learned" will carry into the next hunting season. Your outfit continues to provide the very best in hunting, lodging, food and accommodations that would surely impress any hunter. Please give Casey a special thanks for all his help and guidance in the field. Have a safe and prosperous year, and may God Bless you all.
- Mitch O’Donnell, FL

Once again we have returned from a Magnum hunt with a big 'ol truck load of happy memories. After having written our praises to you so many times, we were tempted to get out the dictionary to find some new adjectives to use to express our complete satisfaction, but the old ones will do just fine. The food is still delicious and ample; the accommodations pleasant and totally comfortable; the hunt experience outstanding and the hunter support (guides, vehicles, game care, etc.) are without equal. Add to that the jovial fellowship of fellow hunters and the game harvested (Single Shot Sal now can claim the biggest buck for the family and Bullet Bob didn't do too bad either!), what more can anyone expect? Thanks again for doing what you do so well. As always, we are already looking forward to our next Magnum experience.
- Bob & Sally Lowder, NM

I had the best time of my life. This was truly a hunt of a lifetime. The Jones Lodge was first class from the guides, JP, Riley and Roy, to the great cooks, Mary Ann and Vicki. Of course the deer, oh my goodness, the deer! I saw many deer I could have shot, but held out for the 145 class 8 point I got. Thanks for the great memories and wonderful time I had. I can't wait to come back.
- Mike Sloan, FL

Thank you so much for the best whitetail deer hunt of my life! Taking a 150 class 10 point was exactly what I had hoped for. The fact that I got him 30 minutes into the hunt was really unexpected, but not to be passed on. I made a great shot, even if I do say so myself, and the ranch was awesome! Thanks for allowing me to go with Ray for some "culling" as well. We hit it off right away and I think I impressed him with my marksmanship. Thank you also for the friendship that I enjoy with you and Melony and all your staff. That is what really keeps me coming back to "Magnum". I know I could kill deer a lot of different places in the San Angelo area, but it's your first class operation and your people that keep me coming back to you. The memory of that buck coming out of the brush will be with me forever. May God bless and keep you safe, you are truly my kind of people.
- Dan Flynn, PA

Wanted to send a short note after I got back and have been busy up till now. What a great trip you provided for Jimmy and myself! Normally, on a trip back from a hunt or a visit, Jimmy is playing with his Yu Gi Oh cards or on his Game Boy machine. This trip though was plum full of talk about calibers, bullet speed, hunts and campfires. Thank you so much for everything. Jim, the pictures you took were absolutely great. We will have lots of great memories of Jimmy's first deer. Surely, Jimmy will have more to talk about than most kids in his class when asked what they did over Christmas vacation.
- Tom Karel, MO

First off, I would like to thank you for a great time my customers (as well as myself) had on our recent whitetail hunt. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and managed to take really good deer. James worked hard to accommodate everyone and Anne's food was unbelievable! This type of atmosphere is perfect to build and strengthen business, as well as personal relationships. Second, I am interested in bringing possibly 4 customers (5 total including me) on a hunt this coming whitetail season. I look forward to hearing from you. Again, thank you.
- Donnie Palmer, GA

Thanks so much for the pictures you sent me of my deer. You wouldn't have known this, but while Chip and I were sitting in the airport waiting for our flight, I accidentally erased all of the pictures I had taken while staying with you, and I was just sick about it. Now I can actually brag about my deer and back it up with pictures. I'm looking forward to another opportunity to come hunt again. My oldest grandson will be a senior next year and we are thinking about giving him a trip with Magnum as a graduation present. And of course, someone (me) would have to accompany him. We will be in touch with you as we get closer to the event. Again, thanks for the pictures and please tell Donny how much I appreciated his help and advice. You guys are first class. Thank you.
- Bill Black, FL

Bob & I just wanted to thank you all for a great hunt this past week. The management doe hunt is always fun and we look forward to it every year. The fallow deer hunt was awesome. I enjoyed the experience of trying to find the one I wanted and then two hours later taking a shot of a lifetime. Like Bob said, "it was like shooting through the eye of a needle". What a gorgeous animal he is. I look forward to getting it back from the taxidermist! Thank you once again for your hard work and wonderful meals, Melony. Jim, you have taught me so much over the last two years. I am confident in hunting alone now and tracking my deer, if needed. We look forward to hunting with you all during the upcoming turkey season.
- Bob & Sally Lowder, NM

With two sons in the military, one who just recently returned from Iraq and the other learning to fly helicopters, the odds of all three of us having an available week to go hunting together seemed too remote even to consider. So, when against all odds it happened, it was essential that we find a place where everything came together; great hunting, great lodging, and friendly people who went out of their way to make for an enjoyable hunt. After a thorough review of online ratings of lodges and guide services, we booked with Magnum Guide Service for their 4 day whitetail hunt in Eldorado, TX. All three of us agree that Magnum exceeded our expectations in every way. Jim and Melony Roche were the most gracious hosts I have ever encountered. The lodge at Eldorado was wonderful (as was Melony's cooking). The guides were knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. But the best aspect was the hunting. We saw easily 20 to 30 deer per day, with many, many trophy quality animals, along with countless turkey and even a few javelina. We come from an area of the country where just seeing a deer makes for a good day, seeing a buck makes for a terrific day, and seeing a quality trophy buck is a treat for an entire season. Imagine how we reacted to seeing dozens of trophy bucks over a 4-day hunt. This is the first unqualified endorsement I have ever made: you can book a Texas hunt with Magnum Guide Service and you will not be disappointed in any way!
- S. Kazmarek, GA

Thank you for all of the great memories from this past weekend's hunting trip. Everything from the guide, Wayne, the blinds, the amount of game seen, the vehicles and the lodge were first class in every way. And the food was even better! There is nothing like sitting in a blind for a couple of hours watching wildlife to clear your mind of all of the "urban clutter" that results from living in the big city. It was a real pleasure to have been to your operation and I look forward to doing it again.
- Sam Jones, TX

Thanks again for a great MGS hunt! The Jones Ranch was super and my Doe Hunt will be one to remember for years to come. Vicki and I are excited about our upcoming Trophy Whitetail Hunts. A special thanks to Riley, Gerald and Ann for taking good care of us and making us feel like part of the MGS family. The food Gerald made was exceptional and Ann was always there seeing to our needs. You provide the best hunting experience in Texas and that is why we come back year after year. Have a safe & happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you again this fall.
- Mitch & Vickie O'Donnell, aka "Iceman", FL

An outstanding time was had by all on our four day hunting trip in the Palo Duro Canyon. Jim and Ken worked like trojans to put us on big bucks. The good food and fellowship made the trip to Amarillo, Texas a wonderful hunting experience.
- John Demars, SC

I have been thinking about my whitetail hunt with Gerald last month in Palo Duro Canyon and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the hunt. The week with Gerald was certainly a week that I will never forget. The canyon was beautiful and I enjoyed the early morning views of the canyon and especially the evening sunsets. I have been deer hunting since I was a young boy, but this week with Gerald, the magnificent views and the number of bucks he placed me in position to see was just a great experience. I enjoyed the hunt, but it was Gerald that made the hunt an experience to remember for me. Please express my sincere appreciation to him for an outstanding hunt. I look forward to receiving my trophy mount. I will mount it on the wall of my study and every time I see it, I will remember the 6.9 mile moonlight stroll with the "best whitetail guide in all of America". Thanks for the great hunt and experience of a lifetime.
- Ben Taylor, AR

I want to thank you, James for making my very first hunt a most memorable time in my life. I have enjoyed going with my husband Bob (aka "Bullet Bob") as a non-hunter, but little did I dream, that I too, would be a hunter someday. My son-in-law put pressure on me to do a good job by naming me "Single Shot Sal". With Bullet Bob's and your coaching, I did earn that name with a wonderful whitetail buck and 4 does. That is 5 animals and 5 shots. Yes, I earned my nickname! James was very encouraging and kept me laughing which helped to keep me relaxed. What an awesome team you all are! While the hunt was great because I was able to harvest my animals, it is also a wonderful wildlife experience. Turkeys, songbirds, armadillos and the like, keep us hunters entertained as well. This is what makes it "hunting" and not "shooting". Melony, you sure cook up a great meal. The whole experience at Magnum Guide Service is wonderful, down to Tom the wild turkey, Rock, K.D and Duke the dogs and of course, Leroy the wonderful javelina. Looking forward to seeing you all on my antelope hunt in September.
- Sally Lowder, aka "Single Shot Sal", NM

Thank you for another successful "140 plus 10 point" whitetail hunt with Magnum Guide Service! And yes, this was another hunt surrounded by friends (old and new), great lodging, super food (thanks Gerald) and beautiful weather (thank you God!!) It really can't get much better than what I have just experienced. I have complimented Magnum many times over the years and this year's deer hunt just added to my positive thoughts concerning your excellent run organization. Kudos to J.P., James, Riley and Gerald for service above and beyond their call of duty. They are really a super team that certainly appears to love what they are doing, but they are never really satisfied until the hunter is satisfied with an excellent harvest. I am again a truly satisfied MGS hunter!
- Dr. David Frederick, PA

I wanted to thank you all once again for another outstanding hunting experience. It seems that each time I complete a hunt with Magnum I go away thinking "It just can't get any better than this", and darned if on my next visit, you prove me wrong! This last hunt, particularly my harvest of the exceptional axis deer and blackbuck, will provide a lifetime of memories for Sally and I. To me, that means more than the trophies themselves. As you know, Sally has come with me on all but one of my hunts with you. While she has always greatly enjoyed being on a hunt, she was never quite ready to try it herself. Our last hunt with Magnum has convinced her that she is ready now and we both look forward to her first hunt for anything, ever, when we return to see you shortly. It seems that Magnum has worked its magic with her also. Thank you for the outstanding service that you provide and for the high levels of behavior and ethics you expect from your clients. You are certainly doing your part to promote and maintain a positive image for our sport. A Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
- Bullet Bob, aka Bob Lowder, NM

Just a short note to say thank you again for a wonderful MGS hunt and outdoor adventure. Everything was superb, first class and your operation is the best! I especially want to thank Wayne and the other guides for all they did for us. You truly have "the best" people working for you. They really try hard to make sure we were taken care of and had good hunting opportunities with a number of deer to see. Melony, what can I say, the food was the best ever and plenty of it. Thanks to "Mom" too for all her help. Can't wait to get my deer home this summer to Florida. Your taxidermist does great work and I'm sure he will look super on my wall. I'm looking forward to booking another hunt with MGS real soon. Have a great holiday season! Thank you.
- Mitch O'Donnell, FL

Just wanted to tell you what a great time we all had hunting with Magnum Guide Service. The service was fantastic and the hunting was the best I've had in many years. We rough scored my buck at 140 gross, Doug's was 135, and John Prescott's was 140. Jim, you have some good people working for you. Donnie is a great huntmaster and Corey, JP and Jarrod all worked real hard to make our hunt an enjoyable one. I can't leave out Melony, and her cooking, wow, I must have gained a few pounds. Everybody went out of his or her way to please and satisfy us in every way possible. I know that I will be back sometime in the future.
- Gary Boyd, NC

Our hunting trip was a great success. With another 10-point trophy buck and a four bearded Rio Grande turkey, how much better could it get?! This trip at Magnum allowed me to strengthen old friendships and make memories to last a lifetime. It was a great time that everyone is talking about. Thank you.
- Mack Prescott, NC

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful experience which myself and father will never forget. We both had a wonderful time and both are grateful for your help in making sure that it was truly a unique experience and Melony, the cooking was great. I also wanted to thank the guides for their services which helped to make it a wonderful trip and that the 10 point I brought home will be a trophy that I will always have and will never forget this trip. Again, I would like to thank both of you for your hospitality and hope that you enjoy the pictures I have included.
- Tyler Moutray, TX

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you again in April. Thanks for a great time this past deer season. My brother-in-laws are still talking about their hunt. Kevin Dye just got his 9 point and "peg leg" deer back from the taxidermist, which just makes the hunt exciting all over again. See you in the spring, save me a long beard or two.
- Kevin Hinson, TN

Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I enjoyed the hunt this past week. You guys are more like family than business associates. As usual, everything was first class. The guides were great! They really did a good job in making sure we had a good time and had every opportunity to take a nice deer. Can't wait to see the pictures. There were some really nice deer taken this year. I'm already looking forward to next year. Best of luck for the rest of the hunting season.
- Gary Killian, LA

Thanks for a great visit and hunt. I really appreciated how you made your home...our home. Thought you would like the enclosed group photo. Hope to hunt with you again sometime soon. You have a fine operation.
- Casey Gerber, FL

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you all what a great trip my sons, Bryan, Bear and I had. Bear loved Texas and all of his trophies. Bryan enjoyed getting back down to see you once again and got a kick out of his little brother and the hunter he's becoming. For me, it wasn't the ten point I harvested, but the time I spent with my two sons. Bryan will get busy in his life and though we should enjoy some hunts together our time will be limited with his profession. We all enjoyed ourselves and hope one day to return as a group to visit our Texas friends. Keep the plane running, that was worth the trip to see all the animals. Thanks for everything.
- Jerry Hooks, PA

There is no doubt that this will be one of the most memorable experiences in my life.
- Mack Prescott, III, NC

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for a great hunt for the kids. I must tell you when I walked through the door and didn't recognize any of your staff, I was a bit worried, but then Tracy walked through the door and we felt better. Any worries were for naught, as I couldn't have been happier the way your staff, especially Tracy, were with Katie and Kenny. I know it is not easy dealing with a ten and 7 year old, but your whole staff was great and the kids had a great time. Obviously the Kerr's believe in Magnum Guide Service as enclosed with this letter is our deposit for next year's hunt after Christmas. I hope you always have this hunt, as it is a great hunt for kids because of the timing so no school has to be missed. Thanks again.
- Kip Kerr, OH

You guys are the best. I truly had a great time and the hospitality was overwhelming. Jim, you have a great operation and you are very fortunate to have a camp boss like Melony. She goes at 150 mph and still you feel like a family member in your house. I never saw so many bucks in my life. Happy Hunting!
- Terry Broom, SC

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