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What a Great Experience! Jody and I had an incredible time. This was our first time experiencing predator hunting and our guide, Charles, made it a hunt we will remember for a very long time. Jody started calling Charles the "cat whisperer", after seeing him call in multiple cats at the same time in 20 to 30 knot winds, unbelievable. Our cook Amanda was awesome! Everyone took great care of us and treated us like friends. Thank you Jim and Melony, Magnum Guide Service is Top Notch and we are already planning a return trip for Whitetails!
- Tim Jenkins, MO

Well, just like everyone across the Nation, the Covid-19 pandemic really put a wrench in our Spring plans. Because we work in the Healthcare field it hit us especially hard. We live in GA and our numbers of positive cases were very high, so even before the Governor of Texas shut down the State line we had already been told we probably would not get to make our annual Spring Turkey Hunt this year. But after speaking with Jim at Magnum he offered us a possible later date in the season if things changed. Well long story short, the Covid numbers around where we live finally leveled off and allowed us to make a later trip at the end of the North Zone season and boy was it fun! Other than the hot afternoons in the blinds, it didn’t seem to bother the turkey or the pigs that have really become a problem on a few ranches. We were allowed to take care of some of the problem while we were out there this season and were able to fill a 150 quart cooler with turkey breast, some good sausage meat and tenderloin. Thanks again for another great hunting experience and most of all thanks for all the hard work that the staff at Magnum provided. See you next Spring to make more memories and enjoy some of the finest hunting anywhere!
- Tommy Hopson, GA

Thanks again to everyone involved in making my first South Texas hunt a success. I traveled over 1,300 miles for the opportunity to hunt predators and javelina but my hunt did not begin as I expected. I was not familiar with the style of hunting and I immediately struggled because I did not have the experience or skills necessary to be successful. The majority of my past hunting has involved archery tactics with very deliberate and slow-paced hunting for whitetail and black bear. Upon arriving in the hunting unit, it was very clear that I had not adequately prepared myself for the challenges of hunting South Texas predators. As I continued to pull the trigger, the missed shots increased and my frustration escalated. However, Magnum staff set themselves apart from other guide services I have used in the past. Despite my inability to make quality shots, my guide Jaime's patience was never in question. Even when I was discouraged, Jaime was incredibly patient and encouraged me to keep going. I can't say enough about Jaime's support and ongoing encouragement during my early struggles. He kept a lighthearted atmosphere and used humor to keep my spirits high. He constantly expressed his confidence in my abilities and complimented my perseverance. I honestly felt like I was hunting with a friend, not a guide. Jaime's knowledge of the hunting area and the animals, combined with his ongoing support and encouragement, allowed me to harvest three incredibly beautiful Texas bobcats, two javelina, and other animals that will adorn my trophy room. The hospitality I experienced at Magnum was second to none. Jim and Melony operate a genuine client-centered hunting operation and I cannot say enough about my experience. The morning after our evening hunts everyone gathered to discuss our successes and everything we learned. We learned from each other and shared many stories and laughs. Everyone was truly involved from the moment I arrived on the property and I felt like I was hunting with friends. I hope to make many more trips to Magnum hunting properties and I will encourage others to enjoy the same incredible experience. Jim, Melony, Jaime, and Scott made my first trip to South Texas memorable and successful. Thanks very much for the opportunity.
- Todd Schoolman, IA

MAGNUM GUIDE SERVICE HAS DONE IT AGAIN! On my first hunt with Magnum, my wife (70 yrs young), my granddaughter (14 yrs) and myself (70) harvested 2 trophy bucks and 1 management buck. It was an awesome hunt with good food. We all had a great time! My second hunt was in Marathon, TX and I took a 6x6 bull elk, a mule deer and whitetail deer. Had a couple of misses but it was an awesome hunt. It was a great free range hunt! My third hunt was myself, my 17 year old grandson and my best friend since grade school. They each harvested 6x6 free range bull elk and my grandson shot an Aoudad Ram at 300 yards. I made an "can't believe it shot" with Jim's rifle on an Aoudad Ram at 835 yards! Best hunt of my life - unbelievable hunt for all of us! My fourth hunt was myself and my 2 granddaughters (ages 13 & 15). We shot 2 trophy bucks and a management buck. Another awesome hunt with Magnum. I recently (March, 2019) went by myself on my fifth hunt with Magnum and got four bobcats, four coyotes, two javelinas and two raccoons! I cannot say enough about the service and hunt time spent in the field. This met all of my expectations! Thank you Magnum Guide Service!
- Ronnie Skaggs, TX

Magnum Guide Service does a fantastic job. I have never been on a predator hunt like this before. Our guide, Scott, was a workhorse and had us on cats & coyotes just about every hunt. We only didn’t see a coyote or cat one time in 3 days. I shot 2 boars, 4 cats and a javelina. It was a trip of lifetime with non-stop action. The food was incredible, by far the best I have ever had at any lodge. I want to thank them very much and I highly recommend this hunt to anyone who is serious about predator hunting!
- John Schambers, PA

All I can say is WOW! What a great experience my son and I had with everyone at Magnum Guide Service. It started from the first moment we arrived up until the drop off at the airport after our successful hunt. This was my 13 year old son’s first experience hunting so we signed up for a Doe/Cull hunt. The guides helped him gain the knowledge and confidence to take his first shots at a live animal and he had great success. He was able to shoot a Doe and also dropped a 200 lb hog. Having hunted for many years in MN and WI, I wasn’t sure what to expect from TX hunting but I was blown away with the number and quality of animals that we saw while on our hunts. There was non-stop action while in our blinds with Whitetail Deer, javelina, ferel hogs, fox and raccoons all made appearances while we were hunting. Not only was the hunting fantastic but the food and lodging were awesome. We are looking forward to booking more hunts with Magnum and can’t wait to get back to Texas for our next hunt.
- Brett & Gavin Gugino, MN

I would like to thank Magnum Guide Service again for an excellent hunt at Marathon, TX. The scenery and ruggedness of this part of Texas was beautiful to say the least. Being from Nebraska I have never experienced a hunt like this one. Hiking to the top of mountains and glassing for the quality animals we saw everyday was very rewarding, we also saw Elk everyday. Nothing I've ever hunted before required so much endurance, than the Aoudad Sheep, they are amazing animals, and a blast to hunt. I also had a great time hunting Javelina, and I won't forget how that hunt went down, it's quite the story!!! The staff at Magnum Guide Service was second to none. Their knowledge of the ranch and wildlife made the hunt a great experience, that I won't soon forget. Last but not least, I would like to thank Melony for the awesome food and especially the desserts. Hope to hunt with you again in the future.
- B. Ebberson, NE

Wow!! 300 lbs! Quite an adrenaline rush. That feeling would not be possible without Jim’s great concern for me. Thank you Jim!
- Blaine Aker, TX

Jim called to check on Blaine’s hunting trips which had not been successful for him. He invited Blaine to go on the hog hunt which would provide meat to an orphanage in Mexico. Not only did the hunt help Blaine experience a successful hunt, but Jim and Melony’s interest in him as a young man put a smile on his face!! We both love and appreciate you both for all you do!!
- Dawn Whitten, TX

We had a fantastic time hunting with you. I don't want you to get a big head, but you put the "pro" in professional hunter. It shows that you've been doing it for a while. I'd hunt with you any time, anywhere. Thanks again.
- Kevin Crown, FL

After 4 years of hunting with Magnum Guide Service the hunting and food seems to get better each year. Somehow Jim seems to accommodate our hunts to be customized to our expectations and then exceeds them. I am always impressed with the guides, meals and accommodations. It is nice to know that a professional guide does all the work planning, organizing and scheduling the hunt so all I have to do is arrive and enjoy. However, one problem we encountered was the rack on the Jeep wasn't big enough to hold all the predators we shot (over 50 on our best night). At the end of the night our picture was short 5 or 6 that had fallen off. One other thing was not being able to stay and continue our Texas Wild Boar Hunt with dogs due to airline reservations. Once again the hunting was excellent, the boar hunt was the one of the best hunting experiences I have ever had. Thanks again, Jim and Melony. See you next year!
- Tim Morgan, MD

Once again, thanks to you both and the Magnum team for a wonderful Whitetail hunt in Texas. Bob and I both had a great time, and, as always, great camaraderie with the hunters. It was great meeting new hunters and renewing old friendships. Thanks to Carolyn for her great cooking and her wonderful sense of humor. How she can put up with all of us is beyond me! A special thanks to Donnie for helping me get my Javelina after a three year stalk! No more after the fact trail-cam photos from you Jim. I was beginning to believe there were really no Javelina in Texas and that you were just sending me photos you got off the internet! I got a nice boar and the taxidermist was impressed! Bob and I are already excited about our next hunt with you in March for turkeys and planning our upcoming Whitetail hunt with you all early winter of 2009. Hunting with Magnum Guide Service is addicting! Take care and we will see you all soon.
- Sally Lowder, NM

Dear Jim and Melony, We had a wonderful time on our predator hunt in Ft. Davis, TX. It was amazing all of the game we saw on our three day hunt. Jim, your ability to get that huge bobcat in was awesome and of course everything else you called in was too. Terence and I knew that when we booked our trip with Magnum we would have a trip of a lifetime, and it was! In just the couple of days since we have been home I have told everyone about this trip and I am recommending that anybody who wants to book a predator hunt to call Magnum. The Aoudad and Barbado Ram hunts were very exciting and believe me, it was a 100% spot and stalk hunt and that is what true hunting is all about. Both trophies will make fine mounts. Melony, the food was excellent and the hospitality was superb. Terence and I both thought that the highlight of the trip was the boar he shot. What a beast! Anybody who goes predator or sheep hunting with Magnum will have a time of their lives. Jim and Melony, thanks again. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute and look forward to seeing you during the upcoming spring turkey hunt. By the way, tell Scout to watch out for those javelinas!
- Travis & Terence Hill, LA

Doug and I had a great time with Magnum. Our hunt for javelina and predators was great and very successful. Your home is beautiful, your equipment is top notch and guides are fun and very knowledgeable. I’m sure we will be hunting together again in the near future. One of my next hunts will be brown bear in Alaska, but I may have to try for one of those big whitetails I saw while hunting pigs. I would like to thank Jim, Melony (great cook), J.P. for one hell of a hunt!
- Dave Henry, PA

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