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I just wanted to let y’all know how much fun we had on the mule deer trip. It was the most fun I have ever had hunting. Scott and Jamie are awesome guides, and their work ethic is really impressive to me. I wish I could find young guys around here to hire that have their kind of drive. Magnum is a top notch operation. Every time we have hunted with you guys, it has been a great experience. It always impresses me how prepared y’all are, and how much effort y’all put into making sure the client goes home happy. I just wanted to thank y’all and say that we can’t wait to do it again.
- Z. Melton, GA

Just wanted to drop a note and say what a fantastic hunt I had in Marathon. The accommodations were excellent and the food that Amanda prepared was top shelf. My guide Scott was phenomenal. He was so good at seeing game. He was very patient with me and placed me in a great position to make a good shot (245 yards my longest ever) on a great buck. I was so excited (even at 65). Thank you Magnum for a memorable trip!
- Steve Watson, TX

Thank you for an awesome hunt! I enjoyed many new experiences on this hunt that will last a lifetime. My favorite things about this hunt were the mountainous terrain and the varieties of game. All and all, it was a great time hunting and making new friends that enjoy serving the Lord as do I!
- Cary Qualls, AR

Once again my thanks for a thrilling conclusion to a “Magnum” hunt. This hunt had it all with 4 days of great camaraderie, enough laughs to be a comedy routine and high drama. It’s the punishment you’re willing to put your vehicles through to get wherever you need to be to get the game. It was a challenge as this is probably my last mountain hunt as Father Time dictates smaller hills in the future. But what an end, every camp member achieved their personal goals and great trophies, and at 4 o’clock on the last day, your call came over our radio that you had spotted a big buck(near where I had been successful 5 years earlier. Speeding across ranch roads we arrive to find you had set up your sniper rifle and waited for me to settle in. Yeah “waited” may be a generous description, but all’s well that ends well and as the sun was setting with 455 yards between me and the buck, it ended in my favor. Whenever the balance of success on a great opportunity needs a special boost you find the way for your hunter to win. Anyone reading this needs to get off the couch and book if an adrenaline rush is what they want!
- L. Miller, TX

My hunt with Jim and Melony was unforgetable. Climbing up the side of a mountain and glassing for a mature mule deer buck to hiking on top of the mountain for the big Aoudad Ram. It was my first time hunting the Aoudad and won't be the last! I really enjoyed the stories, laughter and fellowship of the hunting group. Jim, Neil and William were the best guides a guy could ask for. Full of guidance and knowledge about the layout of the ranch and the wildlife it produced. My brother and I have hunted with outfitters in Texas for 4 years and Magnum Guide Service is the real deal! Can't wait to come back!
- J. Ebberson, NE

I have hunted with Magnum Guide Service on two different occasions. They put me on a fine antelope in New Mexico last year and a trophy 14 point, 190 B&C mule deer this year in West Texas. It was the first time I had hunted either species, and I found Jim and Melony to be both kind and patient with me. Great food, great conversations, and a professional, fun hunting experience in every way. Plus, any man that would give mouth to mouth resuscitation to his pet Javelina has my utmost respect and admiration. (That is a puzzling but true story.) I had a great time with these folks and recommend them to any hunter who is serious about doing it the right way.
- R. Sagstetter, TX

Thank you again for the wonderful hunt. I had a great time and this hunt exceeded my expectations. The mule deer hunting was outstanding. I loved seeing the mature bucks with the heavy bases. I have always enjoyed mule deer hunting and truly enjoyed taking one of the desert variety. It was great to hunt mule deer in such nice weather. The aoudad hunt was more fun and exciting than I expected. Hunting the aoudad up on the top of the mountains was great. I truly enjoyed the hunt and will cherish the memories. There was a great group on the hunt, the guides were excellent and the food was wonderful. It was all very enjoyable and I thank you very much.
- R. Hall, UT

After hunting with you for almost 10 years, I can't believe I've waited so long to hunt Aoudad. Much has been written about how underrated they are as a big game species, and I have to agree. Aoudad are a magnificent animal that live in country that is equally impressive. The massive, sweeping horns and long, hairy chaps of the mature rams makes for a unique trophy that rivals any of the other North American wild sheep. My first encounter with Aoudad was a couple of years ago, when you and I hunted mule deer in the Glass Mountains of west Texas. We had a great trip and I shot a 184" mulie buck, but I could not shake the memory af all the Aoudad that we saw. Although it took me two years to return to the Glass Mountains, it was worth the wait. The quantity and quality of game on the ranch is better than I remembered. We saw large herds of Aoudad and several mulie bucks that made me wish that I was coming back during deer season. My hunt took place in late October during the rut, when it is common to see large herds of rams and ewes together. We ended up finding a herd of about 200 sheep bedded down on the side of a mountain that was in a good position for a stalk. While moving up the mountain, we ran out of cover and got pinned down by three mulie bucks and couldn't go any further. Eventually, the sheep got up and began feeding across the side of the mountain that we were on, which gave us an opportunity to pick out and evaluate the rams in the herd. There were so many large rams, it was difficult deciding which one to shoot. We finally picked out a heavy, mature ram and I took the shot when he presented a broadside opportunity. His dark horns were about 33 1/2" long and more than I ever could have expected. His growth rings indicated he was 12 1/2 years old and his face and head showed fresh wounds and old scars from battling other rams for breeding rights within the herd. After shooting my ram, I will never forget the sight of watching the the herd move off across the facing mountainside and glassing all the big rams that were still there. I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this trip. Thanks again for another memorable hunt and I hope the rest of your season is a success. I look forward to seeing y'all again in the spring during turkey season.
- G. Gleason, TN

Hope you and Mel had a great Christmas. I want you to know I had the greatest time on my recent adventure to Marathon, TX with Magnum. This trip went way beyond my expectations from Mrs. Betty's fine cooking to the great hunt that Neil and yourself made sure that my father in law and I had. I can't tell you how impressed I was with the ranch from the quanity and quality of animals to the magnificent free ranging elk to the abundance of mule deer, aoudad and javelina. To hear elk bugle in TX on a cool Dec. morning was amazing and the scenic view was unforgetable. I have used several outfitters across the U.S. and I must say this hunt and your service ranks at the top of my list. I really enjoyed getting to know you and Neil. I must tell you I was so impressed with the mule deer hunt and was really happy with the deer I took but the aoudad hunt was a very rewarding adventure from making the first stalk to my final success of the great aoudad I am very proud of.
- Allen Cooper, AR

I just wanted to thank you and Melony again for the great time I had during my West Texas Mule Deer Hunt with Magnum in December. Your outstanding guide work, a spectacular setting in the Glass Mountains, very nice accommodations in Marathon, good camaraderie at the end of the day and, of course, Melony’s excellent cooking, all served to enhance a hunting experience that truly exceeded my expectations. The amount of game we saw every day was truly impressive: free ranging elk (in Texas!), javelina, whitetails, mule deer and my new favorite game animal…aoudad sheep. The hunting was excellent and I’ll always treasure the memories of taking the old warrior mule deer buck that you spotted from over a mile away (it’s amazing how you are able to spot game) and the time we spent stalking and then walking in and amongst the large herd of feeding javelina. However, it was the unexpected bonus of the aoudad hunt that stands out in my mind. Any TV hunting show producer would have loved to have been a part of that drama! A perfect stalk with optimal conditions as the sun was rising on a cold crisp morning, with the herd of 60 sheep moving slowy down the mountain to feed while we closed the distance by heading towards them through a thick, brushy draw…getting to the head of the draw after 45 minutes with the sheep now on both sides of us…waiting for the ram to stand clear while another ram stands 20 yards away and is about to bust us…taking the shot from a prone position at the lip of the draw after you reach over my shoulders to set the tripod…and then walking up to a fantastic trophy…wow!
- Stu Lilly, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for providing me with the memories of a lifetime. I’ve been on other guided hunts in the past but I now know what a professional outfit is all about – that is something you taught me. I’ve never experienced guides that were so concerned about the client's getting their trophies combined with a lodging experience that makes everyone feel so at home. As soon as I get a chance to put together some of the awesome video shots I captured I will send you a copy. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hope I’m fortunate to be able to hunt with you again in the future. Magnum Guide Service from top to bottom is truly a class act! Thanks again.
- Craig Heator, MO

As we all travel on life's journey, we each have experiences which leave an indelible mark on our memories and are recalled, often many years later, with great enjoyment. We have found that, over the past several years, a number of those experiences have resulted from our participation in Magnum hunts. Your high ethical standards and equally high level of customer service have always provided us with truly memorable and enjoyable times, which our experience has shown us, are the hallmarks of your operation. Our recent mule deer hunt at the Amarillo ranch was no exception. We really appreciate all the hard work that you and especially our guide James did to see to it that we both were able to harvest fine bucks (Sally's first). Getting a huge boar (Bob's first) was a big bonus. In these days when business ethics seem to be in decline and customer service is becoming a lost art, dealing with Magnum is a true pleasure. Good Lord willing, we hope to count on Magnum to provide us many more happy memories in the future years.
- BB & SSS

What can I say? I've been home for two days and I still have a smile on my face. The hunt over Thanksgiving weekend had to be the best of my life. The excitement of two great stalks that ended up with two great animals was more than anyone could ask for. I never thought that I would end up with a record book aoudad. What an awesome animal. Furthermore, the number of muledeer that we saw was amazing. Though the first two days were a little slow for deer, we made up for it on the next two days when the weather was more in our favor. I am extremely pleased with the 8 1/2 year old 11 point buck that I harvested. I've spent the last two days showing pictures to all my friends. Your knowledge and work ethic are an example for other outfitters to follow. Your whole staff is great. Please know that I will tell all the hunters I know about Magnum Guide Service and I look forward to the next time we get to hunt together.
- Tommy Chesbro, OK

Mike and I want to thank you both for the great hunt we had in Amarillo for muledeer. The ranch was everything you said it would be and more. All the animals that we got to see was exciting and the hunt for that "mulie" was fun. As an "AAA+ guide", you are the best. We have looked at our pictures a million times and we will always have the memories of yet another great hunt with you guys. The other hunters and guides made for that much more fun. Dave and Rhonda, Matt and Craig all could not say enough good things about Magnum Guide Service. We had some great conversations in our cabin after you crawled into bed at 8:00 o'clock. I know your work is very physical and mental and you need your rest...ike we, as old people don't? I am glad we got to make this trip. Thanks for everything. Hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas and an even better New Year 2006.
- Mike & Cynthia Davis, TX

I had a great time on my hunt and wanted to let you know that Gerald was an excellent host and a work horse. I hunted with him for 4 days and he never slowed down. When I book a hunt again with you guys I hope to be able to hunt with him. Thank you for some great memories.
- Joe Shortino, TX

Thank you Jim for making a lifelong dream come true on our muledeer hunt! It will be hard to top that hunt, but I would like to try!
- Simon Griffin, NC

Once again we all had a great time. I just wanted to thank you and Mel and the whole Magnum staff for always going out of the way to make us feel like we are gold. I don't believe there is anything else you all could do to make our trip more enjoyable.
- Bobby Campbell, SC

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