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As my wife and I process the elk meat, I'm reliving the moments of the hunt and my mind keeps returning to the hospitality we were shown. First rate accommodations, good food, professionalism in every aspect, and to top it off, a Christ based operation. This is a place a man can bring his sons or daughters with confidence. You are a rare gem in this industry and I will remember this hunt the rest of my days. Keep up the good work.
- Larry Raney, TX

I needed a free range Elk for an SCI award that I was trying to fulfill when I learned of Magnum. My schedule didn’t allow for a western states hunt, so the Texas hunting destination in the Glass Mountains, only 5 hours distant from my home was perfect and I love Marathon, TX and that area. Arriving in perfect weather and the two hunts before me being so successful, I was excited and ready. Jim, Melony & Jaime (asst. guide) are great folks and all their equipment, punctuality, being organized and good at what they do, made the trip more enjoyable. The ranch we hunted was a beautiful place and the game plentiful! A fun setting to hunt and enjoy the outdoors. I killed a free range Aoudad firstly because we spotted them while hunting for Elk. Me being old school, I insisted using my 30-06, but Jim has a long range gun for his clients and I recommend that respectively, but I sealed the deal with a 400 yard shot off the sticks! I think Jim was surprised by that. For you riflemen that’s a 27” hold over, if your sighted in @ 200 yards.....During the hunt, before and after, we had seen about 80 to 100 elk, mostly cows and a few bulls. The elk were bugling and Jim was a very experienced and accomplished guide accordingly. One lovely afternoon a bull answered his call after spotting a group of cows a mile or more away. We moved by vehicle to the region waiting, listening and glassing. About an hour before sunset we spotted my bull and moved in by stalking him to a position of about 250 yards away. After a few minutes wait he stepped out behind some cows and my 30-06 (I call her Eleanor Rigby ), spoke and the Elk went down but I put a coupe de grace round into him for insurance. I was, and am still a very happy hunter. The field work and meat handling by Jim & Jaime was as good as I’ve seen and we are enjoying dining on fine Elk now! With all this said, I would recommend the Magnum team to all my fellow outdoorsmen and friends.
- Bob, TX

My wife and I have been on several hunting trips with Magnum Guide Service over the past several years and they have all been successful. We are very happy with the animals we harvested. I took my first Texas elk in Dec 2017, along with a great mule deer and whitetail (all free range). We take our grandchildren on hunts with Magnum as they are all fine people and we feel comfortable with them. This year we took our grandson for his first elk in Texas and he shot an awesome elk. There was also another elk taken on the trip by our friend. My grandson and I both took big aoudad rams on this trip as well. I have already booked another trip and will continue hunting with Jim Roche and his guides. Thank you!
- Ronnie Skaggs, TX

I want to thank you both for my hunt of a lifetime. I have never had the benefit of this level of quality of experience and care you provided me. Top notch equipment, gourmet meals (home cooked comfort food), and above all the expertise of Jim's worldly hunting and guiding experience. He was always 5 steps ahead of all hunting situations. His care for me with my shortcomings and physical liabilities was above and beyond. I hope and look forward to be able to hunt with you as soon as I can and would not hesitate on recommending your services to anyone! Thank you. God bless both of you for all you provided me .
- Tim Coker, TX

Now here’s an opportunity you probably haven’t considered. How about a trophy hunt for free-range elk? On private land? With no set report on just such an opportunity in West Texas. Miller hunted with Jim Roche of Magnum Guide Service (325-853-1555; and gives him an across-the-board excellent rating. In a note Miller included with his report, he writes: “I’ve hunted this ranch with Roche three times now. It’s near Marathon and has lots of water, so it holds quantities of animals, even in a drought. Whitetails inhabit the lowlands; the mountains hold large mule deer (5-1/2 years old and up) that are hunted once only each year; and there are free-ranging aoudad and a herd of free-ranging elk. Roche takes only one bull elk each year from this ranch, so the trophy quality is excellent. Elk are not considered game animals in Texas, so there are no seasons. That means you don’t have to draw a permit, and you can hunt the bugle without interference from other hunters. They have huge elk, 6 x 6 and better. “Last year I took an elk 6 x 5 on the last day of my hunt. I went back this past season to hunt the mulies. The rut was very late. We saw many young bucks with the good mature bucks appearing only on the last day. Bucks taken were mostly 5½-year-olds with one 7½-year-old buck in the group. “The aoudads on this ranch are of superior quality, and the hunting is challenging and fun, all spotting and stalking. The three other hunters with me stalked and took mature free-ranging aoudad from a herd of hundreds. I’d taken a 32-inch aoudad the previous year. The access is on good roads.” “I have hunted over 20 years with Roche. He is always hard working, dedicated and successful. He is also one of most ethical people I know. His hunts are a great value, as he is very selective with his leases. He researches properties well and helps landowners improve the habitat. He will be honest with you on the trophy quality available and season and no tag to draw? There are even additional opportunities for mule deer, javelina, feral hogs and predators, including mountain lion how hunting is done.” Intrigued by the mention of free-range elk in Texas, we called Jim Roche at press time to check the details. He says elk are indigenous to West Texas, all of the panhandle and mountain region. These are the same elk that once roamed the prairies. Now they are confined to small pockets south of Fort Stockton down to Marathon and west to about Vanhorn. Within that triangle, pockets of elk have been wild for years. Roche says a herd of 50–60 elk freely roam the property he hunts. Elk season is year round, with the rut running from late September into October. Hunters may use a rifle, bow or handgun. Roche charges $2,500 for a 1 x 1 hunt for four nights and three days, plus a $5,000 trophy fee for an elk. A mule deer hunt is $4,950. Add on aoudad for $2,500. The over-the-counter license costs $45 and is good for elk, aoudad and javelina. Mule deer require a $300 tag that is good for whitetail too. Roche says he runs close to 100 percent success on mature bulls that typically score in the 285–325 range.
- Submitted to The Hunting Report by Lew Miller

Once again we had a hunting experience worthy of a story in any hunting magazine. WHAT A THRILL! It is a testament to your ethics to how many high level leases and ranches you've discovered and developed. Even knowing you as I do, I was overwhelmed with the continual investment and upgrade in equipment you make. Your skills and knowledge are unsurpassed. You have an organization that follows your high standards and your constant involvement assures that you are being replicated. I experienced another lifetime adventure with a trusted friend.
- Lew Miller, TX

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