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I have hunted with Magnum Guide Service for several years in Texas and in New Mexico. Hunting Pronghorn antelope in New Mexico is a great adventure with beautiful scenery and great hunts. It is a fun time getting to know and enjoy Jim and the guides on an in-depth personal level. The hunting, the food, and the accommodations make for an awesome hunting trip. This is the best Pronghorn trip that I have taken in my many years of hunting. If you are looking for an exciting hunt with good companions, then this is a first class hunt that you do not want to miss.
- Mike Terry, KS

This is my second antelope hunt with Magnum Guide Service and once again, Jim and Scott put me on a great buck! Not only was the hunting fantastic, but the camaraderie with the other hunters is what made it the best trip yet. When you hunt with Magnum I will warn you of two things; the first is that you had better be ready for an opportunity at a trophy animal. The second is that you will come away with more friends than you showed up with. Jim, Scott and the entire Magnum crew will instantly become the type of friends you add to your family's Christmas card mailing list because they are such great people. I look forward to my next adventure with the team at Magnum because I know they will do whatever it takes for me to get that trophy.
- John Terry, KS

For me, the ultimate testament to the level of service you provide is the ability to earn repeat customers. For this year's New Mexico antelope hunt, 75% of the hunters on this trip were repeat customers of Magnum Guide Service, and the hunt did not disappoint. All of us were finished by lunchtime opening day, with our tags on some fantastic bucks (especially mine)! Melony runs a top-notch operation, and Jim and his crew are truly amazing guides. At the risk of creating competition for outstanding future hunting opportunities, I highly recommend these guys.
- Richard Mendolia, AZ

I have hunted with Magnum Guide Service for a number of years. This is a place you can come and enjoy yourself, have great fellowship, meet people from all over the country that can enhance your life, have good camaraderie, share joy with them and sometimes share heartbreak if they don’t get anything. But I’ll tell you, I’ve never met anyone that went home disappointed. This has been one of my greatest places to hunt and I will hunt with them for as long as I can get around and hunt. It’s a wonderful place, Jim and Melony treat you like family. You will experience wonderful food, great lodging and the friendships you build are definitely worth it. The hunting memories you build will live with you for a lifetime. So, in my opinion, please do not hesitate to call Magnum Guide Service!
- Mike Terry, KS

I had an amazing time hunting antelope with Magnum Guide Service in New Mexico. It was a wonderful hunt and an awesome experience with a great team of guides. They are very knowledgeable about the area, lands and herds, as well. They put in their homework and do what needs to be done. Jim & Scott made sure all their hunters got an opportunity at an antelope. On day one we were done before lunch - all of us tagged out. It was truly a hunt of a lifetime. All that is possible because Magnum knows exactly what they’re doing. It is very hard to find someone today who is this knowledgeable about the animals and they truly do!
- John Terry, KS

Years ago my dad hunted pronghorn in Wyoming and I always dreamed of hunting antelope. I called and talked to Jim and Melony and fell in love with their testimony with what they were doing in their hunting guide service. I was fortunate to hunt with Jim in New Mexico recently. I had a wonderful time and got a very nice pronghorn and was able to fulfill one of those items on the list that my dad once hunted! Had a great time and encourage anyone who is looking for a good antelope hunt, give Magnum Guide Service a call.
- Jeff Wescott, AR

About a year ago I met Jim Roche while my wife and I were volunteering at the AIYM High Adventure Camp in CO. I had not hunted since back in the 80’s and just had the hankering to go antelope hunting. I found out Jim was a guide and after talking to him awhile, booked the hunt. We all met in Lovington, NM and started the hunt the next day. Jim was a great guide and found the perfect antelope for me. I really appreciate Jim for his professionalism, kindness and helping me with what all I needed to do to get prepared for this hunt. Couldn’t ask for a better hunt and guide!
- Wayne McClure, TX

I want to thank you and Jim, as well as your complete staff for the great hunt in New Mexico last week. Andrea and I had a great time I want you to know how much we enjoyed hunting with Donnie - he was a lot of fun and made our hunt very enjoyable! Andrea really had a great experience for her first time to ever hunt and I really did enjoy seeing her take her first animal. As always, Magnum Guide Service is a top notch outfitter and I can truly say I never have to worry about a thing when booking a hunt with you and Jim. Everything is always top of the chart with Magnum from quality of animals to the great atmosphere of being in your camps, as well as the dining and lodging. Thanks for the great memories!
- A. Cooper, AR

Thanks for a great time. You were a great hostess and the food was excellent. We also enjoyed our guide, Allen. Please keep us in mind for any upcoming youth hunts. Thanks again for a great hunt!
- Tony & Andrew Hofstetter, IN

I wanted to drop you a note and thank you both for a great hunt on my recent antelope hunt with your guide, Mike. I harvested a nice trophy buck and had a great time with Mike, Bill and Marilyn, and your other guides, Neil and Casey. Your guides exhibited the right combination of “laid back” and “let’s get it on” that in my experience is hard to find and very productive. They put us on the quality animals and put us in position to make the shot! Jim, you run a great operation and I look forward to hunting with you again next year. Melony was great to deal with and took care of everything like a pro, and that chicken spaghetti wasn’t bad either. Thanks again and all the best this hunting season!
- Steve Creger, TX

Thank you both for a great trip. The whole experience greatly exceeded my expectations, and I appreciate all of the hard work and planning that went into pulling it all together. Another issue that deserves guys have a tremendous asset in Casey. We faced a difficult situation in the morning and Casey handled it very professionally and effectively. I think we worked well with each other keeping our collective heads in the game, and we ended up with a great result.
- Carl Moore, TX

Dan and I have returned home safe and sound from the New Mexico antelope hunt. We want to thank you, Jim and all of the staff especially Donnie who has the patience of an oyster. Without him I don't know if I would have taken such a good antelope. Magnum Guide Service did an excellent job and I would give a hardy endorsement for anyone after antelope. The ranch is a wonderful place to hunt with lots of lopes and a great old west experience. The food was great, as well as a comfortable place to return to every night. I have a great picture of Dan trying to help Rainer with his camera. It was in German and you saw how well Dan spoke German. There were 8 hunters and everyone tagged out. Can't do much better than that! Thanks again for a great hunt.
- Bill Belcher, AL

It’s been a month since my antelope hunt in New Mexico and I can’t quit thinking about what a fantastic time my dad and I experienced. From the time we arrived we were embraced and made to feel like we were part of the Magnum family. Every attention was paid to any needs we may have had and I can’t say enough about how delicious the food was. I don’t think I have ever been hunting before when I had to worry about putting on a few pounds and if my pants would still fit. The picturesque setting of the ranch was aspiring, from its old stone stagecoach stop, windmills, and sunsets, to its double rainbows and expansive views. That doesn’t even mention the stars at night. The host rancher and his family were truly salt of the earth people. They were just as excited about the hunt as we were and making sure we all had an enjoyable and satisfying time. The number of antelope we saw was amazing and surpassed all my expectations! Our guide, J.P, couldn’t have been a better match for his hunter. The attention he paid to judging animals and making sure we truly had a rewarding hunting experience couldn’t have been surpassed! Thanks J.P.!!! The final hunt, what can I say, I don’t think you could have scripted a more exhilarating climax to the hunt. Melony, thanks for coming along on the final afternoon of hunting, rounding out our band of misfits. It wouldn’t have been the same without you! Your keen eyes and encouragement was an asset! There is nothing more rewarding than taking a magnificent animal in the last few hours of the final day in such an exciting manner with such extraordinary people. Even if I hadn’t been rewarded with a fine antelope, I still would have had an amazing hunt and adventure! That may say more about my experience with Magnum than anything else. I can’t thank you enough for the memories, friendships, hunting, and the magnificent antelope! Thanks again, so much! Until next time, happy hunting and many blessings.
- Shawn Cannon, TX

You provided me with an opportunity to hunt antelope in the most spectacular surroundings I could have imagined. No-- I could not have imagined them to be that amazing. The cool mornings on the New Mexico plains were filled with brilliant colors as the sun slowly burned its way through the overcast skies and began to warm up the grass and choya cactus covered flatlands. As the beams of sunlight filtered through the clouds the antelope feeding of the grassy flats were spotlighted like stars in the night sky. The spot and stalk hunting of these captivating creatures was a new hunting experience for me. I am used to close range shooting in dense woods/understory from a tree stand/ground blind at less than 50 yards. To witness the expertise of Jim with his "sniper rifle" assisting the other hunters take 600 and 800 yard shots was surreal. I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity. The comraderie which developed with the other members of the hunting party was evidenced by the animated story telling. Sharing the events of the hunt over lunch and dinner every day was a "once in a lifetime experience". Karen and I look forward with great anticipation to the hunt with you in November.
- Dr. Stephen Ramey, LA

Just wanted to say thanks for the great hunt in NM. I really enjoyed myself and got a good antelope to boot! I thought Neil did a really good job as my guide. You are lucky to have him. I knew I was with the right group when you said the blessing before the dinner on Friday night. I didn’t expect that but I want you to know it made the trip for me to be hunting with some guys that walk with the Lord. We all have a lot to be thankful for. Hope we can do this again sometime. Thanks also to Melony for all her help. You run a first class outfit.
- Chuck Lang, PA

Magnum Guide Service offers a great antelope hunt in New Mexico. Melony is a gracious and down-to-earth hostess and all the meals were awesome! My room was very clean and comfortable. Monty, my guide, was intimately knowledgeable about the terrain and well acquainted with the antelope patterns of behavior. He’s genuinely knows what it is to be a serious hunter and fun to be with. He went out of his way to seek out my needs, my hunting experience and then surpassed my expectations. At the end of the day, they offered a relaxing, home-like atmosphere. This was my first opportunity to hunt antelope and overall, it was a great experience.
- Tom Safford, AZ

Earlier this year I called Magnum Guide Service and spoke with Jim. I shared with him that I was looking for an adventure. He asked if I had ever hunted Pronghorn Antelope and when I said no, he said you need to book that trip – so I did. As I drove across the vastness of New Mexico I knew I was in for the adventure I had been looking for. The first day of the hunt brought overcast skies and a few scattered rain showers, a blessing to Central New Mexico. While we spotted a number of antelope Jim kept saying we can do better. Late morning Jim, Ed and I drove up to rendezvous with the rest of our party who were hunting with Jim’s guide Neil. Upon our arrival fellow hunter “Dr. Steve” pointed out a distant pair of antelope bucks feeding in the green valley below. Jim asked Steve why they had not taken a shot? Steve remarked they’re over 500 yards away. Jim asked if anyone wanted to take a shot? I replied “yes.” Jim pulled out his custom “Sniper Rifle” as Neil ranged the buck at 576 yards. With the help from both guide’s I was able to successfully harvest my “trophy” at a very long distance. Even though my tag was filled my hunt was not over. I was able to experience the other hunter’s successes as well. Ed, the snake wrangler (ask Ed about this adventure sometime) made an amazing shot later that same afternoon, downing a beautiful buck. The second day was cool and clear. From various vantage points Jim, Ed and I were privileged to witness Dr. Steve and his guide Neil stalk a very nice antelope buck. For nearly 4 hours the pair played cat and mouse with the large buck. Steve’s perseverance paid off as he finally earned the right to place his tag on the hard won buck. We all took pause to “thank the Lord” and burn the memory into film. Wow, what a great way to spend my “extra” time hunting with new friends. We would regroup at the rancher’s house for an outstanding lunch and dinner. Everyone was so excited to share one another’s stories of the day. The overall hospitality and caring spirit of the camp made each one of us feel like family. No doubt this experience will last my lifetime. For me it was more than just a hunt, it was a “Magnum” adventure. God Bless.
- George Hill, TX

To my new friends at Magnum Guide Service, Thanks again for a wonderful hunt and truly memorable experience. From the quantity and quality of bucks we saw to the food and fellowship, the trip exceeded my expectations in every way. Riding across the expansive grasslands in search of game and witnessing the herding and spectacular fighting behavior as the bucks protected their harems of does was an unexpected treat. I also can't say enough about our hosts at the ranch and their hospitality. We were welcomed with open arms and made to feel at home and left as friends with full and satisfied bellies from all the wonderful food we ate. Thanks again.
- Ed Boyle, NH

After so many years of hunting with Magnum, receiving outstanding service no longer comes as just a pleasant surprise, but rather an expectation and we are happy to say that those expectations have always been met. Our recent Pronghorn antelope hunt was no exception. Once again, there was absolutely nothing we could point out for which we could suggest improvement. The accommodations were clean and comfortable, the food was outstanding and the hunt itself could not have been better. The ranch provides a wide range of antelope habitat from gentle mountain slopes and spacious draws, to wide open flats thereby affording a different experience for every outing. Our guide's knowledge of the property and the animals living there was invaluable. Since he also shared our overall enthusiasm for the great outdoors which only added to our enjoyment of the hunt. We can truly say that neither of us has ever enjoyed an antelope hunt more than we did this one. The harvest of two fine trophies was merely the icing on the cake! Once again, thanks for the memories.
- Bob & Sally Lowder, NM

I wanted to thank all of you for the most enjoyable and successful antelope hunt. Dan and I had a great time hunting with Corey at your Ranch. We are very happy with the antelope we both harvested. We especially want to thank all of you for your hospitality. From the moment we arrived at your Ranch, Dan and I felt like part of the family and could not have been treated any better. All of the food was fantastic, but, we especially enjoyed the home made green chili salsa and pecan pie; and of course, there was more than enough to drink. But, what Dan and I enjoyed most was the conversations with all of you during dinner and the evening of just watching the stars. In years of traveling to different locations to hunt, I have never had a more enjoyable time than I did at your Ranch. Thank you all again for a fabulous time.
- Larry Lunak, PA

I wanted to let you know what a fun time we all had with you in New Mexico this year. Good hunting, cutting up with good friends and having fun is what it's all about. To top it off, all four of our group took great antelope bucks. And more importantly, mine was the biggest!! (ha ha-j/k!) Anyway, thanks for the hospitality, the food was great, the women (cooks) were wonderful, and all in all was a fantastic trip!
- Donnie Palmer, GA

I’ve hunted antelope with Magnum for the past two years. The 2007 antelope hunt was my first experience with Magnum and it couldn’t have been any better. The guide service provided by Magnum was impeccable, most importantly, the guides were outstanding. The host and landowners at the ranch made me feel like family and their hospitality was the best I every experienced on any of my many hunting trips. My 2008 antelope hunt with Magnum was better than the first trip. The services by Magnum were outstanding once again, and the hospitality of the folks at the ranch was beyond description. This is why I’ll be returning to New Mexico in 2009 to hunt antelope with Magnum. My challenge to them; my 2007 antelope scored B&C 76” and the 2008 antelope scored 85”…… I’m hoping that they can continue this trend in 2009! I look forward to seeing everyone again in September and in the years to come. Thank you!
- Larry Lunak, PA

Thank you for a great hunt! I had expectations of seeing many antelope and getting a good one. Magnum made my dream come true. I'm still excited and my hunt was six weeks ago. The experienced guides that work for Magnum were super. I would have shot a much smaller antelope if it were not for their experience. They passed up buck after buck until they found the right one. The host and landowner were wonderful, the food was great and the scenery was beautiful. As I guide my clients this fall, in the back of my mind, I'll be thinking about trophy antelope.
- David Heflin, PA

It was truly a great antelope hunt! Each hunt/stalk for us was different and unique, as were the antelope. By the way, JP did an awesome job for us, as did Mel and the other staff. Thank you all for everything.
- Craig Curry, MO

We just returned from our first hunt with Magnum Guide Service for Antelope in New Mexico. There is always a little unknown when choosing a guide service for the first time. Are they going to perform like they say, what about the accommodations, food, guides, etc? From the minute we arrived at the lodge and met Melony and the staff, we just felt like part of the family. Their attention to detail and effort into making your hunt a success was always very apparent. My hunting partner and I were both able to harvest our very first antelope on this trip. The fond memories of our hunt and the new friends we made, will be with us for a lifetime. I never would have guessed driving over that we would be making plans for our next hunt with Magnum on the drive back! If you're looking for a quality outfitter, make Magnum your choice, you will be glad you did!
- Kevin O'Connell, AZ

We are running out of new and innovative ways to express our appreciation to you for the outstanding service we receive time and time from Magnum Guide Service, so maybe just a good, old fashioned "Thank You" will have to suffice this time. The antelope hunt last week was yet another outstanding example of all you do to assure that your clients have the most pleasant experience possible on their hunt. This was our first visit to this particular ranch and we could not have been more pleased with all you did to provide us with top notch accommodations. The food was, as usual, plentiful and delicious. Although the hunt was a bit more challenging this year, the Magnum guide staff worked very hard and once again, every hunter went home with his or her trophy. Your staff provided an upbeat and cordial atmosphere at the lodge and many new friendships were formed. We had been talking with two hunters who were on their first hunt with Magnum about our many years of experience with you. As they were leaving at the end of the hunt, they told us "We have never been treated so well by an outfitter! Everything was great! No wonder you guys keep hunting with Magnum"! Those two have already booked another Magnum hunt. That just about sums it up....
- Bob & Sally Lowder, NM

The recent pronghorn antelope hunt was one of the peak experiences of my life. The skill of my guide and the hospitality extended were beyond belief. All of this, and I scored a nice buck. Thank you.
- Tim Downing, IN

Thank you for the pictures you sent. They are great. My dad and I really enjoyed the antelope hunt! It was great; not only because your guides put us both on some really good antelope, but also because of the wonderful way we were both treated by the guides, the staff, the ranch owners, and you. My dad had a lot of special needs because of his age and you all went the 'extra mile' many times to get him what he needed. The lodge was comfortable and the food was terrific! Dad told me that this was a 'trip of a lifetime" for him. Thank you for your great work and your great organization. Attached are a few of our own photos.
- Darrell Conway, TX

I wanted to drop you a short note to thank you for our recent antelope hunt in New Mexico. My dad and I had a great time and scored 2 beautiful bucks for our first antelope. The lodge, guides, quality of game and especially Anne's cooking were Top Notch!! I've enclosed some pictures of our hunt but the memories I'll have with my dad on this hunt will last forever. Everything about the outfit was excellent...I knew it from the very moment we pulled into camp and all the guides unloaded our gear from our vehicle and put it in our room. We never had a concern from then on. Neil, our guide, was extra patient with dad and did work to get him that perfect shot...even if the first shot was a miss...but the second shot hit its mark for a great buck. I'll be sure to hunt with Magnum in the future..maybe turkey this spring. Thanks again for such a memorable hunt and a wonderful time in New Mexico.
- Dr. Bill Prebola, PA

Wow! What a wonderful first antelope hunt I had in Corona, NM. Our hosts, Dean and Sharon are great people and very hospitable with all the hunters. Thanks to James and Donnie for all their hard work. I had buck fever so bad, but I managed to get it together for my single shot/kill on my antelope. James, Bob (Bullet Bob) and Kurt were there with high-fives. What a wonderful day it was. Thanks to Mary Ann and Wende for their great cooking and just being there when I needed some girl talk! I can hardly wait until September, 2005 for my next antelope hunt. As usual, Magnum Guide Service provides a well-run hunt with good Christian folks.
- Sally Lowder (Single Shot Sal), NM

I just wanted to write a note and let you know how great the recent antelope hunt was. I had a wonderful time. You and your staff were amazing. I was extremely impressed with how hard you all worked to make sure everyone had a good time. I got my first antelope and plan on coming back, hopefully next year. I am looking forward to working with you on some other hunts in the future as well. If they are even half as fun as I just had, they will be great. Thanks again and please put me on your newsletter list.
- Tommy Chesbro, OK

Our group had a great hunt. Thanks for everything. I took my antelope first. 395 yard shot (steady rest, no wind, 7MM Mag sighted 3" high at 100 yards-lots of luck). Nice buck. Just under 15", but great mass and wide spread. Little Gus took his second. About a 275 yard neck shot. I'm not sure who was happier, him or his dad. Then Big Gus took his. Double lung broadside shot while the antelope was walking below a ridge at about 230 yards. Nice quick stalk. Big Gus' antelope measured 15 1/2" with very long prongs above the paddles. Then, after re-sighting in his rifle and later realizing his scope was broken, borrowing a gun and shooting nearly 2 boxes of ammo, Kurt took his antelope at 175 yards. Best antelope of the day at 16 1/4". The guides were great, the food simply wonderful, and the game plentiful. Dean informed us that there are over 300 antelope on his ranch from the most recent aerial survey. It is a honey hole! Thanks again.
- Tom Farrell, MO

Pam and I had a great time! As always, you and your staff made lots of memories for us. We enjoyed meeting Dean and Sharon, they are great people. We really had a good time and enjoyed everything about the New Mexico hunt.
- Terry Harris, TX

Enclosed is a photo that I took of Earl and his trophy antelope. Dean can attest to his "between the eyes" shot at 380 yards. I had a great time and you run the best organized hunting experience I have ever had. Thanks for everything, I look forward to coming back to Magnum Guide Service on future hunts!
- Mark Harris, MO

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