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Thank you so much for the hospitality, the great hunting, and the fellowship! We had an absolute blast and cannot wait to be back next year! Below is a link to some photos I wanted to share with you all! Thank you so much once again for everything!
- J. Anderson, GA

Thanks again for the experience! I am impressed with the organization of your operation. Even more impressed with your faith based incorporation into your business. It’s refreshing to see people that not only talk the talk but walk the walk. This trip was a treat from my son (Jonathan) to me. I would have been happy just enjoying the hunt but for both of us but to double is priceless! I was the only “Turkey Rookie” in our group. I’ve hunted for more than 50 years but have only recently begun turkey hunting. You may see us again in the future, for now our focus is for Jonathan to complete his Grand Slam with a Merriam. Please pass along my thanks to all your crew, especially my guide for the entirety Jamie. He’s a top notch young man. Not to mention he’s my kind of guy, low key and all business. Good luck and may God bless y’all and your family.
- N. Sutton, MS

I wanted to thank you, Melony, and all the Magnum staff. What a great time I had. And has to be one of the most well run, and enjoyable places I’ve hunted. Definitely a 5 star! Bob was an excellent guide, who I enjoyed hunting with and just overall had a great hunting experience with. The accommodations and food were excellent. And I had a great opportunity to get a bird and blame it on my 1-2 second hesitation to take the shot. Which I was told years ago by a professional turkey hunter, take your shot the first opportunity you get, cause their might not be a second! I look forward to returning for another turkey hunt, and will get back with you for 2024. Thank you again for such a wonderful time and hunt!
- S. Peacock, FL

I just wanted to thank you again for our hunt this week. We had a great time. I limited out and Michael and Wayne had the opportunity to do so as well. But more importantly, I was able to take my son on a wonderful hunt and interact with wonderful people. Melony, you made us feel very welcome and at home. Be sure to thank Jaime for me again for the way he helped make it possible for Michael to hunt. And thank Amanda for her cooking and the way she helped Michael with his food pickiness (he gets that from his mother). I hope to repeat the trip in the future!
- David Allen, SC

April is the cruelest month… wrote T.S. Eliot in one of the most celebrated poems of the twentieth century: “The Wasteland.” And some 100 years later, his opening stanza seems eerily prophetic. April 2020 was certainly cruel to traveling turkey hunters and outfitters with canceled flights, travel bans, closed borders and confounding restrictions. But, finally, Governor Abbott opened the state of Texas and Jim was able to schedule hunts for the final days of the 2020 season, the first May turkey hunts in Magnum history! And I was among those lucky and able to make the trek. Joining me at the Main Lodge that week, long time hunting buddy Joe Shannon and the “Magnum Commandos:” Michael, Tommy and Carmen Hopson. A skilled and accomplished group and always a blast to hang out with! Our esteemed guides: Scott Homer and Jaime Chancellor. Of course, we all knew we were in for a tough year with little or no hatch in 17-18 and a bumper crop in 19 resulting in relatively few mature birds and hordes of beak-blocking jakes. Even so, guide Scott seemed surprisingly optimistic about a particular spot on a new ranch. He knew big Toms were present and I just hoped I was up to the challenge. After my performance last year, the jury was still out on that one. One thing for sure, those big, old, wary birds weren’t going to run in on a string strutting and gobbling. Soon, we were on the ranch and several gates in. So, I exited the truck, bid Scott and Joe good luck and found myself alone in a lush, green, but, rocky pasture. After soaking in the scenery, I found the perfect lean tree, clipped some limbs, set April on her bipod and settled in. I hammered the heck out of my vintage Doug Camp boat paddle just in case a big bird was handy and randy. No response. Now, more than a little sleepy from my six-hour ride to the lodge, I nodded off to the music of the hills, shaded from the piercing May rays by Escarpment Live Oaks and Eve’s Necklace. No fake news out here! About a half hour later, I hammered the Camp caller again and just like before, silence. So, back to nap. Later than sooner, my eyes blinked open and some 40 yards out I was startled to see a giant Tom with a tomato red head and a Jelly worm snood walking slowly, head high, neck stretched and searching for the hen he hoped was waiting for him. He just didn’t look real to me. His feathers were perfect – shiny and black - like sprayed lacquer. Then, this GQ giant stopped abruptly, preened a bit, took one hard look at my blind and began to bug out at a right angle. I know just how fast these birds can vanish when they don’t like what they see. So, “BAM!” I let him have it! And what a Tom! Four, maybe five years old, bushy beard, long, curved spurs and heavy like a sack of corn. And one sexy dude! It was barely 3:30 on my first day and didn’t want to tag out so early, so I never called again and spent the rest of the afternoon snoring in the shade, bird beside me, vest as pillow. Tough hunting indeed, Magnum style! Back at the main lodge, Jim was already grilling steaks and Melony making everything look so easy. All hunters enjoyed success and the mood, positive. Joe, on an envious, four bird, double ranch hunt, already bagged at least one Tom. Maybe two. We weren’t really sure because he was first to arrive after a clandestine border crossing and a tense, then candid encounter with a hunter friendly Texas State Trooper. Salute! Once, safely across, he settled in for a Casablanca like exile in the Germanic, tourist town of Fredericksburg. Finally, he was cleared for departure to the main lodge. Jim let him hunt a nearby ranch solo for a couple days, but no one really knew what happened there. Wouldn’t talk about it much. Something about a big rattlesnake. Very mysterious. Anyway, no matter the ranch, we saw no sign of airborne pathogen, social unrest or impending doom. Turkeys roosted, flew down, ran around, fed, bred, yelped, gobbled and guzzled. Songbirds sang, Spiny lizards did push-ups, hogs and exotics roamed, deer and antelope played. Gangs of jakes ran amuck without regard to social distancing with no masks or hand sanitizer. Under such sublime conditions, even Rachel Maddow could unknot and relax! Next morning Scott wanted to put me in a spot with big Toms no one could kill. He said they would “satellite” the blind and not venture close enough for a shot. More than likely, these wise survivors witnessed a buddy or two meet a stoney end at such a place. But I had time, tricks and one trophy already in the freezer, so I was game. In the misty morning sunrise, I heard distant gobbling in all directions. One longer, deeper and louder the rest. The boss. He answered my calls, but always a little farther than the last. Then silence. After a long wait, a curious red head bobbed in the grass in easy gun range. But he looked “jakey” to me, gangly, twitchy with a short, skinny beard, so I refrained. He circled once, twice, three times even breaking into full strut to show off his (barely) full fan. After a long wait, he came around for a fourth time. But, wait! This joker was broad and tall with a tug of war rope and a sirloin noggin! I had an easy shot, but I was still confused, so he was able to escape to the high grass. I yelped at him on my Power Crystal and he gobbled like Holy Heck! Definitely a different bird! Finally, he showed his beak and I didn’t hesitate. Boom! April spat fire and the bird fell in a cloud of tungsten dust. As I picked him up, I was relieved to see I made the right call as this was indeed one fine trophy and a memorable finale to this historic May hunt with Magnum Guide Service. I was tagged out, but my trip wasn’t over. I spent the rest of the week with an AR-15 hunting hogs and riding shotgun with Scott and Jaime to some of the many Magnum ranches to retrieve equipment and ferry hunters. A welcome healthy escape from the last two months. Without divulging proprietary secrets, let me just say all Magnum operations are based on tested methods and proven systems utilizing state the art equipment, the latest mapping and game-cam technology, but, most of all, decades of proven experience. Jim Roche and his guides can put you on birds better than any outfitter you’ll ever find. And the ranches procured for Magnum clients are always upper echelon. That’s why you hunt Texas with Magnum. It’s like “Jurassic Park,” like “Disney World” for turkeys. You can crawl around on your belly and go days without hearing or seeing a bird anywhere else. But when you hunt with Magnum it’s all about whacking big Rios from the moment you load your gun! And to any true turkey hunter: that’s the happiest place on earth! April 2020 was surely was the cruelest month for traveling turkey hunters. But in El Dorado, Texas, the majesty of May was worth the wait and something every turkey hunter should experience. No matter where you live, if you live to hunt turkeys, you’ll love hunting Rios Texas style with Magnum! My last night at the main lodge was particularly festive with lots of smiles and stories. Everyone bagged once-in-a-lifetime trophies and spent priceless hours in the gorgeous spring woods. But most of all, we were grateful for the chance to hunt at a time when having any kind of fun was deemed offensive if not downright illegal. All a bunch of hoo-ha if you ask me! Only God knows what the rest of 2020 will bring. But I do know next year will be one for the record books at Magnum with big, glossy two-year old’s gobbling and strutting everywhere! And lord willing, I’ll be back, we’ll ALL be back, happy, healthy and better than ever! So, Jim, Mel, for all you do, thank you and here is my deposit for my 20th consecutive year hunting with old friends and new in the Texas Hill Country with Magnum Guide Service!
- Kevin Neathery, TX

First and foremost, let me say this Spring Rio Season fluctuated with news of COVID-19, and Governor Abbott’s Executive Order in early April restricting travel from out-of-state motorists, particularly Louisiana where I reside! My back-to-back Double Hunt for the opening week of the North Zone was cancelled. However, Magnum notified its clients that the North Zone Season was effective through May 17th and should Texas State Law allow, we could still hunt on a later schedule. Magnum bent over backwards to make their customer’s Spring 2020 Season happen and I can’t say enough how much that meant to me and other MGS clients! In late April I decided to cross the Texas Border and put myself in a fourteen day self-isolation quarantine as per Texas Governor Abbott’s Executive Order. I self-isolated myself in Fredericksburg at a Hotel in the Texas Hill Country and after serving out over half of my self-imposed quarantine, Governor Abbott issued a new Executive Order rescinding the previous one which required all out-of-state motorists entering Texas to quarantine themselves for fourteen days! Magnum graciously reached out to me and said to head on out to Eldorado and Magnum! I did so and everything was fine and I got in my back-to-back double hunt and loved everyday of it! MGS guides, Scott and Jaime, put me on lovelorn Pasture Boss Gobblers everyday moving me around to ranches that had never been hunted! I was in Rio Heaven and the late season May heat never even bothered me! I even endured a hail storm within the safety confines of my my Primos Double Bull Blind! I jokingly told the Magnum hunters at dinner time that evening, when we all shared our hunting stories of the day, that the old Pasture Boss I harvested earlier that day was knocked out by the golf ball size hail and after the storm passed, I exited my blind and threw him over my shoulder, another Tag filled! This was my 21st Turkey hunt with Magnum and I keep coming back because there is no other place I would rather be in the Spring, than here with Magnum staff (Jim, Melony, Scott and Jaime), my best hunting buddy Kevin Neathery, and the Hopson hunting clan out of Georgia, whom I might add all tagged out this spring! One more important note, during my hunting this spring, I personally witnessed more Jakes than I have ever seen in my 21 years hunting West Texas Rios on the Edwards Plateau. In one flock of Jakes I counted eighteen total! And these Jakes were in abundance on every ranch, Magnum’s qualified guides, Scott and Jaime, put me on! The Spring of 2021 is going to be a record setter at Magnum, and I’m going to be a small part of it again! Can’t wait!
- Joe Shannon, LA

Well, just like everyone across the Nation, the Covid-19 pandemic really put a wrench in our Spring plans. Because we work in the Healthcare field it hit us especially hard. We live in GA and our numbers of positive cases were very high, so even before the Governor of Texas shut down the State line we had already been told we probably would not get to make our annual Spring Turkey Hunt this year. But after speaking with Jim at Magnum he offered us a possible later date in the season if things changed. Well long story short, the Covid numbers around where we live finally leveled off and allowed us to make a later trip at the end of the North Zone season and boy was it fun! Other than the hot afternoons in the blinds, it didn’t seem to bother the turkey or the pigs that have really become a problem on a few ranches. We were allowed to take care of some of the problem while we were out there this season and were able to fill a 150 quart cooler with turkey breast, some good sausage meat and tenderloin. Thanks again for another great hunting experience and most of all thanks for all the hard work that the staff at Magnum provided. See you next Spring to make more memories and enjoy some of the finest hunting anywhere!
- Tommy Hopson, GA

Year Of The Giants! 2019 marked my 18th consecutive year hunting with Magnum and it ranked among the most impressive ever! As you can see from the many pics on site and Facebook, the birds were simply huge! All 3-5 years old and most, if not all, 20 pounds and heavier with heads like softballs, long, sharp spurs and drapery tassel beards. Even so, my Mojo was off. Got held up at the office, so a late start. My iPhone died on the way, had to hunt down a battery in Waco. Not easy with no phone to call around or web to search. Had to actually look out the window, park, ask for directions. Add another two hours. Got a speeding ticket in Brady. More delay and I won’t admit how many mph over or how expensive. Or the reaction from my wife after she opened the receipt sent to my house from the McCulloch County Clerk! Ouch! Still paying for that one! The policeman was very nice, but I was so flustered I took 87 instead of 190 and ended up in San Angelo way North of the main lodge. So, I finally arrived, unloaded my gear and made my way to the main lodge. I opened the giant, Magnum “coffin” cooler on the back porch and soon, the coils and kinks that were wrecking my day began to melt. Dude, it’s turkey season and I’m at the Magnum Main Lodge! Doesn’t get any better than that! I was hunting with longtime friend and Magnum legend: Joe Shannon who has bagged so many trophies, Jim Roche calls his success “anti-climactic.” And icing on the cake, we were hunting with “Team Curry,” Craig, his sons Aus, Wes and entourage. All experienced hunters with a passion for the outdoors and a festive campsite. An honor and privilege to hunt among this salty crew! Soon, guide Glenn Rathfon was mesquite fire grilling big steaks for the opening night dinner skillfully led by Melony Roche and Glenn’s wife, Sandy. Always a culinary joy with too many tasty sides and guilt-ridden desserts! And they make it look so easy. After prayer, dinner and safety meeting, guide Bob Young pulled Joe and I aside to tell us we’d be hunting a new, never hunted ranch with deep draws, ancient live oaks and old, bold gobblers unmolested. Bob has a great sense of humor and always quick with a laugh and a joke! But, don’t let that fool you. He is one serious dude with skills so far above most there’s no point describing because few could ever emulate. He can “light ‘em up” like no one I have ever seen. I rode shotgun, which meant I opened gates for Bob. And I didn’t mind, because I know the more gates you must pass the farther you travel into the heart of the ranch. One, two, three, four, five, drop Joe off at his spot, six, seven, eight, finally Bob stopped the truck and pointed me in the right direction. Still I got lost and Bob led me to it again. Thankfully, cell phone service has greatly improved on the Edwards Plateau! I used a new, “secret,” decoy this year, just one. I set it up, stepped off 40 and found a perfect lean tree to build a blind. I enjoy building brush blinds, but often I wish I would have chosen a comfy, Primos Double Bull. You can get away with so much more. Especially when the birds are big, old and wary. Soon, Earth’s star rose on the horizon, raining gold on the upper branches of more live oaks than I could count. The wind was whistling, but I could hear distant gobbling in all directions. After I could see clearly, I knew what direction birds would come, so I shifted a bit so April’s barrel could find a clear shot. Not long after, a big hen appeared from the opposite direction. She didn’t like my decoy and slowly approached. In the brush behind her I could see a big red, meat head tall and cautious, but, no shot, because of my earlier shift. So, I tried to shift back, the hen looked my way and the Tom vanished. But, she stayed, purring loudly at my decoy. Then, again, I could see his head in the brush, but this time I had a shot! BOOM! And what a Tom: 22 pounds, long hooks, Osama beard and a big red head riddled with heavy shot! Success, but still my Mojo was off. Bob put me in three more awesome spots and I botched them all. Set up in the sun with not enough shadow, got up to move, got busted. One goof was particularly embarrassing and against the better judgement of my guide. But, oh no, I knew better. I set up too far away from my decoy because I just knew they would come from the same direction as before. Well, they didn’t. Then, (after I missed) my seven dollar, hand load triplex shell hung up and jammed my action. Bird ran right by me in easy gun range clucking (laughing) as I struggled to free the lodged shell. Then he flew off over the fence to the neighboring ranch. Just ugly. Sorry Bob. You were right. At Magnum, I rarely have to hunt the final morning. And once again, Bob put me in the right spot. A young hen literally chewed the head of my decoy for over an hour. Then, she exited at a steady pace. Soon, two HUGE gobblers came trotting straight toward my spread. Behind them were three more that I could see and more gobbling above them. They were about to run me over in waves! But, my barrel was pointed too far left. I should have called, but I couldn’t risk grabbing my box or slate. I probably had a dozen high dollar mouth calls in my vest, not much good at that point. I made a move to the right, but I bumped my barrel on a big piece of tin I used to shield the right side of my blind. Birds stopped, stretched their necks and slowly bugged out, gobbling as they went. Game over. Ten minutes until pickup time, so I packed my gear and made my way back disappointed not really because I didn’t kill a bird, but for letting my guide down. He did his part! Again, repeat, again, repeat. It was one awesome hunt on a gorgeous, turkey rich ranch among friends I so much admire and respect. And Joe, well like Jim says, his success is anticlimactic. He was on a double ranch, four bird fantasy hunt (luxury of all luxuries) and tagged out with some of the most impressive ever! Just look at the photos! Birds so big he had to peek around the side to get in the picture! After a final, delicious meal, I said my goodbye’s and set off for the drive home. This time I drove the speed limit, so, I had much time to reflect. Sometimes, like many things in life, we take things for granted. Sometimes it takes a loss to appreciate. I wish I could say I never blew a second chance, but I can’t. That’s why next year, God willing, I’ll be back for redemption with new friends and old at Magnum Guide Service!
- Kevin Neathery, TX

With so many great things to say about Magnum Guide Service where do you start? This was my 5th year hunting with Magnum and once again I was blown away! The very first year we hunted with Magnum we were hooked. Magnum is the best Outfitter that I have ever hunted with! The first year we hunted with Magnum we got there the Friday before the hunt and immediately they made us feel like family. We only hunted that first day because we limited out! Not a bad thing though lol! Magnum picks the top ranches to hunt on meaning that no matter where you are you are on the turkeys! The second year we went out a little early to help. I assure you unless you have helped you truly don't understand how hard Magnum and the guides work to make this the best and most memorable hunt possible. We have gone out every year after to help with whatever these guys need. These guides and Magnum are amazing! The lodging and the cooks are amazing! The weather this year wasn't ideal for turkey hunting but the birds were still everywhere. Maybe not vocal due to the cold front but still plentiful. Once you tag out on your Texas Rio's Magnum also offers several exotics to hunt. But long story short this is a wonderful place to hunt. Great environment for family and children and the best food and accommodations you could ask for. So if you've been wanting to give Texas Turkey Hunting a shot I urge you to contact Magnum Guide Service and be prepared for the trip of a lifetime. Thank You again Magnum and see you next year for our 6th year in a row!!
- Michael Hopson, GA

Simply the BEST! I have hunted across the US and in Canada and this place hands down is one of the best places I have ever been. From the Guides, Ranches, Lodging, Food and most of all Animals. As an experienced hunter, you can of course tell when someone does their homework and really goes beyond to make your hunt not only successful but enjoyable. We had a very unusual cold front come in and made it extremely difficult on the ranch we were hunting on the first day, but having multiple ranches and knowledge of those ranches, it was decided to move on day 2 and Boom- Gobblers were totally different on that ranch and really on the move. I had tagged out on day one but wanted to share the great memories with my wife and went with her to the blind on day two and we saw lots of birds. I cannot say this enough, if you want to hunt somewhere that goes beyond and makes you feel like family, give Magnum Guide Service a try and I know you will not be disappointed.
- Tommy Hopson, GA

A huge Thank You to Magnum Guide Service! Our trip could not have been better! I had a wonderful time and enjoyed meeting some new people who have now become friends. This place is like home and the staff is more like family. The ranches are beautiful and you never know what you will see. This year’s weather was not ideal and made the hunt more challenging, but it made me appreciate it so much more. My hunt was still a success and I harvested one of the prettiest birds I have seen. The guides really go above and beyond to get you to the right spots. Thank you again for a wonderful time! I look forward to returning next year!
- Carmen Hopson, GA

Bienvenido desde la Meseta Edwards, Amigos y Paisanos y Cazadores de Hermanos, Jose” translates “Welcome from the Edwards Plateau, Friends, Countrymen, and Brother Hunters, Joe or Jose”, as Jim Roche fondly calls me! This Spring Season was my 20th year Turkey Hunting with Magnum Guide Service! The last six years I have been on back-to-back double hunts and five of those six I have filled all four of my Turkey Tags! What a wonderful feeling that has been! What other Hunter out there can say that except a a dedicated Turkey Hunter such as myself who has loyally stuck by Magnum Guide Service for all these 20 years and has been rewarded for it with success year after year. MGS is the top Hunting Outfitter in the State of Texas and I am living proof of that accolade! Truly I am Blessed to revel in that euphoric state of blissful exultation of having a 20 + pounder swinging against my back, hoisted over my shoulder, as I walk out of my Blind when the Guides drive up to pick me up. You can see by my pictures that adrenaline rush smile on my face just doesn’t go away! My Best Hunting Buddy, Kevin Neathery, is my rock when the hunting is tough and those punched-out tags are hard to come by, but I persevere with the support of Kevin and the MGS Staff always there in my corner. This year was so lush with the greenery and abundant food sources that the corn feeders were hardly being used by the birds so calling from my Double Bull Blind was crucial. Three of my Four Longbeards this Spring were Strutters who came in spitting and drumming! That was some kind of heart-pounding adrenaline rush! My fourth Tag was classic with my Guide, Bob, and Hunting Buddy, Kevin, dropping me off shortly after noon on the far side of the Ranch I had been hunting, where earlier that morning I had hammered a 21 pound Stud with just over 1 1/2 inch spurs! As they were leaving we heard a gobble some 200 yards away with the wind blowing towards us. I called from my Blind just enough to let him know where I was and he would cut me off with a thunderous gobble! After about an hour of his gobbling he finally shut up and after ten minutes of silence he started again 100 yards out, he had cut the distance in half! Again gobbling every few minutes for an hour and silence once more! I knew he was moving in on me as I watched for him out of the back of my Blind. Then he gobbled just over 40 yards out in a clump of cedars and dwarf oaks, and I could make him out in full strut. I watched him for maybe fifteen minutes coming out of strut to gobble once in one direction, returning to full strut, and then gobbling in another direction, realizing that this was as close as he will ever come. So I put the Vortex Venom Red Dot on his head when he stuck his head up to survey the yellow wild flowering mesquite flats and he folded! That was two and a half hours after my Guide, Bob, and Buddy, Kevin, had dropped me off! Well of course, this Happy Dude is coming back next Spring to hunt Rios on the Edwards Plateau with my Turkey Hunting Family, the Hopsons, the Currys and Kevin Neathery, and the MGS Staff, Jim, Melony, and the Guides. Adios Amigos until next Spring on the Edwards Plateau, Jose
- Joe Shannon, LA

That was my first west Texas hunt of any kind and I enjoyed being out there. I would definitely entertain the idea of coming back. Very comfortable accommodations, excellent meals, good people for guides, and I really like the hunter placement options you’ve got with that much acreage. Never felt like I was stuck somewhere if things were unproductive. Still surprised how well those bull blinds worked. I was expecting birds to get a little nervous about 20-30 yards out, and I had them 6 feet away. Hope you have a good year.
- Rodney Lee, TX

I just completed my turkey hunt at Magnum on Thursday, 4/19/18, and was extremely satisfied with the entire operation. The turkey hunting is excellent and 100% free range hunting. I booked this hunt a year ago after much research for what I believed would be my best chance at harvesting a Rio Grande gobbler. I was able to harvest a huge Rio on the first afternoon of my hunt and a had close encounter with a second Tom on the second morning of the hunt. My wife decided to accompany me as a non hunter on this trip and she had a great time as well. Jim and Melony made her feel right at home and we greatly appreciate it. The main reason I booked with Magnum is my desire to hunt with an outfitter that truly loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Jim and Melony truly love the Lord and that was such a blessing to my wife and I to fellowship with them and their staff around the supper table every evening. If you are searching for a place to hunt Rio's, this is the place! Bob Young and Russ Wagner are the two guides that would take me to the areas I would be hunting each day and these guys are first class! Very respectful, courteous and friendly. I'm looking forward to booking another spring turkey hunt with Magnum. Thanks again for great hospitality and Christian fellowship.
- Greg Bailey, FL

Wanted to give a shout out to Magnum! I came on this turkey hunting trip with my father and he tagged out the first morning, which finished out his grand slam. I got my 2 birds after a day and half and finished my grand slam as well. I was fortunate enough to also hunt a blackbuck since Magnum offers a variety of exotic hunts. I was a little skeptical at first but this truly is the real deal. I couldn’t say anything better about these guys. They are awesome, courteous, guides are encouraging and this was the hunt of a lifetime for me. I will be back next year with my brother and other friends. If you are looking for a great hunt this is the place to be!
- Shayne Burns, OH

I would like to share something very refreshing to find as a hunter and a Christian. At Magnum you can come in and have a wonderful hunting experience that is filled with the Lord. It is not often we can find places where Jesus lives. He lives here at Magnum. If you are looking for a place to take your family, I would strongly suggest you give them a call. I felt very close to God here and highly recommend it to others. Thank you and God Bless!
- Al Phillips, LA

Well, another year and another satisfied customer. It never ceases to amaze me of the knowledge that the guides have of the animals that you hunt at Magnum. For instance, myself and my brother Michael Hopson have wanted to hunt Blackbucks since the first time I saw one. We finally got a chance to make it happen this year. The first day we went to the area where we were going to hunt, it was cold for Texas and the wind of course was blowing. All the animals were very spooky because one of their main senses was taken away (their hearing). Every attempt that our guide, Scott Homer, would come up with seemed to always fail that day. Well, he and Jim put their heads together on the second day which was a little bit warmer but still had the winds. Well, after watching the animal's activity we were told that we needed to try spot and stalk with the wind in our face and ease thru the shadows of the cedars and mesquite that cover most of Texas. Within one hour of being dropped off at the area that our guide advised to start our approach, not just 1 but 2 trophy class Blackbucks were on the ground. It was a dream come true for me and my Brother. Well, I can’t stop there. We still had our Turkey Hunt to look forward to. This was my wife’s first time to go to Magnum and attempt to harvest a Turkey. Watching her emotions go up and down was exciting for me because I knew what was in store. The quality of the land that Magnum has acquired over the years is simply amazing. I was going to help her hopefully get her first Rio and then maybe let her do it on her own with the second. After daylight we were covered up with Turkeys, but she made me proud. She tagged out before lunch on the first morning. I also harvested a bird that morning and enjoyed just watching many, many birds that first day. Myself, my wife and my brother all tagged out and brought 2 very nice Blackbucks back to Georgia at the end of our stay. So, without a doubt if you, your family, friends or acquaintances have a desire to hunt in a very family oriented background and have some of the best meals you have ever tasted…. then please give them a try and I can guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.
- Tommy Hopson, GA

Thank you so very much Jim, Melony, and the entire Magnum family! I completely was overwhelmed by the professionalism and fellowship you all showed the whole time we were in camp. It was a great experience meeting new hunters from around the world and talking with them about how they hunt turkeys in their home state. The cooks prepared fabulous meals throughout the day making sure every hunter was well taken care of. The guides were top notch and very professional and knowledgeable when it came to hunting Rio Grande turkeys. I was able to get my limit within the first hour or so of my first hunt. One of the birds I harvested happened to be one of the biggest birds I have taken in my years of turkey hunting. It definitely was a wonderful experience to be able to see that many gobblers in a hunt. Once I had tagged out, I continued to be able to watch and video many more gobblers throughout the day. Magnum does an extremely great job at not over pressuring the birds by having many different ranches to take hunters to so that every group has outstanding hunts. It was wonderful getting to attend Easter Sunday services with the Magnum family and fellow hunters! I have already told multiple friends about the great experience that Magnum gives. I definitely will be heading back out to hunt with you all soon and hopefully have a few more in the group!! I will also definitely be back when my son is old enough to hunt!!! Thanks again for everything you all did to make our trip the best!!
- Matt Smith, AL

When looking for a place to finish my Grand Slam with my daughter, Christina, I contacted several outfitters in Texas. My conversation with Jim stood out because of it being a faith based group and that they sincerely cared about their clients. I brought my dad and my daughter and we all limited out on the first day - 2 birds each! It has been a blessing to me and my family. Jim and his staff are above anything I’ve experienced in my travels. Thank you!
- Jeff Miller, PA

The best ever? 2018 marks my 17th consecutive year hunting with Magnum and it may be the best ever with many records smashed, personal bests and priceless memories. I arrived Good Friday afternoon to meet old friends and new at the Main Lodge in Eldorado. After unloading gear we strolled over for a mesquite, grilled steak and seafood gumbo dinner that may have been the best ever. Then, after much whispered discussion, Glenn, Bob and Scott pull you aside to give you “the plan.” In the old days, Magnum guides drew you a map on a napkin and you carried it in your vest. This year, Scott showed us on an iPad with an app called HuntStand providing geospatial, real time, data. Impressive. I learned longtime hunting buddy Joe Shannon and I would ride together with father and son team Josh and Caden from Indiana to a legendary ranch steeped in tradition and Magnum lore: the ocean like, twenty thousand acre, Askew-Fisher. But, unlike years before, we would be hunting new pastures on the North end. First Joe, I next. After Scott pulled away in the truck with Josh and Caden, I paused to soak in the fast moving Alto cumulus clouds lit sterling silver by the March 31st, blue moon. In years past, I would have spent a good hour building a brush blind in that blue moon and been thankful for its radiance. So, I felt a tad guilty slipping into that comfortable, Double Bull blind with two folding chairs, soft cooler with drinks and a jumbo zip lock bag with snacks, fruit, chips and two sandwiches artfully prepared and packed by Melony and Sandy with my name hand written on the side. I checked for snakes and settled in. It wasn’t long before I heard a long gobble on the roost in the distance. Then, just wind. After an equally impressive sun rose huge in the East, I could make out out the windmill and waterhole Scott showed me on his iPad. Two wary does drank nervously and then, three big hens made it interesting and then…baa…baa! Sheep! And lots of ‘em. They just wouldn’t leave. I tried to run ‘em off, threw rocks, nothing worked. Finally they wandered and I guess I did too. Then, I heard three shots in the distance. Usually not a good thing. Then, two, three, four more. Definitely not good. For no real reason I picked up my walnut box call and really hammered. Gobble, right out front! He gobbled at least twenty times, each time farther than the last, obviously led away by hens. Then, right behind the blind I heard clucking, louder, different than a hen. It was a big Tom sneaking in to romance the box call he thought was his new girlfriend. Boom! He was a big, heavy three year old with curved spurs and meat head. Awesome! I was last to be picked up and delighted to learn Joe tagged out. And amazed to learn Josh and Caden BOTH tagged out. Four big Toms from one blind in one morning by father and son! That’s a Magnum memory for a lifetime. As the only hunter with a tag, Scott moved blind and I to a new spot, not hunted ever. I was a little skeptical, but as we drove in we jumped a group of hens with several BIG Toms, one taller, broader than the rest with a paint brush beard! Scott kept the motor running as he popped up the blind and I settled in. Two hens showed first and wandered off, then out of nowhere, one nice Tom and the big one with the paint brush beard. BAM! I saw it clearly in my Aimpoint scope for the last time. Upon retrieval, I found most of it shot off. Scott just shook his head as he tagged my bird. Ouch! Back at the main lodge, the mood was particulary festive as ALL hunters tagged out on day one. And that delicious, Elk meat lasagna didn’t hurt either. Now, I have been on several Magnum hunts where all tag out in one day, but I learned this season, ALL hunters on ALL hunts tagged out on day one. I promised Scott on way to the new, never hunted pasture, that if I tagged out day one, I would go to Church on Easter Sunday. So we all loaded up to First Baptist in Eldorado where the pews were so packed the preacher welcomed turkey hunters from the pulpit. Back at the main lodge, after a delicious Ham and Turkey Easter brunch, there was nothing left for me to do, than pack up and travel six hours to the house! The best ever? Not sure yet, it went by so fast, but after 17 consecutive seasons I am sure you’ll find the finest overall Texas turkey hunting experience with Jim and Melony Roche and their talented team of guides, chefs and lodgekeepers at Magnum Guide Service. Yes, all the trophy Toms and fond memories make me a bit biased. So, if you don’t believe me, just ask father and son Josh and Caden. I’m sure they’d agree! But, you better book now while you still can! We saw so many birds this year, 2019 may be the best ever!
- Kevin Neathery, TX

Thank you, Jim, Melony, and the entire Magnum family! Myself and two friends have been researching and actively looking for a place to hunt a Rio Grande turkey. It is very unfortunate that hunters, unknowingly, find themselves booking a hunt with an outfitter that is subpar. Well, that is not the case at Magnum! After speaking with Jim and the entire staff, it is pretty clear that these guys are truly professionals that not only care about customer service, but also the wildlife that the area has been blessed with. There were twelve hunters that left the lodge on opening morning for the North zone, twenty gobblers were taken that day. I feel confident saying everyone could have tagged out if it weren’t for human error (you know what I mean), or just being a little selective and patiently waiting for the “right” bird. Jim does an outstanding job of making sure that each hunter has a fresh place to hunt each day; this keeps the pressure off the birds, resulting in more successful hunts. In addition to that, he is meticulous and monitors the wildlife on his properties to eliminate the possibility of overharvesting and/or overhunting. Melony and the other ladies are topnotch cooks! Everyone at the lodge ate well and the food was delicious. Although I don’t think anyone in camp had a specific diet or dietary needs, they were willing to make accommodations if necessary. Steak, lasagna, lunch “care packages” for the hunt, and a wonderful Easter meal were a few of the things on the menu during our stay. Ultimately, if you are in the market for a Rio hunt, go to Magnum, you will not be disappointed. I look forward to going back in the future.
- Justin Wright, AL

Magnum Guide Service exceeded all of my expectations. As a first time Turkey hunter, I was uncertain how things would go. The Magnum staff members definitely go the extra mile to make your hunt a success. They make you feel like old friends and family the moment you walk through the door. This is definitely a place I want to bring my family to make many more memories. Thank you to all the Magnum Team for making my trip so fun and exciting!
- Carmen Hopson, GA

I looked at hunting with MGS several years ago but kept putting off hunting. I wish I would have never waited. From the time my son and I arrived in camp, it was a wonderful experience. We hunted turkey with our guide, Scott, and I must say it was one of the most exciting hunts I have been on in a long time and to have a hunt like that with my son was icing on the top! The meals were outstanding and I don't think I could have eaten another bite. I really enjoyed sitting down for family style meals. I truly felt like family and I can't wait to go back. Thank you for everything.
- Josh & Caden McCoy, IN

This is my 3rd turkey hunt with Magnum. Three years and six turkeys! My 9 year old daughter and 79 year old father have also turkey hunted at Magnum. It is a great place to take your family hunting!
- Mark Martin, TX

I started hunting with my son last year in MS and wanted to take him somewhere different to hunt turkeys. I was referred to Magnum by a friend that had hunted with them several times and he said we would not be disappointed. I booked the hunt about a year in advance and everything was set. They are very organized and answered any questions promptly and also send out a Pre-trip planner in advance of the trip. When we arrived we were greeted by a friendly staff and nice accommodations. That evening the guides had a safety meeting and then we all enjoyed an excellent steak dinner. The next morning I sat by myself and my son had a guide. We both got a bird that morning and I tagged out during the afternoon hunt. About 80% of the hunters in camp limited out on 2 gobblers the very first day. The next morning my son killed his second bird and by noon on Sunday, all the hunters in camp were tagged out. I’ve never seen so many turkeys and deer – a sight to see for sure! If you book with Magnum you will not be disappointed. Thank you MGS!
- Dr. William Morris, MS

My son and I have hunted with MGS for the past 2 years. It has been a good experience with tagging out both times. We've hunted all over the nation and put them at the top of our picks for turkey hunting. Great place to hunt; accommodations are nice, birds gobble and work real well.
- Glen Prestage, MS

Tagged out on the 2nd day! This is one of the most incredible places to turkey hunt. I probably heard 30 birds gobble and I was done by 8:00 am! Exceptional place to hunt Rio's!
- Brad Kellogg, TN

I just want to thank you and your staff for a great couple of days in Texas. Your operation is second to none. Food was great, accommodations were awesome and your turkey hunting is out of this world. I can’t thank you enough for putting us with your guide, Scott, that man is a true gentleman. It’s great when you can fly as far as we did from Pennsylvania and be welcomed with open hands. Buddy, you made our weekend - it was like going to mom's house for dinner, always welcome. I wish you and your entire staff, especially Scott, the best of luck the rest of the season. Happy Easter! By the way, my sunrise service on Sunday morning will be listening for gobblers for youth day. Then to church.
- Jeremy Scheetz, PA

I’ve hunted turkeys all my life and out of all the places I’ve hunted Rio’s, this is #1! I highly recommend Magnum Guide Service if you need a Rio to finish your slam. The food, facilities and guides are wonderful. Jerry Banks shown here with his son and grandchildren finishing out their Grand Slam!
- Jerry Banks, FL

We recently had one of the very best hunting days we’ve ever experienced! It was a beautiful day, everything was fantastic, great food, lodge and especially getting 3 great gobblers! The first morning we must have heard 1000 gobbles if we heard 1 - saw 25 gobblers total. Missed one but then shot a double bearded gobbler with an 11” beard and the 2nd beard was 5”, and it had 1 ¼” spurs. My son and I had a great time and would like to thank Jim for being a great guide. Go with Magnum!
- Ted Hoepner, Sr., FL

I booked a hunt with MGS to finish out my grand slam. First day hunting and had 2 birds down, couldn’t think of a better way to end the day than with a grand slam. Real good time with a big steak dinner, a lot of good folks and fellowship and some awesome turkey hunting. I like it!
- Clay Stewart, NC

Completed my Grand Slam with MGS on a fall turkey hunt! Accommodations, food, and guides were world class and know their land. Jim and Melony are great people and make you feel welcome and at home from the minute you arrive. Best complement I can give is that I will be back to hunt with MGS again!
- Dave Tuttel, SC

My wife and I hunted turkeys for 2 1/2 days with Magnum Guide Service. Jim and Melony Roche and all their staff are good people that go out of their way to make you feel at home, the cooking and accommodations were great, our guide Glenn was very informative, and a great guy, the other guides we met were great people too. We also saw a lot of turkeys! We had a good time in Eldorado, it was definitely a memorable trip for us!
- Chad Ortman, PA

A quick check of the calendar revealed that we have been hunting with ya'll for 15 years, chasing all kinds of different critters. It is important to note that in all those many, many visits, we cannot recall that there has been even a single one that wasn't an absolutely enjoyable experience. No outfitter has complete control over whether a sought after critter is going to present the hunter with an opportunity, however, our high success rate indicates that Magnum actually does a really good job of that! The properties used by Magnum are of high quality and are well managed. Of course, the harvest is only the icing on the cake. The comradery with the other hunters, the sharing of stories after the day's hunt are a big part of the experience. The lodge facilities and high quality food, always presented in large proportions, have always been and continue to be top-notch. A welcoming manner and friendly home style atmosphere always makes everyone feel completely comfortable. We had a great time on our March, 2017 turkey hunt and even made some new friends who we had the pleasure of visiting last week in Arizona. We have the opportunity to interact with other hunters from time to time and outfitters are frequently discussed. We have heard some horror stories, but never, absolutely never, have we heard a single derogatory word about Magnum. Actually it is just the opposite, where the words like quality, honesty and integrity are often used. I don't think that any other words that we can include here can have any stronger endorsement of your operation than our 15 years of patronage. Good Lord willing, we'll keep this up for many years to come. We treasure the memories we have made with Magnum and feel blessed to call you our friends.
- Bob & Sally Lowder, NM

While reliving the adventure last week, I felt it appropriate to send a short note to again express appreciation for the outstanding experience you both provided Withe and me during our time at Magnum. The entire staff was great and meeting new friends both guides and guests was more than anyone should expect. The guides we had, Glenn and Bob were so personable expending great effort to make sure that our expectations and goals were not only met but exceeded. Glenn was just as excited (perhaps more) than I when harvesting those two birds with one shot. The focus on safety didn’t go unnoticed either. Your pre-hunt safety meeting provided reinforcement of the need for responsible legal ethical sportsmanship; the need for continued contribution by sportsmen toward conservation both game and environment. All this reinforced in Christian environment made the entire experience very memorable. I’ve been a guest of dozens of outfitters over the years while logging adventures but Magnum ranks right up there with the best! Knowing your guests have many options, if you ever need a recommendation for someone on the fence, please have them contact me.
- Wayne Coleman, VA

I had a blast with Magnum Guide Service! Some of the best hunting, food, and hospitality I have ever been around. The staff does their very best to make you feel at home and comfortable. All of the guides are very nice and will answer any questions you have. The hunting is unreal, I have never seen so many turkeys! I will definitely be going back to hunt with them.
- Matt Knight, AL

What's not to like? There were plenty of birds to be seen and shot. The entire staff and guides were all very friendly and had a "how can we help you" attitude. The lodge is very comfortable and has that "hunting lodge" feel, also the food was very good to make the entire experience very worthwhile. I would certainly recommend Magnum if you want a Rio.
- Denver Rawlings, SC

First, and foremost, we would like thank God for his many blessings, one of which includes the wonderful and amazing staff at Magnum. We truly look forward to every year that we get to return and hunt and harvest huge gobblers, man what a rush! We would like to take the time to share some of the behind the scenes of what it takes to operate such an exceptional outfitter. These men and women spend countless hours ensuring that yours and our hunts are exceptional. First, Jim spends time finding the ranches that provide that most amazing game. The guides, Jim, Glenn, Bob, Scott (and Russ), scout the ranches and watch the turkeys, what are they doing, going to water, going to corn, chasing hens, bedding down in the shade etc, so when you come and do the hunt of a lifetime you are on birds!!! Sandy and Melony are back at the lodge making sure we have a HOT breakfast and dinner ready and waiting that is fabulous. The ladies also pack our lunches for the field and yes we even get fresh baked cookies!!! The ladies that clean the lodge are also awesome, everything is spotless and homey. The comradery that we share at Magnum is so REAL, we look forward and encourage our fellow hunters to come back so we can hunt together again. We have made some really great friends every time we have booked, next year will be 4 turkey hunts and we also did a management deer hunt. The guides are top notch, I admit, I am a little high maintenance and need some help with my gun, I get a little excited and my breathing gets way out of control, and I have hunted with Scott, Glenn and Bob and they were all very helpful and informative when it came to my gun, the calls, the different birds (bearded hens, long beards, jakes, etc) and Scott even lost a little bit of his hearing when I shot (just kidding)… I feel like I am rambling, but Magnum is the real deal!! This year was pretty special for me, I was able to harvest an amazing limb hanger with the love of my life sitting right next to me in the blind- a memory that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you, Thank you, Jim and Melony for opening up your home to us hunters and putting so much into what Magnum is all about. Thank you for always keeping top notch staff that really care about the hunters- it means the world to us. Brandon and I will always cherish the memories that we have made at Magnum and the many ranches that we have had and will continue to have the privilege of hunting. We are returning next year and we already have plans to take another picture with our trophy long beards at Hollywood Drive/ Vine Blvd. Already counting the days till we meet again!
- Wendy Hunt, TX

Tremendous thanks to the Magnum Team for another outstanding hunt! For the 3rd time in the last four years, you have helped me to fill all four of my tags. My Guides, Bob and Glenn, worked their hardest to put me on hot Pasture Bosses, as they always do. The cuisine was so filling and often even exceeds what I have dined at in Louisiana's finest restaurants. I met some serious veteran turkey hunters in the Louisiana farmers, Nathan, Jacob and Todd. And I always wind up reuniting with the Rio hunting families of the Hopson firefighting brothers, Tommy and Mike, and the Curry's, Craig, his sons, Wes and Auz, and family friends, Randy and Andy. All these hunters I've mentioned are synonymous with the word, 'Turkey Commanders' to me! Andy won the pool this year with two monster Pasture Bosses, but next year don't count me out, I'm aiming for that prize reward and camp honor. Only one missing this year was my close hunting buddy Kevin, but as the Turkey Terminator says 'I'll be back' next Spring!
- Joe Shannon, LA

After all the hunts I've been on with you, over all the many years, you usually hear me say " that was the best hunt ever!". Well,this spring turkey hunt was no exception. We all tagged out, ate good, laughed, told stories, made new friends and got to spend time with our Magnum friends. This year was special because I got to hunt with my two sons who you know well. The older Auzzie and Wes get the busier their lives become. It's hard to get them both at the same time but when it comes to a hunt with y'all they seem to "clear" their calendar. Additionally, we have introduced a pair of their very best friends and a very good buddy of mine to "Texas turkey hunting and they all agreed........"this was the best hunt ever!". Thanks for providing excellent hunting facilities and hunting opportunities. Also, the Magnum team is awesome and we have come to be great friends with your staff. Thanks for treating us as family and most importantly, thanks for being dear friends. Can't wait until our next hunt with Magnum Guide Service.
- Craig Curry, MO

I believe one of the best compliments you can provide to any guide service is a return trip. We have returned many times to Magnum Guide Service and plan to do so in the future. Jim and Melony have all the bases covered. If your looking for a friendly environment and comfortable lodging, they deliver. If your looking for good food and plenty of it.....they deliver. If your looking for a chance to harvest a nice Tom or two or three - well, they have that covered too! I would not hesitate to recommend Magnum Guide Service to anyone looking to have an enjoyable and memorable Turkey hunt.
- Jeff Settle, GA

Just wanted to drop a line to the Magnum team to say what a great time I have had year after year. I have hunted with Jim and Mel for the past 15 plus years and every time I book a hunt each time I’m like a kid in a candy store til the day of the hunt! I have taken my limit of turkey on each hunt I’ve been on, but to me the greatest part of the trip is meeting new people and making new, plus old friends. The great stories told and the great food and guides make the hunt well worth it bird or no bird….. Although I do enjoy harvesting the birds! I counted up that I have taken or hunted with 21 different friends from my county in Tennessee alone, not to count all those others I have met at Magnum! Looking forward to next year's hunt and the only thing bad about this hunting operation is that I’m sad to leave!
- Kevin Hinson, TN

My hunt with Magnum Guide Service was a great experience. On the first morning I saw hens, jakes, and one longbeard which I wasn't comfortable shooting at, but that afternoon I called in two longbeards and I took both of them at about 15 yards. They were both nice trophies and I was pleased. I've known Jim, Melony, Bob, Glenn and Sandy for several years now, and they are all good people who care about their clients and provide first-rate service. I highly recommend Magnum to turkey hunters.
- C.J. Goin, NM

Well, another year and another satisfied customer. Over and over Magnum and staff raise the bar higher and higher on what they want to provide for their clients. They know the land, animals, as well as habits and travel routes. I can assure anyone wanting a great hunt with exceptional food, lodging and fellowship that you should give them a chance! This year, in one day, I saw 16 Longbeards, 13 Jakes and 10 Hens from the blind. I harvested a nice bird earlier in the morning and started watching and waiting - for the one I wanted next to be a stud! I saw him about 1pm but couldn't get him away from hens that he was constantly trying to impress that day. I worked him that afternoon to no avail. It rained all night and part of the next morning so the hunters couldn't get onto the ranch without doing damage to the access roads going into the blinds. Finally, about noon we got the word that we were going out. I told my brother, who had limited out the day before, that it was going to be a hunt to remember! We heard birds gobbling as soon as we exited the truck and began trying to slip into the blind without being detected. We had to wait for several birds to leave the blind area so we could enter the blind. We got set up and it didn't take long for hen after hen to start coming in. My brother said to me it won't be long now. Sure enough, we heard a gobble and seconds later we saw the stud from the day before. His tail-feathers were almost solid white like the Merriam species of turkey. He blew up and strutted his way in towards the hens. I harvested the bird that was a Boss! Very colorful, big spurs, long beard and super memories. Needless to say before we left the lodge we booked another hunt for next year. This place will have you coming back for more I assure you. Good Hunting!
- Tommy Hopson, GA

An Epic Hunt For The Ages! This year marked my 14th straight year hunting with the “Rio Pros” at Magnum Guide Service and as I predicted, it ranked among the best ever! Once again, I splurged with a 4 bird, “double ranch” hunt and joined my buddy Joe Shannon from Louisiana for a seven day Tom-odyssey filled with ups and downs, twists and turns. That first night at the hallowed Main Lodge after a dinner grilled to perfection, I sat down with veteran guides Glen Rathfon and Bob Young for the annual pre hunt planning session all Magnum hunters are treated to: lowered voices, maps drawn on napkins, personal attention to every detail. They whispered of a big “satellite” bird no one could kill surrounded by a harem of watchful hens. Glen suggested I build a ground blind in the starlight 60-80 yards away and ambush the brute in his safety zone. So, I did and just as he predicted a group of hens led the big strutting Tom to within forty yards. Bam! Bird one down by 7:30. “Congratulations” said Glen as he picked me up! “Nice Tom!” “But,” he added, slowly shaking his head. “That’s not him.” I argued. “Uh uh. It’s him! He was right where you said he’d be, strutting and surrounded by hens. He’s a big old, three year old with a meat-head! It’s him.” “Not him.” Glen repeated as he tagged my bird and loaded it in the Power Wagon. That afternoon I returned to learn what I knew all along. Glen was right. About 80 yards away with trees and brush between us, I saw a HUGE, Tom, in full strut, spinning and twirling to adoring females. Finally, he turned to face me and I could clearly see his red, white and blue, baseball head! It was he! But, the next morning, Glen had other plans for me in another pasture simply named “11,” a dramatic, cathedral like space framed by live oaks stocked with gobbling turkeys. I climbed in the blind, hens flew down and five minutes later two big gobblers circled, I waited on the strutting bird and BOOM, another big, three year old with curvy hooks and ten-inch beard. Awesome! But, I couldn’t stop thinking about that even bigger bird and challenge I saw the day before. So, there I was, tagged out on ranch one, but still hungry to hunt. So, I asked Bob to put me back in “Satellite” pasture to chase “him.” I knew the odds of scoring were low. But, maybe I’d see him again. Bob helped me move my blind, once, twice, three times until I finally settled on the spot I thought he might pass. Not long after I heard a gobble in front about 60 yards and there he was on a swift march, not to amore, but to battle! I almost took a shot, but he was moving so fast and just a little too far. Then, I heard a furious flurry of wing beats, fighting purrs and thunderous gobbles. I maneuvered in the blind to see TWO identically HUGE Toms standing tall fighting. I scrambled for my binos, and watched the spur-ious fight at 12X! Awesome. But, then I dropped the lenses a bit and the head of a much closer hen filled the circle. Putt. Putt. Putt. Busted! I heard a gobble or two as the birds disappeared in the distance. I sulked in the blind at least two hours and then, HE appeared at about 45 yards directly in front. There was no doubt this time. His eyes widened as I made my move. Uh oh! I put the Aimpoint on the back of his bobbing head and dropped him in his tracks! Glen guessed his age at least 4 years. His shortest spur was 1 ½” and his second even longer. He weighed 23 pounds with a giant, meat-head. I felt quite proud of myself. Even more when Glen picked me up and agreed, this time I got “him!” Now with just one tag and a new ranch to hunt, I persuaded Jim to let me ride with Bob and Glen to help with some “routine chores.” A week later, I am still sore! All Magnum clients should try this once to better appreciate how hard the guides work to put us on birds! Once! Saturday was a joyous success with every hunter at the main lodge tagging out including Joe who banged three trophies in one sitting. You can see the photos on the Magnum web site, ten smiling faces and 20+ meat heads. Only one hunter still had a tag. Me. That night, I learned Glen had a “special” pasture for me to hunt in the morning: "Lost Windmill," a remote roost near a waterhole pumped by a vintage Aermotor. At first, I objected. I’m not fond of hunting a blind I didn’t build. They’re never in the right place and there’s always a “pain in the back” rock or root. I voiced my doubts to Glen while he was cleaning the many birds killed that day. I could tell he was a bit piqued, “Kevin, just trust me,” end of conversation. So, on Easter Sunday, I loaded up with Bob and we went turkey hunting. We parked a long way off as to not spook birds on the roost. After a long walk, the Aermotor blades loomed ahead and Bob led me to an old brush blind named “Diamond Back” for obvious reasons. The sun was wading in the gray light and song birds were already waking. So I bid Bob goodbye and climbed in the blind, flashlight on, kicking brush and looking for snakes. I have never once seen a snake hunting in Texas, but better safe than sorry. Once in, I noticed hens and jakes on the treetops left of the windmill and I worried the roosted birds saw me. Then, from the other side of the windmill, a sound I’d never heard. A LOUD yelp followed by a short but authoritative gobble and obviously from the same bird. Almost a half gobble like a Jake, but this was no Jake. Loud, like a stadium speaker hung in the tree! About 15 minutes later, hens and jakes began to pitch down about 60 yards directly to my right. The Boss flew down seemingly through the whirring windmill blades and immediately rushed the girls in wanton pursuit. They were having no part of him. They fled further away to my right and I knew it was now or never. He veered a little closer, then, behind a bush and that’s when I made my big move. Boom! I dropped him at 57 steps left-handed! Suddenly, Bob appeared from nowhere. He said he too heard that yelp/gobble and decided to hang around. He told me it was a warning to other Toms from the Boss: “Don’t even think about gobbling,” a dramatic end to a memorable hunt! So, standing in the misty Texas morning, my guide and I, bird between us, shared a moment of beatific tranquility as this impressive trophy peacefully expired like Slim Pickens in a Sam Peckinpah movie. My fourth and final Tom, a HUGE 4 year old with limb hanger hooks and 11” beard! Thank you Glen! Thank you Bob! I never had a doubt! After 14 years hunting with Magnum, I can recall many hunts as enjoyable, but none more! And the multitude of turkeys we all saw will prove next year equally epic, even by Magnum standards. So, Jim and Mel here is my deposit, and look forward to returning again to join old friends and new to hunt with the “Rio Pros” at Magnum Guide Service!
- Kevin Neathery, AR

Thanks once again for a great turkey hunt. This was my 3rd trip with you and it just keeps getting better. Everything, and everyone, was great, but I've come to expect that from Magnum Guide Service. The hunting is addictive, and the meals, people, and lodging are first class. Thanks for making my short vacation successful and very enjoyable. You're the best!
- Randy Kittle, GA

Not only was this place far more than I ever expected but everyone there made me feel like family. From the cooks, guides, owners, guests and other hunters. Also, I've never heard so many gobblers. Seemed they were in every tree at daylight. And after they came off the Roost OMG, they were strutting, drumming- everything they could do to win the attention of the hens that were around. We drove 16 hours from near Atlanta, Georgia in hopes of trying something different. Me and my Lil Brother are Firefighters for more than 20 years each. I don't get excited and try not to look outside the box often. That's why I was so impressed with Magnum, it's like they picked me instead of me picking them. And yes we booked a hunt same place same time next year. Thank You Magnum and everyone involved in making it a Hunt of a Lifetime. I cant wait to see you next year and can't wait to make even greater memories! P.S. If you have a child or just want to have a place to carry a wife, friend, buddy or whomever that you don't want to worry about drinking, cursing, and bad hunter ethics, then I urge you to give them a call and book a hunt. You will be more than happy with the accommodations, guides, property, owners, you name it.
- Tommy Hopson, GA

WOW!! Where do I start! This was my first trip to Texas and my first time hunting with Magnum Guide Service! From the time I arrived everyone made me feel like I was part of the family. To be part of a group of hunters and CHRISTIAN hunters was more than anyone could ask for. Also to be part of a group that had the best hunting experience and had the best harvest that Magnum had ever seen! 11 hunters harvested 20 birds in one day...that's right 20 birds in one day! The hunting was phenomenal!!! But the best experience of the whole hunt was the way everyone made me feel. I was dealing with alot of personal issues when I left for the hunt. Jim, Melony, Glenn, Sandy, Bob and everyone else in camp really stepped up to the plate and took there personal time to talk to me about my situation! To be with a group of caring CHRISTIANS who love hunting but more than that care about helping each other out. These were some amazing people and Magnum Guide Service is definitely off the charts. If you are looking for a hunt of a lifetime and also a group of CHRISTIANS who will give you their testimonials and change your life forever please give Magnum Guide Service a call and book a hunt! You won't be disappointed! Thank You again to everyone who changed my life and made this a trip of a lifetime! !!!!
- Mike Hopson, GA

Angie and I had a wonderful time, and greatly enjoyed the fellowship, wonderful meals, accommodations, and last, but not least, the hunt! We could not have asked for a better opening morning hunt that was obviously well pre-scouted; and the set could not have been better situated for a bow hunt! Great memories and friends made throughout the trip! Thanks again for your hospitality, professionalism and expression of Christian faith!
- Jason Herring, MS

"Too many Toms!" That's my best description of this year's hunt. Last year, I wrote: "book now, next year will be one for the record books!" Turns out, that was good advice. Once again, I booked a "double ranch", 4 bird hunt, looking forward to five days of exciting hunting with friend and Texas turkey hunting specialist Joe Shannon from LA. I rode with Joe on my very first Texas hunt, 13 years and 38 Rios ago. But, my plan was short lived. By 8:30 AM on DAY ONE, I had three Toms on the ground! I was going to quit at two, but, I didn't see bird three, right behind bird two and I accidentally doubled. What a problem to have! I sent a photo/text to guide Glenn: "I'm ready to be picked up!" While I waited, a flock of hens and four Toms show up spitting and drumming while I hid in my blind. I could have easily tagged out with FOUR birds before 9 a.m.! Joe, on the other hand, saw plenty, but not in range. But could hear me blasting in the neighboring pasture. "Like a war zone" he said. I encouraged Joe to hunt in my brush blind because big Toms were running it over like a freeway and I was done hunting. He was reluctant. Your spot is "all shot to heck." Or something similar. "Dude, trust me" I said. He did and five minutes after guide Glenn dropped him off, BANG, BANG, two BIG Toms on the ground! Nice work Joe! So, here I am with one bird left to kill and 4 days to hunt on a trip when the Toms are so thick and vocal, it's almost hard to believe. Like some kind of Jurassic Park for turkeys. Even more surprising was the SIZE of these birds. Last year, Jakes, were everywhere, but no one saw any two year olds. This year, most of the birds killed were three years old and older, 18-24lbs! But, where were they last year? Mysterious. So, hour after hour, for days, I watched Toms in easy gun range strutting and gobbling like some Outdoor Channel T.V. Show. Monday, I hunted a water hole and saw many, big old Toms, but they would not come to drink. Just gangs of two year olds. But, I was waiting for not just any bird, but, the bird. Then, on Tuesday afternoon, it happened. A flock of hens stopped literally in the shade of my lean tree just beyond my blind. They dusted and groomed for the longest and I couldn't move a muscle. Even in my blind, the afternoon sun cast no shadows my way and those girls would stare me down if I even lifted my head. Finally, as if to say "I'm ready now," one hen quietly yelped resulting in a booming gobble about hundred yards directly behind me. Long and powerful! In minutes, this big Tom walked right by my blind, stopped and looked directly in at me. He was tall, with shoulders and a big, meat head. Obviously, no two year old! And he did NOT like what he saw! He took off running at full gallop! But instead of zigging left to freedom, he zagged right in the direction of his hens with a big tree between us. I jumped to my feet sending hens exploding like quail, but he still couldn't see me. He kept running and suddenly appeared in the clear. I unleashed a swarm of 4,5,7 Nitro Hevi Shot to his head and neck! One of my best shots ever, 50 steps out, on a dead run! Joe tagged out the next day too, heck everybody tagged out ranking the 2014 season among the best Texas hunts ever. So, once again, to any hunter still on the fence, take my advice, book now, next year will be one for the record books! No, with the number of jumbos running wild on Magnum ranches, next year will prove nothing short of EPIC! Book now and you'll see the difference between Texas turkey hunting and Texas turkey hunting with Magnum Guide Service! The best guides, chefs, lodges, housekeepers and without question, the best ranches, all hand picked by owner Jim Roche. "Too many Toms?" Never with Magnum Guide Service!
- Kevin Neathery, AR

I enjoyed my hunt with Magnum very much. The food, hunting, lodging and service were all excellent!
- C.J. Goin, NM

Thanks for the photos! I want you to know I had a great time this year. I hope to return next year and many more years afterward. You take good care of your hunters and deliver everything they could ask for in a hunt. Thanks so much for everything, and for allowing me to hunt with you, once again.
- Randy Kittle, GA

Just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful time at your lodge & home during my recent April, 2014 Turkey Hunt. I shared with you at the time and I will repeat myself….in my opinion it is very rare to find a guide service such as Magnum’s that not only provides superior accommodations, meals, friendly & professional services…but all these and more in a Christian based mission and consistently displayed standards. Your staff is “tops” in my book! Glenn, my guide, not only guided me to a successful hunt but educated me in turkey hunting techniques. This was impressive. I picked his brain and he responded with knowledge and patience. Not only did he tell me what to do, what to look for but also the reasons why. I believe I learned more from him then I would from a book or on-line! We also had time to get to know one another on a personal level. This also made me, a 70 year old who is just beginning to learn turkey hunting, feel comfortable and confident. You have obviously built your home/lodge to provide the warmth, and openness for guests in an environment that encourages the guests to share with others during their Hunting “stays”……memories that will last a lifetime! Your meals coming out of your kitchen was also done with care and love….not to mention their GOODNESS! The lunches provided during the day out in the field were also well done and balanced – ‘cept there were not enough CC cookies! I will be spreading the word in Arizona regarding Magnum…AND I will be back again! Warm regards & blessings to you all.
- Bruce Hilgendorf, AZ

What an awesome turkey hunt we had with you all 3/29-30. The weather cooperated with us for the most part and the turkeys were on "good" behavior this year. For a large group to fill all their tags, is phenomenal. Thanks for letting us go catfish fishing. Now we just need to be able to taste those critters!!! We had a super group of people and I think we all had a really great time. The guides were outstanding again this year and Sandy sure knows how to work her magic in the kitchen. Thanks for a wonderful, relaxing turkey hunt!
- Bob & Sally Lowder, NM

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and Jim again for opening up your home and the hospitality you bestowed on us during our hunt. I hope we weren't too much underfoot during our "down" days, but I guess that is one of the perils of offering great hunting and tagging out on the first day. I know Andrew will always remember his "graduation" to Texas turkey hunting and I can't begin to tell you what it meant to me to be able to spend true quality time with my son as he begins his next journey into college and beyond and to do so in a Christian environment was a true blessing. Please pass along my heartfelt thanks to the rest of the crew, Glen, Sandy, Bob, "the other Sandy", Bryar and of course Piper, Sunny, Chief and pups. Not to often you get to see your 17 year old roll around in the floor for a couple of hours playing with pups. Thanks again for a truly wonderful experience.
- Tim Parker, VA

I have been spring turkey hunting with Magnum Guide Service since 1999. This year marks my 16th year with Jim and Melony Roche and they are, hands down, the best in the business. Throughout this time I've seen 'Boom and Bust' years, notably with drought conditions effecting the hatch and young brood's survival rate. This year promised to be an exceptional year for 2 year olds, however half of the birds harvested were 3 and 4 year olds. My hunting buddy, Kevin Neathery from AR, and I were on two consecutive back-to-back hunts, beginning opening weekend. We were hunting near Sonora, TX, which we had hunted last year, when the jakes were overrunning the pastures. On opening morning I heard Kevin shoot once and later in the morning twice more. He had filled 3 of his tags and it wasn't even noon. I was hearing gobbles far off, but nothing was coming in. So I texted the guides who came and got me and set up a Double Bull Blind at Kevin's location. I told Kevin and the guides that his corner of the pasture was shot up, with 3 long beards falling that morning, but Kevin assured me that there were some Boss toms in the immediate vicinity and I should give it a try, at least for the remaining afternoon. As they all loaded back into the truck, before driving off Bob gobbled and just ten minutes later two long beards appeared and I had two on the ground, and to my surprise, neither were 2 year olds. Later that evening, back at the Main Lodge, the guides weighed and measured the 11 long beards taken by our hunting party that opening day. One weighed 19.6 lbs and the other a whopping 22.8 lbs and this was the average scale on all the harvested birds that day! Everyone had tagged out except one hunter, Matt from Arizona, and he tagged out the following day with a trophy class 3 year old Double Bearder! Our 2nd hunt was on another ranch I have hunted in previous seasons, so I knew it was loaded with Rios also! I asked for and was granted permission to hunt my favorite pasture. Dawn hadn't even broke and the gobbling was deafening from the roost sites along the draw. Around an hour after fly down the gobbling ceased, so I telephoned my nephew, and as we were quietly talking, I looked out of the back of my blind and saw four long beards sneaking in silently. I nailed the last one and he too had just over an inch spurs, one was loose, probably from fighting. A half hour later I resumed calling and both gobblers and hens answered. Soon strutters came in in following hens and I video taped them on my I-Phone, as I had two more full days of hunting and only one tag left to fill. My downed bird was about 20 feet from my blind and 3 or 4 strutters jumped him, pecking and pulling at him, and sounding off with an agitated aggressive purring. They hung around for over half an hour before they walked away. I had used my I-Phone to video so much footage that my battery had gone dead. The guides picked up my bird around noon and when I handed Glenn my No. 3 tag he smiled and said, 'Good job, Joe. Now you know you just have one tag left, and that will be it for this season!' I gave that a lot of serious thought as I have known Glenn for many years through Magnum and he has always put me on turkeys and has never guided me wrong! He is a good decent man, a loyal loving husband to Sandy and a special friend to me! Later that afternoon at 2:00 pm, still at No. 7, I had a nice long beard come in to check me out, but I held back even after he made a second pass looking for hens. Afterwards, I thought I had made a mistake by letting him walk but that was all soon to change. The wind had picked up and I heard a gobble in the distance. Later as time passed, in between intermittent gusts I thought I could hear the unmistakable low whirring hum of drumming. Sure enough the spitting and drumming was coming from the back of my blind. I looked out the blind flap and saw the top of a fan 20 yards out and then a white crowned red head periscope up and then go down and the fan spread out again. I couldn't resist the temptation! I wanted the classic spring ritual strutter with all the 'bells and whistles' and this was it! He was my only 2 year old long beard I harvested this spring, but he gave me my most memorable classic hunt! My I-Phone battery was dead and I had no watch but Kevin heard my shot at 3:45 pm. I walked out of the draw and up the escarpment and laid my bird on a flat boulder on the pasture trail and laid down under a live oak to wait the couple of hours for the guides to pick me up! The fantail was blowing in the wind and much to my delight I saw two long beards heading to me! They had seen the fan and when they reached the downed bird they started this aggravated purr, one strutted and gobbled and they pecked on his head and neck unmercifully! Then they walked off never knowing I was laying down watching them just a mere 20 feet away! What a scene, like an official invite to come back next spring! My 2014 Spring Texas Rio Grande season had ended ceremoniously with all 'pomp and fare', and what a season it was! My hunting buddy, Kevin, said last year that 2014 would be a season for the record books and he was right, as he often is! I am booked for a double hunt again with Magnum Guide Service for 2015 and now the long wait until opening morning next year on the Edwards Plateau."
- Joe Shannon, LA

Has your heart rate ever went from 0 to 200 in 60 seconds? Mine has! My husband and I booked a turkey hunt with Magnum Guide Service and got so much more than we expected. We both harvested trophy long beards-huge birds!!! Magnum's staff is top of the line, very customer service oriented, they make you feel like part of their Christian family, and they always insure that you are having the experience of a lifetime. They employ guides that are extremely knowledgeable of the game and are very patient and explain techniques to new and experienced hunters-they are truly exceptional! My guides were Bob and Glenn, they are both great guides and insured that our hunts were safe, bountiful, and that everyone was having a great time. The ranch that we hunted on was HUGE. The double bull blinds that we hunted out of were new and very comfortable. The amount of wildlife that we saw was unbelievable. It says a lot about an outfitter that moves their hunters around in order to keep the area good to hunt the following year and take the pressure off that part of the ranch. The lodge feels like home, friends from past years sharing stories and a place for everyone to come together each year. We have made some friends that we will never forget here- what a fantastic group of people! Sandy cooks some of the most amazing meals and has it waiting for you when you get in from your hunt, she really cares about the hunters too! We are so blessed that Jim and Melony are allowing us back to hunt next year. Thanks to all that provided the hunt of a lifetime for me and my husband!!
- Wendy & Brandon Hunt, TX

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my hunt with Magnum Guide Service. It was an excellent hunt,first class in every way. Great food, excellent lodging and great hunting. It's nice to get what you pay for and what's promised, in a hunt. I had a bit of bad luck, missing one bird and losing another. I was able to harvest one nice bird, however. I hope I can rebook for next season, around the same time of year. Thanks again for a great hunt!
- Randy Kittle, GA

Just a note to say what a great hunt David and I had last weekend. Sandy, Glenn and Perry made us feel welcome from the time we arrived. They treated us like family. We also enjoyed the other hunters in camp. Making new friends is always fun and a learning experience. Thanks again for the great experience and hope to do it again!
- Gary Stewart, TX

Thank you for hosting my daughter Staci and I at your lodge this past weekend for our Turkey hunt. We had a great time and Staci was impressed by all the nice people she met on the trip – from the hosts to the staff, to the other hunters. It speaks to the quality product you offer and the type of clientele it attracts. Great memories and we’ll be back next year for the long beards. (Likely a couple of hunts for me)
- Dan Foster, TX

Thanks again for a great weekend! Hunter really enjoyed being able to get out there and “interact” with the birds. Thanks for letting him take a jake to claim his first bird. Glen was a fantastic guide for him taking a lot of time to show him signs, tracks, work the calls, etc. We’re ready to come back next year!
- Kenn Hall, TX

2013 marks my 12th straight season with Magnum and this year's hunt proved one of the most challenging and in the end, one of the most dramatic! The birds were BIG, OLD, TOUGH, SMART and HARD TO KILL! Like my very first hunt with Magnum a dozen years ago, I was fortunate to hunt with Texas turkey hunting expert Joe Shannon from Louisiana. Magnum owner Jim Roche calls Joe's record of success "anticlimactic" because he ALWAYS bags the biggest Tom! But, after the first day, even Joe was perplexed. Last year's tremendous hatch produced gangs of Jakes and the big Toms avoided them at the usual food and watering holes. For the first time ever, my build-a-blind and ambush strategy was not working. Birds gobbled all day, but would not show a beak. So, after hours in the blind, I climbed out to stretch, lick my wounds and wait for guide Glenn to pick me up for lunch. I wandered off into the woods, sat down and hit a few licks on my box call. In the distance I thought heard a gobble. Not thunderous, but muffled, almost hesitant. Surely, another Jake. Then, not five minutes later, a big Tom suddenly appeared to my left in full strut! Bam! A 19 pound, three year old with a long beard, sharp hooks and a meat head! Success! I worked two more invisible gobbling birds that day, but could not close the deal. The next morning, the temperature dropped and the birds were speechless. At 1 p.m. I was about to give up and take a nap when a crow flew directly over me with a loud CAW resulting in a shock gobble 75 yards out in thick bushes directly in front of me. I massaged my slate call with a diamond wood striker borrowed from Glenn and…nothing. Ten minutes later, hit it again…nothing. Then, after 20 long minutes, I was about to nod off when I spotted a red head peering around a mesquite tree about 50 yards away. The Tom was standing tall and suspicious, searching for that hen with the sexy voice. 52 steps is a long shot, but I knew it was all I had and wouldn't last long. I made my move and BOOM! Bird #2: a 22 pounder with a 10" beard and outstanding, curved, 1 1/2" spurs! Even more unusual was the color of those spurs, not normal black, but light, blond, almost translucent in color! While waiting for Glenn to pick me up, I couldn't help but wonder how Joe fared. When he turned the bend in the Magnum green truck, I saw he already picked him up and his own 20 lb Tom with an 11" beard and 1 7/16" spurs! His head looked like a baseball! Anticlimactic? Maybe, on any other hunt. But not this one! We were gobbler giddy! That night, after a delicious dinner at the Main Lodge, we gathered around a roaring fire to celebrate. It was then, Glenn told me he believed my final bird was 5 years old! Incredible! So, what began as as a befuddling mystery, ended in triumph. Long hours, persistence, modest skill, major luck and a black crow resulted in one of my most memorable Texas turkey hunts EVER! The only thing better than memories from this trip, are my expectations for next year. We all saw gangs of "future gobblers "everywhere we went. Even on the highway! So, Jim, Melony, thanks for doing what you do best: the best ranches, guides, cooks, housekeepers, lodges, the best overall experience. And to any hunter still on the fence, take my advice, book now, next year will be one for the record books!
- Kevin Neathery, AR

What an amazing trip - thank you for having us! Glenn, Sandy and Rick did such a great job and ya'll made us feel right at home. Thanks, Jim, for giving the gentle push I needed to shoot a turkey. What a blast(I'm still shaking)! We would love to rebook again for next year. Thanks again and God bless.
- Wendy & Brandon, TX

I wanted to thank the Magnum Team for a truly awesome turkey hunt this past season. From the lodging to the staff to the other hunters back at camp, I could not have been more pleased. I lost my hunting lease of 30 years this past fall and needed a place to take my new son-in-law to introduce him to the sport. Suffice it to say he is now hooked on the sport. We called in 3 gobblers the evening of the 1st day and took 2 of them from a blind we crafted in a cedar tree. The next morning we stalked a pair of longbeards and cut off their travel route to take both of them. Beautiful land and beautiful birds. I’ve taken both my children and multiple friends and family members into the woods for birds in the past – but none of those hunts ended with a double / double! We’ll be back.
- Dan Foster, TX

Another fantastic turkey hunt with Magnum! This year was right up there with the best of them. It is always great fun to be part of the annual reunion of our Spring hunting family. The fellowship we all share during this all too brief a time is very special as we catch up on a year's worth of news and experience the challenges and pleasures of chasing those always elusive Texas gobblers. The evening campfire stories are always entertaining and frequently hilarious. There are hearty congratulations for the successes and appropriate sympathy with a little good-natured ribbing for the goof-ups we all make in this sometimes frustrating pursuit. This year the Spring wildflower display was particularly spectacular. The weather could not have been better. Tagging our quota of birds was simply the icing on the cake. The food and accommodations were top-notch and, as they always do, your staff did all they could to provide a good time for all. Once more, we left with another load of great memories to enjoy over the coming years. Of course, we intend to maintain our standing reservation with Magnum for this same hunt next year to once again get together with our "Texas turkey hunt family", so please sign us up!
- Sally Lowder, NM

Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed my turkey hunt last weekend. You have a great area! In addition, the folks you have working with you are top notch. Now that I've been around the group for three years, they're starting to become family. Can't wait to get there next year!
- David Blake, NC

I have hunted with about a dozen outfitters all over the country and you guys are the best of the best. Your operation from Melony and you, to the cooks and guides, housing, and hunting properties are first class. It is very impressive that most of the people on our hunt have been there for 10+ years and how everyone feels like family. That alone speaks highly about your outfitting services. Thank you guys again for an awesome turkey hunt and don’t hesitate to use me as a reference.
- Aaron Horton, NC

The turkey hunt this past weekend was sensational. The pastures were in full bloom and picturesque, the birds extremely vocal, the service and hospitality best in class, and a fantastic group of hunters to share the experience with; a very enjoyable hunt all around. I can’t wait to get back next Spring and do it all over again.
- Randy Strickland, TX

Here are a few words from the heart about what Team Magnum means to me. The most important thing is you and Mel are brothers and sisters in Christ and your operation is a true witness of that. I have hunted turkeys for over 35 years and have hunted many states and two countries. I have hunted and guided on some nice property and Magnum is the best team I have hunted with. It is one big family reunion every year and if you want to enjoy what the Lord has created for us and see how the Holy Spirit uses the Team, come join us! If you would like a true blessing and a great hunt I would highly recommend the Magnum team to anyone from youth to seniors. I just thank Jim, Mel, and their staff for the opportunity to be on the Magnum Team. Come join us for the experience of a lifetime. I love you folks and can't wait to get back!
- Jay Adcock, NC

I have been hunting with Jim and Melony for over 20 years. I find it hard to believe that Jim and I have put up with each other for that many years! And how old is Jim now? We did celebrate another one of his birthdays on this trip. This year I did another hard, but successful, spring turkey hunt followed by an unbelievable free range aoudad hunt with Jim and Melony in Marfa, TX. Thanks again to Jim’s hunting expertise, I harvested a beautiful large ram. This year was very special for me because I was able to have my wife, Cindy, make the trip with me for the first time in the 20 + years I have been hunting with Jim (Magnum Guide Service). Cindy actually went with Jim and me and climbed the west Texas mountains on the aoudad hunt. We both totally enjoyed the hunts again as well as the friendship of Jim, Melony and their staff. I again would highly recommend Magnum Guide Service for anyone’s desired hunt. They truly run a very professional organization.
- David & Cindy Frederick, PA

We really enjoyed our turkey hunt this year. Jake and I both were very pleased with everything (lodging, meals, guide and hunt). Could not have been happier. Both of us have been talking with several friends about booking a hunt next spring. We thought it would be a lot of fun to have 6 to 8 hunters all together. Hopefully, we will have our plans lined up in the next week or two. Tell Steve we said hello. He was a great guide to have and I really enjoyed our conversations. Thanks for everything!
- Steven Wallace, MS

2011 marked my tenth year with Magnum and my 28th Tom harvested! TWENTY EIGHT! And just like my first a decade ago, I posed for photos with #28 alongside veteran Magnum hunter Joe Shannon from Louisiana! Just coincidence? Not with the guide service synonymous with quality, consistency and HUNTER SUCCESS! They say the world will end in 2012, but, I'm going to risk my deposit and book for next year! We all saw a lot of Jakes and I predict a banner year in Texas! The Magnum recipe for results is well known by clients, guides, pro staffers, outdoor press and a legion of envious competitors. The Magnum advantage, the Magnum mystique is an extension of owner Jim Roche and his inimitable ability to identify and secure exclusive hunting rights to the most desirable private properties in Texas. Like Cortez in camouflage he travels near and far in search of his treasure: that next magic ranch with stoney canyons, hidden draws and virgin roosts. Eldorado indeed! His reputation among wealthy landowners, cattle kings and sheep barons precedes him: respect, integrity and strict adherence to proven procedures. They know he runs a tight ship with a win/win business plan only he can deliver. And he's picky. Only the best for Magnum clients. And the rest, well, to the rest! And while Jim paints the big picture, his wife Melony is an artist for details and organization. Caring, compassionate, she gives the whole operation class and smile. She's Jim's secret weapon. Just as important, Magnum has cornered the market on the most talented guides, cooks and housekeepers. Glen, Rick and my guide for the past three years, Steve, rank among the finest in the Long Spur State. They're all pro staffers, videographers and calling champs. Glen calls turkeys with a nail and rock! Rick is a three time Virginia calling champ! They all talk turkey! They work, scout, steer, clean, freeze and advise with words to the wise and 100% commitment to a single goal: helping you bag the trophy of your dreams! For example, I recall on my second hunt with Magnum, I thought I was an expert until I spooked a nervous hen harem and strutting sultans approaching a water hole. I barely blinked and "putt" they were gone. That's when longtime Magnum guide Gerald Farris pulled me aside and taught me "the secret." He taught me how to hunt Texas style. And in ten short years, that brief, but golden lesson has helped me bag 28 paint brush beards, 56 long curvy spurs and countless cherished memories in the Texas hill country. Ten years is a long time! But this year, a decade away seemed like yesterday while, once again, posing for photos next to veteran Magnum client and now, longtime friend Joe Shannon! That's the Magnum advantage! Quality, consistency and HUNTER SUCCESS! That's the Magnum mystique! They predict the world will end in 2012! I predict more photos with dear friends and trophy Toms in the Texas Hill Country with Magnum Guide Service!
- Kevin Neathery, AR

Just a few words of thanks for the amazing time at Magnum. The food and hospitality were great and the turkeys were plentiful. Thanks to Glen and Steve for all their hard work and dedication to and from the hunts. I'm looking foward to my next trip to Magnum. Will be flying next time!!
- Leroy Arnold, MS

Just wanted to drop you guys a quick note to say THANKS once again for an unbelievable hunt! EVERYTHING was "record book" class from top to bottom. Even though the weather conditions could have been better on the turkeys, it was "THE" best turkey hunting I have ever seen! I was fortunate to harvest 4 Big Gobblers during my week long stay. Was never treated better; the accommodations, meals & staff were A-1! I do want to give special credit to Rick, as he was quite impressive. Well, I need to catch up on things a bit & prepare for my trip to hunt Ocellated Turkeys down in Guatemala next week, but will be in touch with you soon about with whom I want those "LIMB HANGERS" mounted with.
- Tim Krause, WI

I want to thank you for a wonderful Rio Grande turkey hunting experience. The hunt at the Jones Lodge was everything I had hoped. My guide, Glenn, was very friendly, knowledgeable and competent. Betty and Sandy were welcoming, friendly and the food was delicious. Everything from the accommodations to your staff was just perfect. My wife, as a non-hunting guest, enjoyed the relaxing environment. I also enjoyed meeting and talking with the other hunters. I would highly recommend hunting with Magnum Guide Service and hope to return.
- Dennis Clodi, IL

We’re back home now and into the full swing of things. Sarah and I had a great time. Thank you for all you and Melony do to make sure we have the times that we have. Glen was a super guide and very patient as always. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate him and how much respect I have for him for what he does for me and especially Sarah. You apologized in your previous email for the birds not cooperating. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Glen placed us on birds every day except the last evening hunt. I can honestly say, I could have killed 5 long beards thanks to Glen. The low limit of birds for us is a reality for us as we bring Sarah up into turkey hunting. We passed up good shots at turkeys at say 40 yards because we were waiting on those 30 yard shots for her and her 20 gauge. Had I been the first shooter, 5 long beards could have died. Also, no one can predict the weather and I felt Glen and your guys did a great job of responding to the poor weather conditions. I was very happy with the hunt and can’t wait till next year. Good luck with the remainder of the season and thank you again.
- Steve Howell, AL

I would like to say thank you for the outstanding time I had at your ranch. I appreciate the hard work you and your staff did to make everything very enjoyable. The food, hunting, staff and other guests, everything was excellent. I know it takes a lot of effort to make sure that everything is first class. The bonus of my visit was that I was finally able to harvest a Rio. The hunting was difficult but in the end it worked out. I would like to remain on the list to return next year. Thanks again to you and your staff and I hope you get some rain soon.
- Jim Walt, MS

I wanted to write and thank you all for such a great trip. As I had written to you previously, ever since Tyler found out on Christmas Morning that he was going to have his "Trip of a Lifetime" to come to Texas and hunt the Rio Grande turkey with you all, he had been so excited. He was writing TEXAS and drawing gobbler tracks and sketches of gobblers on the margins of his school work, and dreaming of seeing his first Rio gobbler every night. As I told Neil on Monday morning, he had just quite literally made a boy's dream come true. As I have gotten older, my biggest thrill now is watching my boys enjoy hunting and all that God has provided us with, so my hopes and dreams were also realized, and for that I can't thank you all enough. Also, as I had mentioned to Neil, your guides are top notch. As a person who has been enamored with the wild turkey all of my life, I could tell that they were all "turkey people", and we all share a kindred spirit. Our primary guide was Glen, and he treated Tyler as if he were his own grandson; and Skiles, with his good natured ribbing of Tyler, was great.
- Cliff Presley, VA

I just want to thank you for the good time over the weekend. Aaron and I are going to see Phil Roberson Saturday. Book me for the same hunt and 3 birds next year. Thanks for your witness and your friendship. Hope that you and Mel have a great year and I know God will bless you both beyond measure. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
- Jay Adcock, NC

I wanted to thank you all for a great hunt, food and just plain nice people. It was nice to finish my slam and do it with a double with my son, Joseph. It just doesn't get any better than that. Jim you run a really great hunt, and I want to Thank You for the words you spoke to Joseph. He told his mother and it was great that you took the time to speak to him. If you ever need a reference you have my number. I also wanted to let you know that the flight home was great and it only took 2 hours of fly time. Craig was generous to offer us the flight. I wanted to remind you about emailing me the pictures you took, and if it is not to much trouble could you send the one from the airport also? Thanks again and take care.
- John Phillips, TN

We had a great time last weekend hunting turkeys and visiting with all of you! It was great to have some time with Harrison. He is getting away from me too fast. Craig and I need to see more of each other too. I looked at the pictures; they are very good. I can not believe he put the oil pipe pictures on the website(haha). You have a great family environment. I hope to come back to Texas sometime in the future. I need to bring all of my boys out. Tell Colt "Hello and Thanks" for me and Harrison.
- Lee Thompson, AL

Great time Jim. Thanks for everything you and Melony did for us. Great food, great turkeys, wonderful family experience.
- Craig Lariscy, FL

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! My family and I had a blast. The food was fantastic and I loved the land and wildlife. I hope to come back soon. Everyone was really nice and it was a great adventure!
- Bailey Lariscy, FL

This was my first turkey hunt with Magnum and I can promise it won't be the last. Plans are already being made for next year. Jim & Melony were wonderful hosts. The guides Rick & Glen were knowledgeable and the accommodations were second to none. Melony & Sandy tried to fatten everyone up, the food was great. I would highly recommend Magnum to anyone. Thanks for everything!
- Tim Rutherford, MS

I seldom write thank you letters unless my wife makes me, but I was motivated to reach out to you both and thank you for such a great time. I had no understanding of how the guide service business worked, and was very pleasantly surprised by the operation you have put together. The house was clean and spotless, which is a foreign concept to most hunters. And the planning of the hunts was all worked out. It made it very easy to let go and follow your lead. My kids are so tired of being lectured by me, it was good for them to spend time with a group and see the example of faith, family, and ethics ya'll provide. It is also good for them to see new people that they respect who are guided by the same moral compass. I will have to admit, I am a little miffed at Melony for feeding me too much. I will be billing you for the tailor to let out the waistline on my pants! We are coming back next year for sure, and Thomas wants to make sure Miss Melony will be there too. Proof that the way to a man's heart is thru his stomach. Ryan wants a 'turkey gun' for his birthday, and it seems he just might get it! Thomas wants to be like Colt and be a professional guide when he grows up. I guess the muddy bird did not taint his respect for Colt! It was a great experience. Father son weekends are priceless, and this was one of the best. I will have to say, the 'Call and stalk ' was some of the funnest hunting I had ever done. For Ryan to be there when that Gobbler was all around us was an experience most ten year olds will never have! He can't wait to do it again. Next time with a Camo ten gauge and 3 1/2 shells! West Texas safari will happen sometime, we will be coming back for turkey and possibly deer as well. So I hope you can tolerate us, because we intend to come back. Thank you again for such a great time. We are truly blessed!
- Lewis, Thomas & Ryan Talbert, TX

Our sincere thanks to everyone at Magnum for yet another outstanding hunting adventure. Once again we have returned home with a truckload of pleasant memories that we can recall with joy over the years to come. And of course, those four big Rio Grande turkey gobblers in the freezer will only add additional flavor to those recollections! It is not at all uncommon in today's world for highly successful businesses to become somewhat complacent in their level of performance over time and start a slide into mediocrity when they have lost track of what made them such a success in the first place. We have been clients of Magnum for many, many years, sometimes with several hunts per year and have never noted even the slightest reduction in the efforts of your staff to provide the best overall hunting experience that is within their ability to provide. It is usually hard for any enterprise to keep up such a high level of performance for so long, but apparently not for Magnum Guide Service! Our just finished turkey hunt is yet another example. Our little core group of hunters have been coming to this session for so many years it almost feels like an annual "family reunion" and you and your staff provide the atmosphere that makes that possible. There is something we have mentioned before, but it is worth repeating. We often hear horror stories about outfitters from others at hunt camps. On this hunt, one of the first-time Magnum hunters told us about his four previous high-dollar turkey hunts at what he called "big-name hunting operations" where he not only didn't harvest a single bird but felt he got ripped-off each time due to lousy service and accommodations. We understand he has already booked next year's hunt again with you. We have NEVER heard anything bad like that anywhere about Magnum. Well done and thanks again to you all.
- Bob & Sally Lowder, NM

I can hardly believe that this was my thirteenth turkey hunt with Magnum Guide Service! Yep, 12 years and 13 hunts! Once more it was very successful and culminated with me getting my largest gobbler yet with 1 ½” spurs, what a dandy!! It is always a pleasure to come down and hunt with you and your employees. The guides are great and Rick and I had a fine old time. The ranch is beautiful and the food good. I now have 23 gobblers out of a possible 26 from those 13 hunts. I say that is quite some average. I would never think of hunting Texas with anyone else. I look forward to more good times! In the meantime, be well!
- Dan Flynn, PA

I just wanted to tell you thanks for the hospitality you have shown us while we are at Magnum. We had a great time this year. I think it was the best one yet! I know Larry and Mo had a good time too. Mo was “giddy” all the way home. He broke out of his slump in a big way this year. Larry scored here opening week so he has tallied 3 birds this year. He wants me to do a fan and beard mount on one of his rio’s and his eastern. Mickey and I didn’t care if we got birds or not. We wanted Larry and Mo to get theirs. We got to take home 7 birds. That was awesome! I also wanted to brag on Glen and Sandy. They did an excellent job for us this year. They always do a good job, but this year, they went above and beyond for us. I’m not much of an early breakfast eater, but around 9 I start getting hungry and those biscuits Sandy packed for me really came in handy. If you ever need a reference for your service, feel free to give my number. I will be glad to tell them that Magnum is a wise choice.
- Gary McCartney, AR

Arrived back home without any problems and just wanted to say a big "thanks" again to you, Jim, Neil, Glenn and the rest of the staff. We all enjoyed a great time. You certainly run a first class operation from start to finish. Once again, it was great to meet you folks and thanks for such a memorable hunt!
- Steve Cumming, MA

I just wanted to say thank you for the great weekend! We always have such a great time with the folks at Magnum and I look forward to hunting with you again. Thanks for everything.
- Ben Carmichael, MS

I just want to thank you all for everything. Mo, Larry & Curly, oops I mean Gary & I had the best time this year. Mo & Larry got their first Rio. Boy, was I proud of them! We all are so proud to have a place called Magnum that cares about other people. It's always a little sad for me when the hunt is over. It's like a good movie, you just don't want it to end, so there is always next year to look forward to. I thank God for Magnum and crew. So many prayers have been answered through Magnum. Thank you again, Jim & Melony, and may God bless you all.
- Mickey Fortner, AR

Jim – we loved it! Best hunt we have ever had. Rick and Carolyn took very good care of us. Granted - several chips fell our way w.r.t. the birds, but we were able to capitalize on them. Rick put us in the right spots. You guys really know how to treat a customer. We are a very discriminating bunch, and wouldn’t repeat it if the hunt didn’t meet our expectations. Keep up the good work! Thanks – we will definitely be back.
- Mike Morrell, VA

This was one of the best times I've ever had while on a turkey hunting trip. The guides were very knowledgeable, the food was excellent, and Jim & Mel were perfect hosts. The fact that there were turkeys everywhere didn't hurt, either! We will positively be making the trip every year from now on (as long as you'll have us!). I would recommend Magnum over any/all other outfitters out there! On a scale of 1-10, I give Magnum a 12! Thanks & God bless.
- David Darwin, MS

I was more than pleased with my recent turkey hunt with Magnum. They were recommened to me by a hunter I met while hunting the Oscelated in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. His description of their hunting area made Magnum sound so impressive I thought he was exaggerating but upon hunting there, I was surprised how accurate his description was and think he underestimated the number of turkeys because there were so many! Again, thank you for a great hunt.
- Lowell Byers, GA

This Spring marks my eighth year hunting with Magnum and my 26th Tom harvested! No other guide service, ANYWHERE can top that! This year, I booked another 3 bird hunt and convinced two friends to join me. Both were very impressed with the awesome ranch and the number of big birds we saw. But, most of all, they were impressed with the first class service and professionalism delivered by the Magnum staff. Our guide Steve was awesome! The first morning I heard many birds gobbling on the roost as I built my blind in the starlight. Then, after a gorgeous, grapefruit colored sunrise, some 20 hens invaded my set up followed by NINE big Toms! When the hens stopped to look at my decoy, all NINE Toms broke into full strut gobbling! I picked out the biggest and BOOM! What a bird! BIG, HEAVY with a thick rope and long sharp hooks! I could have easily tagged out as the remaining Toms, quickly returned gobbling and fighting around their fallen comrade. And all in easy gun range. That afternoon I let my friend Dennis Noel hunt in my blind as he had not yet killed a bird! Steve dropped me off in a new spot and I went about building another blind. Then, I settled in. But, I guess settled in a tad too much. My snoring must be attractive to the sheep because when I awoke there were at least 100 of the pesky creatures surrounding my blind including several that were actually chewing on my freshly clipped branches. No bird for me that hunt. But, when Steve picked me up I was relieved to see my friend Dennis tagged out in one hunt. Perfectly legal in Texas! Both birds were big, but one was an exceptional 4 year old with long, curved spurs. Next morning I returned to the same blind but didn't see a feather. Steve picked me up for lunch, but I had a feeling that birds were close, so I asked him to take me back. 40 minutes later I heard a loud gobble from directly behind me. Then, 4 big Toms walked RIGHT BY MY BLIND! They were so BIG and TALL they looked like Emus with blood red heads! I froze. I just knew I was busted, but they walked on past. I picked out the biggest and aimed where meat meets feathers. The big bird dropped in a heap and much to my surprise, the others turned and ran straight toward me. I let two pass, but the third wasn't so lucky! BAM! He fell just a few feet from my blind! I was TAGGED OUT with three beautiful Toms! I take great care and considerable time building my blinds. And on this trip, Dennis and I had killed FIVE big Toms out of one! Now, that's a fine blind! This year ranked among my most memorable trips ever. Not just for the big birds I harvested. But, because ALL in our party tagged out! 15 hunters scored 35 Toms! And that makes for one festive camp site! And you know, a festive camp site is very important to me! Seriously, in an industry notoriously "flaky," Magnum Guide Service always delivers with consistency, quality and integrity. From the moment you arrive, every detail is carefully planned and executed. All you have to think about is hunting and having a good time. I'm still perfecting my hunting, but I'm an expert at having a good time!
- Kevin Neathery, AR

Thanks again for a great weekend and for your wonderful hospitality. Jim took some pictures of me with my 3 bearded turkey in the field, alone, and some with Craig and his gobbler. Is it possible for you to email those to me? I would love to have them as well as any others you might have with the other guys. I hope to see you again and thanks for all you do!
- Jim Ford, OK

Thank you for such a wonderful hunt. This was a hunt to remember for my dad and I. My dad is not an experienced turkey hunter, but has found a new passion in the past five years which has allowed us to spend more time together. Your ranch was warm and inviting. The food was top notch. I have been on many hunts, but have never experienced the fellowship with other hunters as you have at your ranch. We had an exceptional week of food, fellowship, lodging – and yes, turkey hunting. In my dad’s own words; “the turkey hunt was a bonus.” He loved just being at the lodge with all the other guys. It was a week that I will never forget spending with my dad. I hope to return and bring my wife and kids in the future. Dad wants to know what days Donny R. is hunting next season, if we have the opportunity to go again next year he would love to go the same time as Donny. Thanks again for all that you did and God Bless.
- David Lee, NC

We just returned from hunting Rio Grande Turkeys in Texas and had another successful hunt with Magnum. This was our second hunt that we booked after our first experience, hunting for antelope in New Mexico. The word family keeps popping up every time I think about how to describe our experience with Magnum Guide Service. Everyone that we met on this trip was a repeat customer or had been referred. Jim & Melony and the entire staff are all first class people that put in countless hours to ensure that everyone's experience is a positive one. I would highly recommend Magnum to anyone looking for a first class outfitter. I can say that after this trip we will look to Magnum again for our next adventure! Get out and enjoy the outdoors and take a youth with you!
- Kevin O'Connell, AZ

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for a wonderful hunt, Melony, Vicki, J.P. and Mark did a wonderful job. Jim, hearing some of your testimony was great, God has blessed you. This was my 2nd trip to MGS and each hunt continues to get better. There's something about a hunting camp environment that I can't explain or how you can make friends in 3 days, but I will remember this hunt for a lifetime. The turkeys were a bonus. I look forward to bringing my son to share God's creation. Thanks again for a trip I will never forget.
- Kevin Dye, TN

I have so many fond memories of my hunts with Magnum that I often times don’t know where to start these letters. I can remember eight years back, I was hunting free range aoudad sheep with you in the Davis Mountains when I found out I was going to be a father for the first time. A year after that trip Sarah, my daughter, was born. This trip was a first for me in that I got to hunt Rio’s for the first time but, more importantly this was the first hunting trip with my daughter. I can’t think of a better place to start my family hunting than with you guys. The experience from the turkey hunt has stayed with me and Sarah every day since we left. She and I talk constantly about the trip and how much fun we had and all of the new friend (my old friends) she made in Texas. We are waiting on pins & needles for the end of March so that we can come back and do it all over again. Jim, I also wanted to thank you and all of your staff for the attention you gave me and Sarah. I know having a young hunter in camp can be a challenge when you mix them in with all of the older hunters but, yall did it flawlessly. The girls in camp took care of us just like being at home. I have never seen so many bowls of ice cream and cookies come from nowhere to keep Sarah smiling. You went out of your way to make her feel special and for that I owe you more than I can put into words. Also, thank you for allowing us to hold back from some of the hunts when Sarah was too tired to go out. We really enjoyed riding the Rangers and looking around the ranch. I am now the proud owner of a Rhino because of that trip. I owe ya’ buddy! Last, I want to thank you for pairing us up with Glenn as our guide. I cannot say enough good things about Glenn. He was so patient with me and Sarah. He went well out of his way to make sure we both had a good time. I am sure he got frustrated with us but, to look at his face you would never know it. He was a prince of a gentlemen and he played such a key role in making our trip what it was. Thank You Glenn. In closing, you have reminded me why all of my hunting trips start and end with you and Melony. The two of you have become distant members of our family and we cherish each and every time we get to hunt with you. I look forward to the many new hunting opportunities with you and my family.
- Steve Howell, AL

For yet another fall turkey season I am really thankful that you put me in old turkeys. If I can't kill them, then that is my problem. I killed one near the first spot you showed me. Tried to call his two buddies back but they called each other back up and left me. I went back to the lodge and put the bird in the shade and Carolyn fixed me a quick sandwich which I ate on the way to the windmill. I parked at the windmill right where you said, put on my ghillie suit and hat, and eased in the woods towards the pond. Just as I could see from the trees above the pond, a whole drove of turkeys saw me and started fast walking up the draw. The lead bird was big gobbler. I gave him a load of #4's and down he went. The others flew and ran up the draw. I got the big bird by the head and dragged him with me up the draw to a good hide and commenced to calling them back. Got one bird gobbling towards me and closing so fast that I had the safety off.......then another gobbler started yelping up the draw and that was the end of that. Went back to the woods beside the pond that the birds ran out of and built me a good brush blind and started gobbler talking with the trumpet caller. Gobbler clucked some with the old bone. More gobbler talk with the trumpet. Sat there about 30 minutes and clucked some more with the trumpet caller and heard a reply to the left. Looked and there coming around the side of the pond were 8 longbeards. They came on around the corner of the pond and I shot at one and killed 2. I was done. It is not often that this old turkey hunter has had the opportunity of 4 old gobblers in the same day. If killing turkeys ever quits making me shake and breath fast, I'll know it's time to take up golf or fishing or some other mundane pursuit. Lord Willing, I would like to try those Jones Ranch turkeys again the same time next year. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to get into that big drove of birds. I was in turkey hunter's heaven. Hope to see you all in Nashville. The NWTF has asked me to do a fall turkey hunting seminar at the convention this year. Know for sure I will tell them where to go in Texas for Rios. Thanks again for another great turkey hunt!
- Larry Proffitt, TN

I can hardly believe the hunt is over already! I anticipate this hunt beginning in December and it is just a flash. This was my tenth year with Magnum and although the hunt was the toughest one to date, I managed to get two beautiful huge gobblers, one 20 lbs and the second one 19 lbs+. The hunt went well even though the jakes ruled the woods. I can't wait until next year as the 2 year olds will be going nuts! You two always manage to make it all worthwhile. At the Jones Lodge; Rick, Steve and Greg were each doing their utmost to get everyone into birds. I had the privilege of hunting with Rick this year and we had a "hoot" as usual. Thanks again for providing me with a fantastic experience. You will always have my business. Best wishes for the rest of this year and have a super summer. See you guys next Spring!
- Dan Flynn, PA

Just wanted to say thanks again for a great time and a great trip, we really appreciated our first trip to Texas. It was a special time for Ethan and I as a father/son, thanks for making it even more memorable!! I also appreciated the awards ceremony, I have hunted all over the world and and have never seen that done, the power of a ceremony is absolutely huge. It's all Ethan could talk about on the way home. You definitely run the best camp I have ever seen, thanks again, we really appreciated it. Hopefully, we can sneak back down next year and hunt again, thanks very much.
- Shay McGowan, NE

Thanks for the great time. As usual, I enjoyed it immensely and it was nice to have Carol there to see everything that I've been talking about for years! Thanks Jim, for getting her onto a turkey. She didn't particularly think she wanted to when we were talking about the trip, but she really enjoyed it. Thanks again for everything.
- Jay & Carol Gilchrist, MD

Hope things are going well in Texas - I sure had a great time! Thanks for the good hunt and hospitality. Yall seem like family, your guides are good guys. I have guided deer, bear, waterfowl and turkey and your guys get along very well! Have a great week and God Bless!
- Jay Adcock, NC

ATTENTION: PLEASE!!!!! Anyone reading this testimonial --if you are not sure about hunting with Magnum just give me a call. I'll gurantee you Magnum will do everything possible to help you bag that tom your looking for. Russ and Glenn are two of the best guides ever. Jim and Mel the owners will take you in just as if you were family. What a great hunt. The food was also exceptional. I met some great guys from all over the United States--some of which will stay with me forever. Earl I hope you are reading this!! Hunting has always put me on Cloud 9, so thank you for a wonderful trip and I am looking forward to a return trip! One more high point of the trip was the engraved box call that I won!!! It is top notch just like Magnum.
- Mickey Fortner, Arkansas

Jim, I would just like to thank you guys for an awesome time me and my son of 16 years had with all of you. It was a great bonding experience that he and I will have for the rest of our lives. After leaving your camp I traveled to Nebraska for a Merriam Turkey hunt. The outfitter there did a fine job too. What separates you guys is the professionalism at ALL levels; lodging, food, knowledgeable guides that do it all for you from guiding you, teaching you their tricks that make you a better hunter, doing everything it takes to make sure you have the best shot opportunity and taking care of your game as if it were theirs. I have used you guys in the past, have referred you to many of my friends and will continue to do so as well. Thanks again Melony for putting together the cd of great photos.
- Bob and Bobby Burns, PA

Thanks once again for hosting such a great hunt. This was my 7th year returning to Magnum for spring turkey and each year I look forward to it as if it were my first! Your guides, cooks and yourselves are top notch and have become my extended family over the years. Once again, thanks and I look forward to next year. Enclosed find my contract and deposit for 2008 and a cd of pictures from this past season.
- Marianne Hosty, NJ

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what a great time Mickey and I had turkey hunting at "Magnum" this year. We are already planning to come back next year with a couple of our buddies. I brought mickey down this year to reward him for the business he had done with me the past year. I don't know which idea was better, deciding to take him hunting or choosing Magnum Guide Service. He had the time of his life and that will result in increased sales for me. What a win/win! Bringing home 3 huge birds didn't hurt things either. All the guides were eager to help at any time. I enjoyed meeting Russ and Glen especially. Feel free to use my name as a reference. I would highly recommend this trip for anyone looking to reward a customer or client.
- Gary McCartney, AR

Jim, Melony! This year I booked one of your new three bird hunts and IT WAS INCREDIBLE! Three twenty pound plus, limb hangin' long beards! This marks my 6th year with Magnum bringing my total to TWENTY Toms harvested since '02! Only an expert of the highest caliber could achieve such a feat! Of course, I'm talking about you Jim, your lovely wife Melony and your expert staff at Magnum Guide Service! Just like last year, upon our arrival at The Finklea we received good news and bad. The bad news was drought and low or no hatch for the second year in a row. That meant few, if any, gobbling two year olds running to our calls. No doubt, in years past, we have been spoiled at this awesome ranch! The good news was that the remaining birds were BIG, OLD and SMART with long curved hooks and drapery tassel beards! Trophies every one! In my opinion, Magnum guides, J.P., Gerald and Glenn rank among the finest in the country and I'm always optimistic when hunting under their guidance. But, hey, even if they were just mediocre guides, I'd still hunt with them because Gerald is such a great cook! Try his Pineapple cream pie. It's the bomb. Bird #1: J.P. suggested the waterhole where I smacked a big Tom last Easter Sunday in 102 degree weather. This year was much more pleasant but the wind was HOWLING! I pulled out my big, boat paddle box call to cut through the gusts. At about 4:30 p.m. I thought I heard a gobble, but wasn't sure. Then, I heard it again, and there was no doubt, it was a big, long, full, gobble and very very close! He gobbled one more time as he emerged from some brush about 15 steps to my right. BOOM! And what a bird, 21 lbs. 10 inch beard, 11/2" spurs. Bird #2: On this hunt I got lost in the pre-dawn starlight and couldn't find the blind I built the day before. So, I found a little patch to stretch out and wait until the sun climbed high enough to find my way around. I used my butt pad on my vest as a pillow and drifted off... I woke to the sound of clucking and spotted a hen walking straight toward me! Prone, on the ground, I froze as she passed by about 20 steps to my left. Finally, I opened my eyes and much to my surprise, spotted a HUGE TOM following in her footsteps, but completely fixed on her sexy tail feathers. Flat on the ground, I rolled to one side and lifted the gun for an easy 20 yard shot! When I made this little maneuver, he caught my movement and gave me a look that said: "Uh oh! KABOOM! Too late! This was my biggest bird of the trip, 22lbs, 10 inch beard, long sharp spurs, but most of all, a HUGE meat head! His neck looked like a stove pipe! A toad! Bird #3: Possibly my most exciting Texas hunt EVER! This boss Tom was a long way off when I first heard him gobble on his own. I replaced the box call with a slate and began to cluck, purr and yelp. No matter how often he gobbled I waited at least 15 minutes between calls. This drove him crazy! He kept gobbling and just like any smart old turkey, he circled around and came up behind me. RIGHT BEHIND ME and gobbled his waddles off at least FIFTY TIMES! He was so close, I could hear a deep, bass tone every time he gobbled, like a Kicker subwoofer! My fun meter was pegged! Finally, he grew tired of this stuck up hen and sauntered on by and I stoned him at about twenty steps. Deep in my blind, he never saw me. Another huge bird with oh so long spurs. But, it was only 4:30 and I was tagged out, so rather than wait for J.P. to pick me up in the truck, I picked up my bird, my gun, my bulging vest and WALKED proudly back to the cabin! And dude, it was a long walk! Upon my arrival, without a word, Glen opened the cooler and handed me an ice cold adult beverage. Now, that's Magnum service! Because I bagged all my Toms in this one special pasture, I have re-named it "Dick Cheney Draw" and I'm confident I'll shoot 'em up there again next year! You see, unlike ordinary hunters, I have three competitive advantages: natural athleticism, cat like reflexes and the good judgement to BOOK WITH MAGNUM GUIDE SERVICE YEAR AFTER YEAR! So, Jim, Mel, for all you do...God bless...and here is my deposit for next year!
- Kevin Neathery Jonesboro, Arkansas

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