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Texas Turkey Hunts

Texas is home to over 600,000 Rio Grande turkeys found primarily throughout the Texas "Hill Country" and "Edwards Plateau." Small pockets of birds are also found in both Northern & Southern Texas. The majority of land in Texas is privately owned whereby Landowners and Land Managers, along with TPWD Technical Guidance biologist's work together in managing and preserving such wonderful natural resources as the Rio Grande Turkey. Combine this along with lengthy spring and fall hunting seasons, generous bag limits, affordable pricing, mild weather, discounted hunting licenses for "young hunters" and beautiful scenery, help make Texas one of the top "turkey hunting destinations" in North America. Come see why so many Sportsmen, Sportswomen, and Young Hunters alike, enjoy such high success rates while hunting Texas' Rio Grande Gobblers!

Come Hunt With Us

Jim began hunting and "calling" turkeys in the Spring of 1976 when the State of Texas first opened the spring turkey season. He has hunted the Rio Grande species every year since. In 1985 Magnum Guide Service became one of the premier turkey outfitters in the State of Texas. Through the years Magnum hunters have averaged 1.7 birds per hunter, based upon a 2 bird limit. The Magnum staff of guides have called in hundreds of birds and are some of the most professional turkey guides to be found anywhere in the country. The average Rio Grande Gobbler weighs 20 lbs. and has a beard length of 9 1/2 inches and 1 1/8 spur. Exceptional birds may push 25 lbs, sport up to 12 inch beards, and have 1 7/8 inch spurs. Magnum hunts approximately 65,000 acres of prime turkey habitat. Our ranches are vast in size with one as large as 21,000 acres, while most average 5,000 acres in size. Each trip is 3 days in length and we only hunt our pastures from 1 to 3 times out of the entire 6 week season. This allows our birds not to become call shy and unhuntable for our clientele. Hunters should hear anywhere from 10-20 different gobblers per day.

Hunting Methods

After a delicious "full" breakfast, and well before "first light," our staff of expert guides escort both "semi-guided" and "fully-guided" hunters into the field. Hunters are placed within "calling distance" of both roost, strut zone, and feeding areas where they will be free to "run and gun" or "sit and stick" depending upon each hunter's preference. Hunters are checked on mid-day whereby delicious, made to order, pack lunches are distributed, birds collected, photographed and placed in coolers. Hunters can then either hunt the same area or be moved to a fresh area for the afternoon hunt. Wise turkey hunters will utilize binoculars to observe strutting gobblers responding to their calls. With our expansive landholdings encompassing nearly 65,000 private acres, our hunters enjoy the privacy and luxury of having 400-1500 acres exclusively to themselves for each morning and afternoon hunt. If some hunters wish to return to the lodge mid-day we will try and accommodate them. Hunting "pairs" such as husband/wife, father/son, friend/friend will be accommodated.

What Is Furnished

We offer several different spring and fall turkey hunting packages. The majority of our turkey hunts include 3 nights, food, lodging, guides and 2 1/2 days of hunting for 1-3 Rio Grande gobblers, airport transfers from the nearest airport, and complete freezer facilities. Guided hunts are one guide per one hunter. Semi-guided hunts include a guide to transport hunters into the field and place them in areas where gobblers frequent and/or roost. Both guided and semi-guided hunts are conducted on the same ranches showing no favoritism. "Do It Yourself" hunts are where hunter furnishes their own food & lodging (motel or RV). Turkey decoys, Double Bull pop-up blinds, shotguns, ammunition, snake leggings, and folding chairs may be available for rent. We hope you will come join us for the Spring Turkey Fest at "Team Magnum!"

What Is Not Furnished

Personal hunting equipment, gratuities for the staff, "adult beverages", decoys, personal hunting license, shipping of trophies and transportation before and after the scheduled hunt.

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